Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Take New Photos Any Topic


Taking new photographs has been a challenge this winter. I haven’t been out and about with the camera much and sometimes I get tired of taking photographs of things around the house. So I decided that for this week’s challenge I would take at least one new photo to share each day.

Friday: one of my potted daffodils.

Friday: Daffodil

Saturday: I call these my surprise bulbs. Every year I replant the bulbs in my pots by the garden shed when they die off. I’m never sure if they will grow so when they do it’s a nice surprise. These are last year’s bulbs.

Sunday: Nope, sorry no picture. I was busy pruning the roses for the best part of the day as it was sunny. When I decided to pack it in it rained.

Monday: I was tidying up the school textbooks at the Op Shop and took a photo for our Facebook page. A lot of local parents homeschool and I created the shelf to help them find materials.

Tuesday: I spent an hour or two cleaning dolls, some of my own and some for the Op Shop. This is one who is going back to the shop. She is a Disney Princess, probably Belle.

Disney Princess doll from the Op Shop

A Photo A Week Challenge: Black & White

It’s in Black & White

My favourite subjects for black and white photos tend to be things that are old. I like to photograph buildings and I think that industrial subjects often look better in black and white.

Napier, New Zealand’s art deco city is one of the most attractive places I’ve ever visited. The art deco buildings are so colourful but even in black and white, you can appreciate the detail in them. Why don’t we build things like this anymore?

Wreck of the Belle Brandon-Franklin

The Belle Brandon was being restored on the Huon River when she unfortunately sank and sadly was too badly damaged to recover.

Elder Smith Goldsborough Mort buildings, Port Adelaide.

This building is part of Port Adelaide’s industrial area and was a favourite place for David and me to take photos. The photo below is a typical style for Adelaide where many buildings had these overhanging balconies.

Shops in Port Adelaide

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge:Bricks or Stones

Here are my photos for this challenge. I haven’t been very far a field because of work and then getting a really nasty virus. I have been grounded for nearly two weeks. These are mostly taken in Oatland. Many of the buildings here in Oatlands are constructed of sandstone. There are many dry stone walls and one or two red brick buildings on the High Street. I stuck with those for these photos.

Impressive sandstone building in Oatlands
Sandstone building


Red brick cottage
Red brick cottage

Front door and red brickwork of small cottage Oatlands
Front door to red brick cottage showing lovely old brickwork

red brickwork
Red brickwork

Front gate showing brick pillars
Front gate with brick pillars

Dry stone wall
Dry stone wall

Fancy stonework

Red bricks


Birkenhead Bridge – Port Adelaide

Bridge over the Port River, Port Adelaide , SA
Birkenhead Bridge over the Port River, Port Adelaide , SA

I took a number of pictures of the Birkenhead Bridge in Port Adelaide and decided to experiment with this one turning it black and white and adding a feature called “film grain” in my Picasa editing software.