Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Benches

Please Be Seated

We bought this bench from a local hardware store to replace the previous one which was getting a little rickety. It used to sit under the kitchen window and David liked to sit there and read when it was sunny. In the first photo it is up on bricks to make it a little easier for him to get out of. We didn’t have much of a garden at the time but if he had a book he was quite happy.

I moved the bench to the bottom of the garden after the path to the shed was built and like to sit there sometimes with a book. It is cool and shady there so I don’t use it as much as the seats under the pergola but it is a good place to watch and listen to the birds in the apple tree.

Country Benches

A bench with a view.

This bench is beside the Huon River at Franklin. A lovely place to sit.

A bench with an unusual occupant.

The occupant of this bench was an entry in the Scarecrow Competition run in conjunction with the Middleton Fair in 2012.

City Benches

A bench in the city.

A bench in a little lane that runs off Collins Street, Hobart.

One of the benches at the bus stop on Murray Street Hobart where I often have to wait.

This is where I wait to catch the bus home from Hobart.

Benches in the Elizabeth Street Mall, Hobart, at dusk.

It looks much later but it was  only about 5:40 pm on an autumn evening in 2015 when I took this photo after visiting David in hospital.



Snapshot Sunday:Daisy Daisy give me your answer do!



Daisy seating on the foreshore near Hobart Tasmania

On a walk along the foreshore on one of my many outings I did with Phillip and the dogs we came across this old daisy bench. I’ve noticed walking around places like Glenorchy and Moonah there are quite a few old tiled benches in all sorts of colours and odd shapes. I’ve decided to try to get pictures of them because who knows what genius will try to get rid of them. Suddenly they will be deemed dangerous or some other stupid thing. Well I love the art of years ago and this is a great example of stuff straight out of the fifties or sixties.I’m hoping someone will wise up and retile it before more tiles lift and fall off. There were two or more of these but they were a bit too far apart to get them in the same shot. It’s amazing they have lasted so many years as have the other benches and things on Main Road Moonah.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Outdoor Seating

This week, in her Fun Foto Challenge, Cee asks us to show outdoor seating. My choice was easy. This bench sat outside our back door for several years after it replaced another. David especially liked to sit out there on fine days. He would often take his lunch, coffee or a book outside and sit in the sun. Sadly it wasn’t big enough for both of us to sit on it together.

Cindy learned to jump up on to it so that I could groom her without straining my back bending.

Last spring I moved the bench to the bottom of the garden near the apple tree and now it is my favourite place to sit in the garden. I can enjoy the rustle of the leaves, the twittering of small birds hiding in the tree and the sound of the windchimes I hung on a branch. I too, like to take my coffee or lunch there or occasionally a book. I still get Cindy to jump on it so that I can groom her.

The bench is guarded by my cat and kitten statues who have been with me for nearly 20 years.