Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Arches, Domes & Half Circles

I love old ornate buildings from previous centuries. Today’s buildings mostly lack the grace and beauty of the past. There is nothing grand about dark glass and slabs of concrete thrown together to make a skyscraper. I love arches, domes, beautiful brickwork ,tiled flooring, stained glass and big impressive doorways. Before I end up getting into a rant about how ugly today’s architecture is here are my photos for this weeks Fun Foto Challenge.

Botanical Gardens
Archway at Botanical Gardens Hobart
Chimes 1
Chimes Singapore
Clarke Quay
Riverside Point Singapore
collier quay
Inside the old Clifford Pier building now a posh hotel.

Dome Singapore

Inside Hotel
Inside the Rendezvous Hotel
Kempton Church
A church at Kempton
Port Arthur
Port Arthur
Tailem Bend
Tailem Bend Hotel
The Mill
Oatlands Mill


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Arches, Domes and Half Circles

Half Way Round

I do like the shape of arches and domes. I have taken quite a few of them over time but rather than be predictable I’ll try to find some photos I haven’t shared before. I found several photos of buildings around Hobart.


Arches above the windows in this building that houses Salamanca Fresh.


More arched windows and doors near the Hobart Waterfront.
The Playhouse Theatre in Hobart.


The old Post Office in Bellerive, now a museum.

The old post office at Bellerive has a small dome.

Well I have used this photo before but it is one of my favourite buildings. Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. I love the big dome and the big arched front entrance. I’ll be gutted if the latest “improvements” spoil it.

Flinders St Station Melbourne
Flinders St Station Melbourne

A few more domes, this time in Singapore.

Arches and a dome at the National Museum.

National Museum of Singapore
Colourful dome, part of a temple in Singapore.
Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, better known as The Durian in Singapore.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes & Half Circles

Arches, Domes & Half Circles

I often use the Black and White Challenge to be creative with some old photos, especially if I don’t have the time or the means to go and take new ones.  This week I dived into my files and found a few that I had not used in challenges before, a couple that I had posted in colour previously and a couple that I deliberately cropped to make them look odd.


The old Post Office building at Bellerive has a dome.
Bandstand with a dome.


Arches under the Bowen Bridge , Hobart.

Mysterious Half Circles  – Hobart