Bad Photo Monday: Oh Poop!

How did I not notice this.

On Friday my garden guys came to prune the apple tree and after they left I went out to take some photos of it as I do every year. The sun was quite bright and concentrating on the tree I entirely failed to notice that Cindy had more pressing business on her mind. Oh well at least it gave me a bad photo Monday shot.

Daily Prompt: Tree

Tasmania was once known as The Apple Isle.

via Daily Prompt: Tree

Tasmania was once known as The Apple Isle. That industry has declined since the 1960’s and many orchards have been pulled up.

I would love to have been here in the days when there were trucks lined up to load apples into the ships that berthed at Port Huon Wharf.

image wharf
Port Huon Wharf
Apple Boxes
Apple Boxes -Huon Valley Tasmania

Here in the Huon Valley where I live there are fewer apple orchards than there were when I came here in 2002. However there are still quite a few and I love to watch them through the year as they go from bare trees in the winter, blossoms in the spring and finally the harvest in late summer and autumn.

Although we don’t export as many apples there is a renewed interest in cider making and several cider makers have started up in the Huon over the past few years.

image apple blossom
Apple Blossom in spring – Huon Valley, Tasmania

apple orchard

Apple orchard – Waterloo, Tasmania

I follow this progress in my own back garden too where I have one apple tree. For a few weeks in March each year I need only go outside  and pick one when I want an apple. The rest of the time I like to buy them from the many roadside stalls near the orchards where you can choose your apples and leave the money in an “Honesty Box”.

apple stall
Apples direct from the grower.

I also take a lot of pleasure from the bird life that my apple tree attracts. In summer I can’t see them as they are usually hidden by the leaves but if something startles them  a cloud of birds emerges from it. I enjoy their chirping and don’t begrudge them a few apples.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge -Week #3 – Always Take More Than One Photo

Always Take More Than One Photo

That’s one of the things I like most about digital photography. Now I can afford to take more pictures and don’t feel wasteful because I only print the ones I think are good enough. Since I bought a digital camera I probably take at least three times as many photos on an outing as I used to.

I wondered what I was going to do for this challenge though. I hoped that I would get multiple pictures of the Huon River at Franklin last Thursday but things did not quite work out that way. I will be going back another day soon and will have another try. Franklin needs a post of its own anyway.

One place I have been taking a lot of photos recently is in our back garden because of all the changes happening there. The pictures I am using today are a set of consecutive photos I took featuring our apple tree. We had really nice apple blossom this year but it had only just started to show when I took these photos. I took several photos of the tree from slightly different angles trying to get one picture I was happy with.  A couple of these I didn’t like all that much, they didn’t look right but for the benefit of the exercise I’ll let you see them, normally I don’t show people photos I don’t like very much. The first three are the unedited versions. The blossoms I think are pretty much as I took them too. I was trying to show the nice shape of the tree after pruning as well as get the exposure right. My camera, a Nikon Coolpix L120 is not a DSLR and has icons rather than f/stops. I think I took the first two and last one with the landscape setting.  As there was deep shade near the shed I tried the backlighting setting for the third one but I didn’t like the result much as it was too washed out. The blossoms were done in close-up mode.

Another reason that I take multiple shots is to use the different settings on the camera and try and understand what works best rather than just leaving it on Auto all the time.

I did like the photos of the blossoms, especially the one with the blue sky in the background. I quite like the last photo as well which was taken from further away. It shows the “borrowed landscape” of the farm with the tall gum trees behind our place. I think the big trees frame the photo rather nicely.

Apple blossom on our tree. October 2015
Apple blossom on our tree.
This one taken from much further away.
This one taken from much further away.

I did take one other picture featuring the apple tree that I used in a post recently. It wasn’t taken on the same day so it’s not really part of the set. Cindy was interested in something in the tree, maybe a bird and I zoomed in to get this one. I like her expression and you can see the blossoms better in this too. It’s always shady in that corner of the garden so I find it a bit of a challenge to get a good picture.

There is something interesting in that tree.
There is something interesting in that tree.