Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:Any Topic

I saw a cute lamb with it’s mother. What a cute mother and baby photo this makes. Here is my effort for the “Any Topic” photo challenge.

Ewe & Lamb

Ewe and her cute baby lamb seen on the walk around the Female Factory site at Ross

Polly’s New Toy

One of Polly’s Christmas presents this year was a catnip filled furry toy rat called Rizzo. I have bought her toys with catnip before and like my previous cats she has not shown much interest. However, she really seems to like playing with Rizzo and spent a lot of time on Christmas Eve pouncing on him and grabbing him with all four paws. I didn’t have the camera handy then but this morning when she was playing with him again I did manage to take a few pictures.

Snapshot Sunday – Polly Takes A Nap

Polly asleep on my bed.

Polly asleep on my bed.

We haven’t had a gratuitous cat photo for a while so today’s picture is of Polly relaxing on my bed. She has started doing this a lot lately and especially likes this beige throw which I sometimes wrap round my shoulders if I am reading in bed. If I go into the room and find her there she will generally purr and roll over for a tummy rub.

Snapshot Sunday – Feral Rooster

A small colony of roosters live on a piece of land near the local sports ground. They have been dumped there by owners who prefer just to keep hens and not noisy, unproductive roosters. The number varies but there are usually about half a dozen birds of various breeds who all live together quite happily. This one is quite a handsome fellow I think. I have written about the group in another post. Thank you to my fellow blogger Dennis for giving me the idea for today’s post when he posted a rooster photo of his own the other day. His bird looks to be a similar breed to this one.


Feral Roosters