Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter U – Needs to have the letters O & U in the word

The Alphabet According to Cee: U is in…

  • Clouds
  • Couch
  • Four Cats
  • (The) Fourth Estate
  • Tongue
  • Founding Father


I’ve been trying a different method of finding items for this challenge lately. I start by making a list of words with the letter or letters in them and then I go and look for items to photograph or in my archives. I confess to sometimes using online word lists to give me inspiration. Here is what I came up with today.

I do sometimes take pictures of clouds. There were not many to choose from on this sunny day but I found an older photo that also features the moon.

Couch was on my list and I had several choices full-sized or miniature but decided to go with this jewellery box which makes a great doll sized couch.

A jewellery box that makes a great Barbie sized couch.

Four cat ornaments on my mantlepiece and a book called The Fourth Estate.

Four Cats
The Fourth Estate by Jeffrey Archer

I only have one of these Galoob Babyface dolls which all had different facial expressions. I picked her because she has her tongue out.

Galoob Babyface doll with her tongue poking out.

John Geeves was one of the original settlers in this area. There are other local families who would dispute whether the Geeves family were the founders of the town but they are the ones it got named after.

image wood carving.
Founding Father

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter T: Needs to Have Two Ts

046049095_copie-0_072073080I have gone with a theme using the city of Adelaide for these photos. All of these pictures were taken in Adelaide or suburbs of Adelaide. My words are:

  • Saint Peter’s Cathedral
  • Festival Theatre
  • Electric Train
  • Water Tower
  • Time Ball Tower
  • Jetty


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: T – Needs to have two “T’s” in the word

The Alphabet According to Cee: T is in….

  • Wattle
  • Statue
  • Trumpet
  • Taste of Tasmania

Here are my words containing two “T’s”. The wattle is an old photo that I have used on the blog before but it is so pretty I thought I’d use it again. The statue of cricketer Neil Harvey is outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground.¬† The third picture was taken at the Hobart Christmas Pageant a couple of years ago and cropped a bit for this challenge. The final photo I took last week outside the Taste of Tasmania site in Hobart.


Winter Wattle


Neil Harvey Statue.
Trumpets and Trombones –¬†City of Hobart Concert Band 2013



The Taste of Tasmania


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colours Starting with the letter S

These are the colours I chose that start with the letter S. I thought of quite a lot of them but did not have the resources to photograph them. I wrote down a list before looking for things in these colours and sadly quite a few had to be dropped from the list. Here’s what I was left with. I decided to go with a theme of paint colours for this for the fun of it with the exception of the tidy bags in the background. They are shocking pink.


The colours are

  • Sienna
  • Safety Orange
  • Scarlett
  • Saint Emerald Green
  • Sap Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Silver Grey
  • Shocking Pink /note shocking pink tidy bag roll

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colours beginning with the letter S

The alphabet according to Cee: S is for…

  • Sea Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Scarlet
  • Silver
Radiance of the Seas in Wellington.
Radiance of the Seas in Wellington.
A helicopter against blue sky
Scarlet Ferrari
Silver Race Car

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to start with the letter R and have at least 6 letters

The Alphabet According to Cee: R is for..

  • Rosella
  • Redhen Railcar
  • Roadhouse
  • Radiance of the Seas

Photography is still taking a back seat as I’ve been so busy recently. All of these photos are from the archives except the last one of Radiance of the Seas. I took that in Hobart recently when I spent the day with my friends Gillian and Bruce who were enjoying their first cruise.

Green or Tasmanian Rosella
Redhen Railcar being serviced at the Adelaide Railcar Depot
An old Ute on the roof of Michelle’s Roadhouse Kitchen (formerly Geeveston Roadhouse.)
Radiance of the Seas - Hobart 15 December 2017
Radiance of the Seas – Hobart 15 December 2017

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Simply Needs The Letter Q In The Word

The Alphabet According to Cee: Q is in….

  • Queen – Queen Victoria Statue, Sydney
  • Quality Street -Toffees
  • Liquid – Water in a jug
  • Square – This present is square shaped



Queen Victoria statue
Quality Street. The best Toffees.
Liquid in a jug.
A square shaped present