A Photo A Week Challenge: Over 100 Years Old

Veterans of Tasmanian Steam

Two grand old ladies, MV Cartela built in 1912 and Preana built in 1896. Cartela is currently undergoing restoration to be returned to steam power and Preana is restored and available for charter trips.

MV Cartela-Port Huon wharf July 2014
Steam Yacht Preana built 1896

The West Coast Wilderness Railway runs between Queenstown and Strahan. Its three locomotives are the original ones used by the Mt Lyell Railway Company to service the mines. All were built inbetween 1896-98

Train departing Queenstown Tasmania, West Coast Wilderness Railway
West Coast Wilderness Railway
Locomotive on the West Coast Wilderness Railway near Strahan


A Photo A Week Challenge: Livestock


Although I don’t live on a farm I do live in the country so there are opportunities to photograph livestock either at country shows, neighbouring properties or just  when I’m out and about.  These are all old ones from my archives.

Sheep dog working at Middleton Country Fair

LambsHow cute are these two? 2010



Alpacas Alpacas, a few people breed them around here.

Mickey and Major bullocks owned by Brian Fish – 2008
A cow in a paddock near my house.

Hello MollyMolly the horse used to live in a paddock at the bottom of my garden until the land was sold and they built houses there. I preferred Molly as a neighbour.

Irish DonkeysIrish donkeys

A Photo A Week Challenge: Public Transportation

Public Transport

How could I resist joining in this challenge? The only local public transport we have around here is the bus but as a non driver I’ve used plenty of public transport while living in Adelaide and of course public transport is usually the easiest way to get around when you are visiting a large city.Here are some ways of getting around in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

Public transport, Kings Cross Sydney 2012
Public transport, Kings Cross Sydney 2012
Destination Board at Sydney Central Station March 2018
A privately owned fast ferry in Sydney Harbour
Narrabeen – One of the larger ferries used for trips to Manly.
Trains at Southern Cross Station
Trains at Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer St) Melbourne 2014.
Swanston Street Melbourne October 2014.
In Adelaide the old Glenelg tram line has been extended.
Sydney's Light Rail
Travelling on Sydney’s Light Rail System.
Bus arriving at the interchange at Glenorchy near Hobart.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Boats and Ships

Boats and Ships

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I really love boats and ships especially cruise liners. Here are a few of my photos of them. They are taken in Hobart, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. Explorer of the Seas will always remain close to my heart because of our wonderful holiday in 2016 so she has the proud honour of being my featured photo for this post.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Small Towns


Strahan is a small town on the west coast of Tasmania on the shores of Macquarie Harbour. It is a popular tourist destination these days due to the stunning scenery of mountains, rivers and rainforest. I’ve visited there several times, most recently nearly five years ago, and it is one of my favourite places in Tasmania. Strahan is one of Tasmania’s most isolated towns as it is several hours drive from both Launceston and Hobart.

The area has an interesting history which I may write about in another post. I have provided a couple of links at the end of this one.

Early morning view of Strahan taken from our hotel in the Strahan Village.


Strahan Tasmania
Strahan Tasmania
Hamers Hotel in the main street of Strahan.


Cruise Booking Office
The place to book a cruise on the Gordon River or steam train trip to Queenstown.



Gordon River, Tasmania
Gordon River, Tasmania

In the early years of the colony the British government ordered the worst behaved convicts to be housed on Sarah Island a small settlement in Macquarie Harbour. If you take a cruise on the Gordon River you have the opportunity to step ashore and imagine what kind of place it was to live. My visits to the area have nearly all been in autumn or winter and believe me it gets cold and wet down there.

 Sarah Island Penal Colony
The ruins of the Sarah Island Penal Colony can still be seen here.

Strahan is the terminus of the West Coast Wilderness Railway. The railway was originally built to bring tin from the mines around Queenstown to the port at Strahan.



The station at Regatta Point, the Strahan terminus.
The station at Regatta Point, the Strahan terminus.


 West Coast Wilderness Railway
Locomotive on the West Coast Wilderness Railway near Strahan

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