Why I Hate the WWE

The other day Hubby was watching WWE on television for a couple of hours. I had to leave the room, it annoys me even more than “Pawn Stars” and that’s saying something!

In the adjoining room I could still hear it and in my opinion being forced to listen the ranting of professional wrestlers is like living next door to a quarrelsome dysfunctional family.

I posted about how much this annoyed me on Facebook but I still felt irritated. I don’t wish to put down people who like watching WWE as apart from Hubby I have at least one friend who likes it  however, I feel the need to rant about what I don’t like about it.

First of all I don’t enjoy watching fighting. I don’t like boxing either; boxing is probably more dangerous than wrestling because the fighters really are trying to hurt each other. As far as I’m aware it’s not fake. Even as a child I remember that wrestling matches on TV had an element of comedy while boxing was deadly serious. However wrestling matches seem somehow dirty to me. I walked in yesterday to see one wrestler stomping on another’s head and kicking him when he was down on the ground. They grab each other’s hair. It’s ugly! I fail to understand how anyone can enjoy seeing that. If you saw it in a real fight you would say it was wrong. I know it’s not real but I don’t want to see it.

Second, these shows are scripted, there are relationships between the characters. These guys don’t just fight each other, they go on and on endlessly about why they are doing it.  Everyone has a grudge against someone else. It’s like a bad soap opera!  If they just came on, fought and left I could handle it a lot better. I think I find the talking more annoying  than the fighting. There is not one likeable character. In a TV series I need at least one person in the show I can feel sympathetic towards but I don’t feel anything for this bunch of ego maniacs. Yes, it’s acting and yes nice guys probably wouldn’t bring in as many viewers as mean ones. I’m just saying I don’t watch characters I don’t like, same reason I don’t watch Two and a Half Men.

Third, there appear to be no rules, or they operate on the “rules were made to be broken” theory. Yesterday’s episode ended up as what looked like a free for all. If there are rules in a sport I expect to see them adhered to even though certain cricket commentators who go on about the laws of cricket can be very irritating too.

Fourth, I find these men very unattractive. Grown men running around in budgie smugglers and not much more looks ridiculous even if they are very fit.

Some years ago Louis Theroux featured wrestling in one of his “Weird Weekends” documentaries. It was very interesting and I certainly don’t dispute the fact that these people train very hard and could be considered real athletes. It’s a commercial enterprise though, the top performers are very well known and they help the company sell a lot of merchandise while no doubt getting rich themselves. It is competitive but it is not a sport as far as I’m concerned.

These are my reasons for disliking  the WWE Universe. You may agree or you may not. I will continue to not watch it and I will continue to complain about it although not necessarily on this blog because it might start to sound like a broken record. At any rate my purpose in writing this was blow off some steam and I have. I feel better now. Thanks for reading.

Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up

“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Or How Not to Commit Mariticide”

Don’t sweat the small stuff should be my motto but I’m afraid that it’s the small stuff that drives me crazy. Especially the small stuff that Hubby does, or in some cases doesn’t do.


  • The toilet –  OK most men are guilty of leaving the seat up and Hubby is no exception but he never cleans the toilet after he’s messed it up and that does annoy me.
  • The bathroom – In our old house the bathroom sink was beneath a window. For the 25 years we lived there Hubby would leave used cotton buds on the window sill no matter how I asked him not to, nagged him or threatened to stick one up his nose. We finally solved the problem. Our present house does not have a window above the sink.
  • The car – He keeps mistaking it for the rubbish bin.
  • The kitchen – Is it really normal to eat a late night snack of a bowl of instant mashed potatoes? Not leftovers, he actually makes it especially.

No doubt Hubby could write a list of things that annoy him about me, parading his shortcomings on my blog would no doubt be one of them, but I won’t be asking him to exchange lists. Still if you ever hear that I’ve committed mariticide it will be because of the small stuff.

Daily Prompt:West End Girls

image plaque
This plaque is in the main street.

Going Up The Country

I had to think carefully about this one because I know that people I know will probably read it. For most of my life I’ve lived in the suburbs and I would say that they have fallen firmly into the “somewhere in between bracket”. I have tended to judge them on the attractiveness of the environment rather than the incomes of the people who lived there.

Now I live in the country and that is different. The area where I live is an interesting mix of old-established families  who have always lived in the district, Tasmanians who have left the state to work or travel and come back and more recent arrivals from mainland Australia like myself. I have been here nearly twelve years but by local standards that is not long.

This area, the Huon Valley,  has been home to farmers, orchardists, forestry workers and fishermen but in recent times the first three have hit hard times. Tourism has become more important and many of the people who have moved here are “Tree Changers” who came to Tasmania on holidays and fell in love with the place. I was one of them and I’ve spoken to others who have said the same thing when I’ve asked how they came to be here. I wrote about my home town on this blog some time ago as I’ve always been impressed by the friendliness and sense of community here. If we go to a community meeting about any issue there will always be a good turn out of both the old and the new residents. What is noticeable though is the number of grey heads.

I used to volunteer at the local community radio station and during the time I was there I became aware of the diversity of people in our local area. I had not realised there were so many musicians, writers and artists in the district. I’ve met the people who are trying to preserve the town’s history and the people who have lived it and have its stories inside them. I’ve met newcomers who are starting businesses of their own and long time residents who don’t want to see their town die.

This is not a wealthy community, I’d say we range from moderately comfortable to “battlers” who are just getting by but I don’t believe there is an upper and lower class and that’s something I like about living here.

Our Other Fur Kid


Today I thought I would give our dog Cindy her five minutes of fame. We have had her since 2006 so she will be eight years old in March. Cindy loves to run, to chase balls and play with toys.

She loves it when she is taken to the off leash park near our home. She runs around for a while then asks to play ball. When she’s had enough she races into the river to cool off then back to the car where she jumps straight into the back. We didn’t teach her to do that but she always jumps back in the car when she is ready to go home. She does enjoy meeting other dogs and people but when she is at the park the ball comes first.

Cindy is very affectionate and loves to sit on hubby’s lap even though she doesn’t really fit. Every morning she wakes me up by licking me to let me know she wants to go outside. She took great care of Polly when she was a tiny kitten and the two of them still enjoy playing together. Despite the size difference I never worry Polly will be hurt because Cindy is so gentle with her. Polly on the other hand will try to pounce on Cindy or bite her on the leg, all in fun of course.

If people come to our house she gets very excited and barks a lot.  I know that some people are nervous of large dogs and she does appear to be fierce with her big bark and the way her hackles rise but as Hubby says, Cindy is just wired wrong. I put her out of the way or hold on to her when I answer the door but once she has met the people she calms down at once. She especially likes tradesmen and luckily most of them like her too. A local courier who often delivers packages to us greets her by name whenever he brings something now.

Cindy is part labrador so she likes to go down rubbish bins. I’ve learned to put them where she can’t get them. She will steal the cat food so that has to be out of reach too. On the other hand it is easy to give her tablets because she thinks she’s getting a treat 🙂 . She has her funny little ways. For example if I am home I must be the one to let her outside. Even if she wants to go she won’t if Hubby opens the door but if I’m away she will go out quite happily for him. Sometimes I go away for the weekend and if Hubby drives me to Hobart to catch the bus Cindy won’t sleep on our bed until I come back. However, if she sees me catch the local bus she will. It’s as if Hubby is being punished for taking me away.I’ve always thought she was more his dog than mine because she cries when he goes out and sits by the back door till he comes back but she sleeps on my side of the bed or on the floor beside me, she likes to come and lie on the floor in the doll room if I’m in there doing something  and when I’m on the computer in the evening she is usually nearby so I guess she loves us both equally.

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Photo Thursday – Launceston Post Office

The Launceston Post Office  with it's infamous "noisy" clock. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/australiaandthepacific/australia/8634936/102-year-old-clock-could-be-stopped-in-Tasmania-because-noise-is-driving-tourists-away.html
The Launceston Post Office with its infamous “noisy” clock. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/australiaandthepacific/australia/8634936/102-year-old-clock-could-be-stopped-in-Tasmania-because-noise-is-driving-tourists-away.html