Share Your World 2014 – Week 24

What makes you feel the most secure?

My home is the thing that makes me feel most secure. As long as we have our own home I feel that we will manage even if we have little money. I would not feel as safe renting a house and I can’t imagine how frightening it must be to be homeless and never know where you will sleep at night.

There is no place like home.
There is no place like home.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

I would be a sheepskin Ugg Boot because I like to be warm and comfy.

How many languages do you speak?

I learned some French and German at school but after forty plus years I’ve forgotten most of it so only English now.

What was the largest city you have been to?  What is the one thing you remember most?

I’m guessing that the largest city I’ve been to would be Beijing. The current population is around 21 million people, not a lot less than the population of all of Australia which is about 23 million.. I was there in 1990 but it was still way bigger than any other place I’d been or am likely to go in the future. Tiananmen Square was interesting.  We visited the Forbidden City with a Chinese student who acted as our guide. We enjoyed talking to him and he, like most young people we met, wanted to improve his English. At the hotel where we stayed there was a disco most evenings which is where we met him as it was popular with the local youth.  The disco would end at around  9:30pm and the last song played was always “Auld Lang Syne” we never worked out why.  It was a smaller Chinese run hotel but we liked it even though the western style breakfast they served us was always cold. The reception staff spoke good English but the staff on the other floors who issued room keys not so much. There was a lot of traffic but more bicycles, motorcycles, trucks and odd three-wheeled cars than we would see at home. I imagine there are far more cars on the road now than there were then.

Tiannammen Square
Tiananmen Square
Beijing 1990
Beijing 1990

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that my sister had a safe trip away last week and returned home safely and that she had good news about the sick friend she went to visit. This week will be a quiet one for me but I am enjoying getting all the photos I took in Oatlands onto my computer and catching up with my blogs which have been a bit neglected for the last few days.

image Spirit of Tasmania
Boarding the Spirit of Tasmania

A Walk By The Lake

This week I’m doing a bit of house sitting in Oatlands  and the other day I went out to look for a good subject for my Thursday photo post. I ended up at Lake Dulverton.  Part of the lake is a conservation area so there is quite a lot of bird life. I am not quick enough to photograph birds on the wing but as it as a sunny winter afternoon most of the birds were co-operative and stayed on the bank or in the water which made it a lot easier for me. Some of the birds found at the lake are Grebes, cormorants, swans, various types of ducks and other water birds.cormorant2 black swan 1 black swan

The lake is divided into three areas by two earth bund walls.  One area is irrigated to provide a home for the birds even in drought conditions. The lake has often dried up completely in the past. It is not full at the moment but there is enough water for the birds to live on the main part of the lake as well.  From the bund wall nearest to the conservation area you can sometimes see the swans nesting.

This is one of the bund walls at the lake.
This is one of the bund walls at the lake.


A lot of Lake Dulverton is covered in these plants known locally as water ribbons.
A lot of Lake Dulverton is covered in these plants known locally as water ribbons.


A lot of the sandstone used in  the town’s buildings was quarried locally. I’m not sure where the quarry was but wonder if it was around this area near the

The days are quite short now and today the official sunset time was around 4:45 pm. I took this last photo at around 2:30 pm but as I wasn’t wearing a watch I actually thought it was later because of the light. I was quite surprised to get home and find it was not yet 3 pm.

The Callington Mill dominates the landscape.
The Callington Mill dominates the landscape.

Daily Prompt: Terminal Time

Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

image jet at airport
Waiting to board

This happened to me once but it was back in 1977 so there were no electronic devices to miss. I was setting off on my first overseas trip and I was waiting for my flight at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport. At first it was not so bad. Hubby-To-Be had come to see me off so I had company for several hours. We had lunch and explored the airport. Neither of us had ever been in an international airport before so we found it interesting to see planes taking off and landing and to spot the logos of airlines that didn’t fly into Adelaide. In the end he had to leave before my flight was called, he was catching a train back to Adelaide that night so I ended up seeing him off not the other way around. I felt pretty forlorn after that. I was only nineteen and I was a bit nervous about what I was about to do. I think that I ended up reading the book that I’d brought to read on the plane. The delay was nine hours so when I did finally board my flight I just went to sleep.


These days I’m a more relaxed traveller and airport delays don’t worry me too much. I don’t fly often so I still find unfamiliar airports a bit of a novelty. If I’m stuck somewhere I haven’t been before I’ll still explore, look in the shops and take photos of planes if I find some good viewing points. I do love free airport Wi-Fi but if it’s not available I’m used to managing  without. I don’t own a smart phone so I don’t have the option of Twitter or Angry Birds anyway. I chat to people sometimes and that can be a very rewarding way of passing the time. I listen to the flight announcements for other flights and wonder why some people leave it till the last minute to board their flight. I would hate to be the person that held up the whole flight and would be so embarrassed if I was called out by name. I still normally travel with a book in my bag so I’d eventually settle down somewhere near a monitor and read, if I didn’t have a book I’d go and see what the airport newsagent had to offer. I will generally choose a book over magazines because you get more reading material for your dollar. Taking a notebook and pens as some others have suggested sounds a great idea. You can get  a lot of ideas for posts while you are sitting around waiting. I’ll be doing that in future.

Nobody likes being delayed and having a boring wait at a terminal when you want to be somewhere else but it’s better than being featured in some future episode of “Air Crash Investigation”.


Daily Prompt: Binding Judgement

Binding Judgment

Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically? Tell us about a time you did, and whether that was a good decision or not.

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble

Catherine Tate and David Tennant @ Wyndham's Theatre

Last night I watched an old episode of Doctor Who on TV. It was the one where Donna Noble sees what might have happened if she hadn’t met The Doctor.  It reminded me of how unimpressed I was with the Donna character when she was first introduced.

I should have known better really. I never like it when a new Doctor Who is announced. I’m always apprehensive that I won’t like him as much as the previous one. In fact it was with a great deal of doubt that I started to watch the new Doctor Who at all but I was a fan by the end of the first episode with Christopher Eccleston. However, I digress, I was talking about Donna.

Donna Noble was introduced at the end of season two  in the Christmas episode “Runaway Bride” and I found her quite annoying. Like The Doctor I was still sad and missing Rose.  I had not heard of Catherine Tate except that she was a British comedienne. The Catherine Tate Show was not on TV here at that time, or if it was I hadn’t seen it. The bits I did see on YouTube  I didn’t care for much. I don’t really like the loud “Little Britain” style of humour.

Well when I discovered that the Donna Noble character was to return as The Doctor’s new companion I was not impressed. I had come to really like the character of Martha Jones  and  didn’t see how  the Donna character was going to work. How wrong I was! Donna was funny! I loved the scene in her first episode “Partners in Crime” where she and The Doctor are having a mimed conversation while spying on Miss Foster. Looking back I think that at that point the show needed that. I loved Rose and Martha but the storylines had become very dark and I found myself crying more than laughing at some episodes. That’s OK, I don’t mind when TV makes me cry but there must be balance and Donna brought back the fun. As it turned out her character was also compassionate, brave and heroic and the end of Donna’s time with The Doctor was one of the saddest of all.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate had great chemistry too as you can see whenever they appear together. I’ve even sat through a few episodes of The Catherine Tate Show to see them together again.

So now, as I wait to find out what the twelfth Doctor will be like with my usual feeling of anxiety I remind myself that the Companion I didn’t think I would like is now one of my favourites.  Anything is possible with Doctor Who.

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Great Day For Daniel Ricciardo – and Aussie F1 Fans

I woke up this morning to the news that Australian  driver Daniel Ricciardo had won his first F1 race, the Canadian Grand Prix. The race had been run at 3:30 am Australian time so it wasn’t practical for me to sit up and watch it. I used to do that years ago but that was in the late 80s and early 90s when almost every F1 race had me on the edge of my seat. The new rules and domination of one team or driver for season after season took the edge off my enthusiasm. I haven’t attended a Grand Prix since the last one was held in Adelaide.

These days my interest is mainly in following the progress of the Australian F1 drivers. First Mark Webber and now Daniel Ricciardo. It would be hard not to like Daniel even if he wasn’t an Aussie. Who could resist that great big grin? I have enjoyed watching him progress from driving the Toro Rosso to joining Red Bull and consistently placing in the points and beating his teammate into the bargain. Hubby and I were so excited about his second place in Melbourne and so disappointed that he was disqualified. However, since then he’s been on the podium again and now at last a first place.

What can I  say but “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi,Oi! “:)


Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

Daily Prompt: Gone With The Windfall

What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)? if you Inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know. 

My regular readers will know that daydreaming about all the things I could do if only I had the money is a favourite pastime of mine. How nice it would be but I’m afraid all our aunties are already dead and none of them had a spare million dollars anyway. If I’m ever lucky enough to inherit or win a large some of money I’ll have it all planned out. So, an inheritance from an unknown aunt like on “Heir Hunters”. Hmm.
It is very easy really. The very first thing I would do after I’d established that it was genuine and that I didn’t have to pay money to some unknown person in Nigeria to collect would be to give half to my sister. After all it was her aunt too right?
I know she has a wish list as long as mine is and she works very hard at two jobs which are causing her physical discomfort. I’d enjoy watching her buy her dream home and not have to work so hard as much as I’d enjoy all the things I’d spend my half on.Of course I could just buy her a house but I know that she would prefer to choose it herself and own it herself just as I would. I’d still have the fun of going with her to look at houses and help her set it up the way she wanted.


Tamar River, Launceston, Tasmania
Our aunt’s inheritance would be well spent.

Tamar River, Launceston, Tasmania