The Three A.M Rant: The Selfish Generation

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Today I read an article saying that many older people were in danger of outliving their savings because they chose an extravagant lifestyle buying luxury cars or going on cruises.

Celebrity Solstice_1024x768

Waiting to cruise

Apparently seniors should be saving that money to take care of end of life health issues and of course there should be money left over to leave to their children.

“There’s an element of spending the inheritance — kids in their 40s often might be doing it pretty tough with mortgages and school fees, when parents are living it up,”

states the article.

This annoyed me quite a lot. Well, it made me hopping mad actually. I don’t have children myself but if I did of course I’d want to leave them something for themselves as well as enough to take care of funeral expenses. However, I would very much resent the idea that I was selfishly spending their inheritance every time I wanted to do something fun.

Of course it is silly to live beyond your income no matter what your age is but if retirees have a bit of money put by why shouldn’t they enjoy it? They had mortgages and school fees to pay once and probably went without holidays and other things they wanted for the sake of their families. There might be just a few years before health issues mean that they can no longer travel so whiny adult children complaining about mum and dad wasting their money on frivolities don’t sit well with me I’m afraid.

I think this annoyed me all the more because some time ago I read another piece about how older people in Australian cities should move out of their houses into smaller accomodation so that they could be demolished to make room for more townhouses and apartments. Apparently wanting to stay in the family home is also selfish. So called experts tell us we should “de clutter” our lives which really means “Get rid of all your old stuff because it’s a waste of space.” It doesn’t matter whether it means anything to you or not. “You can take a picture of it.”

Gray Tce., Rosewater.jpg

The elderly seem can’t take a trick these days. We are expected to work longer but jobs are harder to get. Pensions are barely enough and now even those who have managed to save enough for a comfortable retirement are being accused of selfishness. The only ones who don’t have to worry are elderly politicians. If they are voted out of office they will get some nice cushy job offered to them or they can retire with a nice big pension and lots of perks.

Do I sound like a grumpy old lady? Is it any wonder?





Snapshot Sunday: The Circus

Roll Up Roll Up! I took this photo of a circus tent while we were in New Zealand early in 2016. It was very early and hardly anyone about at the time. I thought a circus tent with zero activity going on was interesting photographic material. The photo came out really dark and I was not at all happy with it. I put it to one side and forgot about it until yesterday. I have played around with it and come up with this. I was rather pleased with the results.


Saved from Bad Photo Monday!

Vintage Cars: Ford Cortina

While I was out walking the dogs last week one hot afternoon I saw this Ford Cortina at the local service station. I hadn’t seen one of these in years. At one time they were everywhere and they were very popular cars. These cars were made from 1962 – 1982. I love the tail lights on these cars. I think they must have been reliable cars too as so many people were driving them around. The steering wheel looks huge doesn’t it?


An early Ford Cortina


Lost the petrol cap?

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Gates and Fences.

Gates and Fences

I had to dig deep into my archives again because the weather here is strictly for ducks only. I did not put a big toe past my front door today and the dogs not one little furry paw. They stayed curled up in their baskets instead. I longed to jump in the car and go to one of the other near or far towns for a walk and to take some new photos but it was not to be. With the bad weather and the Xmas Toy Run on it would have been very hard. Instead I have put together a mish mash of different photos of gates and fencing for this photo challenge. Some have been shown before but there are a few different ones. I hope no one finds this boring with the reruns.


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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences & Gates

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

After a week of hot sunny weather the rain is back with a vengeance. It has been raining here since Thursday evening, sometimes quite heavily so my pictures today are taken in my garden and yes it was raining when I took them. When I put them on the computer I played about with some of Picasa’s special effects to make them a bit more interesting.

They say that good fences make good neighbours. I try to be a good neighbour by having a fully fenced back garden to keep Cindy in. It doesn’t always work as Cindy can climb over the fence if she really wants to. Luckily the only time she really wants to is when I am on the other side of the fence and she wants to get to me.

Metal gate in my back garden.

Raindrops on the gate.

My back fence used to be a post and rail fence but then they built houses behind me. My back neighbour is kept busy repairing the holes that his dogs chew in this fence.

My back fence has been repaired several times.

My front fence could also use some work.

Broken fence.

Next door to me on one side is the local power sub station. Best neighbours ever! They don’t have noisy vehicles, destructive pets or parties.

The well fenced power sub station.

power sub station.

Last of all an old photo that I took some years ago now. This is the gate of the old Hobart Zoo which closed many, many years ago. This zoo was where the last known Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) was kept until it died. It is a very ornate gate but if you look closely at the animals they all look sad. Of course zoos today provide a much better environment for animals and have breeding programs so that endangered species can be helped to survive. If only they had been more forward thinking when the Thylacine’s were still with us.

The old Zoo gate

Tasmanian Tiger Sculpture

Tale of Two Blenders

It’s the time of year when I start thinking about Christmas cooking. I haven’t bothered to bake much this year but I love making our Christmas pudding, Christmas Cake and mince pies. Today seemed like a good day to make a start by preparing  the Christmas Pudding. I made sure when I ordered my groceries that I had all the necessary ingredients but there was one thing I forgot. This recipe calls for fresh  breadcrumbs and I always prefer to make them myself in my blender.

Not long after David and I were married mum got me a blender for Christmas. It was a good one with a glass jug and many settings for blending, mixing and chopping. I had it for years.

image bread crumbs made in blender

making breadcrumbs

Finally, about three years or so ago it went to Appliance Heaven. I decided that rather than buying another blender I’d like to get a food processor with a large bowl and dough hooks that would be useful for making pastry and other things that I find tiring to do by hand. My little electric mixer was even older so my plan was to buy something to replace them both and I started to research what I wanted to buy. I never buy any kind of gadget or appliance without reading up on all the available models to decide which is the best value for money and most suited to my needs.

However, David decided to be helpful and he went to our local hardware store and bought a blender. It was a cheap model and not what I wanted at all. I felt annoyed because I didn’t feel I could justify buying a food processor now we had this blender. I couldn’t take it back to the shop because David could not find the receipt and then he got sick so we had more important things to worry about. Anyway I decided that I was not going to use the blender and I didn’t. I can’t remember what I did for breadcrumbs for the next two years. I think I must have bought pre-made ones. I can be very stubborn when I want. I bought a soup maker around that time and that did perfectly well for blending liquids but it didn’t chop or crumb.

Tiffany Blender

This morning when I lined up all the ingredients for the pudding I realised that I did not have any breadcrumbs. It was raining and it is a half hour walk to the shops. If I wanted breadcrumbs I was going to have to use that blender. I got it out of the cupboard. Everything was still wrapped in plastic as I’d never even opened the box.

It would be lovely if I could say that the blender turned out to be great but I can’t. I’m sorry. I hated it as much as I knew I would when I first saw it. It had a plastic jug and felt too light in my hands. Instead of numerous labelled function buttons it had just three and did not say what they were best for. I made my breadcrumbs only adding a slice of bread at a time in case I overloaded it. When I was finished I carefully washed it out and repacked it in its box with the plastic wrap and the instruction sheet. If I can possibly avoid it I will never use it again.

I feel sorry that I was cross with David over this stupid purchase. It was just his way of buying things. If he needed camera or computer equipment he’d research it  but anything else he’d go and find the first thing that looked suitable and buy it without asking a lot of questions about it. Like a lot of men he didn’t like to shop much whereas I probably over think everything. I still don’t have a new food processor but luckily my little old mixer, now 47 years old is still going and hopefully will survive the Christmas cooking period.