Cee’s Black & White Challenge: All Things Farm Related

Down on the Farm

I thought this would be easy for a country dweller but I am a country dweller who can only see farm animals within a 2km radius of my house when it is not raining. So here are some I prepared earlier.

I used to occasionally house sit for friends who had a hobby farm. I did not have to do a lot, some hay for the sheep, goats and alpacas, feed the chooks, collect the eggs and water the veggies. I loved staying there. It was very peaceful and as it was too far to walk to the bus stop unless I was really keen I just relaxed, did my chores and caught up with reading, knitting and listening to music.

Apple boxes at a local orchard.

Fruit growing is the other main type of farming around here but it is too early in the season for apples yet. We’re waiting for the blossom and hoping the windy October weather does not blow them away.

Lastly here are some cows who live in a paddock next to a neighbour’s place which is literally five minutes walk from my house.


Ovation of the Seas - Hobart ,13 Dec 2016

Share Your World 2017 – Week #40

Sharing My World This Week

What do you consider is the most perfect food for you? (It can be your favorite food to something extremely healthy.)

Most of the time I have only myself to please and the most perfect food for me is the one that I feel like cooking. Today, after a tiring day at the Op Shop it will most likely be something from the freezer. When I cook I generally put aside the extra portions for days like this. If I have the time and inclination to cook, the perfect food for me is more comfort food than cordon bleu. Meat, potatoes and two or three veg, stir fried chicken and vegetables with rice, Shepherd’s pie or a casserole of some kind, pasta with Bolognese sauce. If I’m really not feeling like bothering oven cooked frozen fish and chips with veg or a pizza from the supermarket are just fine too.

Roast lamb dinner

Are you focused on today or tomorrow?

I think I am more focussed on the present. I concentrate on the short-term future, what’s going on at the Op Shop, slowly getting jobs done around the house, what photos I need to take for our blogs. I do think about the near future a lot too Christmas, next year’s holiday, getting the house on the market or the long-term future but the further away things are the harder it is to visualise them.

If you could interview one of your great-great-great grandparents, who would it be (if you know their name) and what would you ask?

Family members on each side of my family have researched the family tree but without that information in front of me I don’t recall names of any of them. I think that rather than interviewing them I’d like to have a time machine to travel back to their time. I’d like to see where they lived and what their everyday life was like, I’d like to see their homes, where they went to work, where they went on holiday if they had any.

Mum Circa 1922 with one of her grandmothers.


What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Ovation of the Seas - Hobart ,13 Dec 2016

Ovation of the Seas – Hobart ,13 Dec 2016

It is six months now until Naomi and I head off on our next cruise adventure on Ovation of the Seas. Although the cruise has been booked for over a year it seemed so far away that it did not seem very real to us. On our trip to Hobart last weekend we went to see our travel agent. We now have flights booked, to Sydney and back home from Singapore afterwards. We have a night booked in a hotel in Sydney as we like to arrive the day before the cruise and a week booked in a nice hotel in Singapore that Naomi has stayed in before. On the Royal Caribbean website I was able to reserve a trip on the North Star observation pod. Our trip now feels a lot more real to us.


Snapshot Sunday:Mercedes Benz

While I was out today with the dogs I spotted a Mercedes Benz parked outside the pub. The pub is one of the best places to find cars because people will go there for a drink or a meal as they serve meals all day long. I found the second one stuffed in someone’s garage sadly in need of some work. I don’t know the years of either model but you can really see the changes in the cars over the years when you compare them.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Letter G_Needs to have the letter G

Here are my photos for the letter G at last. I took my camera with me when I went to walk the dogs this afternoon. We had a lovely walk up and down the High Street. We looked in shop windows and met a few friends who were also out and about. The dogs met a few doggy friends and some who were not their friends at all.There was a pleasant breeze as we walked. It felt good on my face and I thought the dogs looked cute with their ears blowing back as they trotted along the road. I could have stayed out all afternoon but we took over an hour anyway. Here is what I got today.

My G’s are:

  1. goal
  2. morning glory
  3. garbage
  4. garage
  5. gumball
  6. goose
  7. Gay Street

Snapshot Sunday: King of the Mountain

Peter Brock – Adelaide

Today I’m going retro with this old photo I had scanned onto the computer. Australia’s most famous motor race the Bathurst 1000 is being run today. In years gone by David and I would often spend the whole day watching the race on television. He loved it. As time passed I tended more to watch the start with him and pop in and out to check on the progress of the race while doing other things. That’s what I am doing today so in honour of Bathurst, 9 times winner Peter Brock and David here is Peter Brock in his famous 05 Commodore. This was not taken at Bathurst which we never visited but at a support race for the Australian F1 Grand Prix in Adelaide. The photo was most likely taken with my old Pentax MG .

The 3am Rant: Some Things Are Just Not Funny

Like many pet owners I enjoy funny animal films on YouTube. Who doesn’t like the funny antics of cats and cute kittens? Cole and Marmalade is a great series about the lives of two very spoiled cats and the stuff they get up to. But the other night, while having a cat video watching session, I became quite concerned about the number of films of cats that seemed quite distressed and how little the owners seemed to care.

Yes it is funny when your cat accidentally falls into the bath. It does happen. At least one of mine has fallen in the tub due to being too curious about what I was doing in there. Some cats really hate water and don’t like being bathed but if they need it bathing them is not really cruel. Seeing a pet having an embarrassing fail is funny in the same way it is funny when a human slips on a banana skin.

However, allowing a small child to drag the cat into the bath against its will certainly is cruel, not to mention being a very stupid idea. I saw this last night and could not believe the child’s parents were allowing it let alone filming it. The poor cat was really upset.

So was the cat whose owner thought it would be fun to stand in the middle of her pool nursing her cat who obviously did not want to be there. I hope she got scratched.

Yes cats can swim but that is not an excuse to throw your cat into the pool as I saw one person do. He just tossed it like it was a toy. That was mean!

It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there doing stuff to their pets just to make a funny film for YouTube. The cat is scared and runs away and in the background you hear hearty laughter from the humans. Well they are not funny! If people want to make fools of themselves, hurt themselves for their five minutes of fame fine. I don’t care. But don’t do it to your cat!

Polly centre of frame.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter G – Needs to have the Letter G

The Alphabet According to Cee – G is in:

Well once again my photography efforts are being foiled by the rain. A steady drizzle pretty much all day so far has discouraged me from wandering around looking for photography subjects out-of-doors so I put my thinking cap on and found some objects around the house.  I love my “stuff” so it was not hard to find a few bits and pieces that made good photography subjects.

  • Glass – a champagne glass from my small collection of Ruby Glass.
  • Frog –  Lucky golden frog guards my raffle tickets
  • Gemstones –  Pretty coloured gemstones.
  • Eggs – A painted egg I bought in Russia and a collection of wooden painted eggs that Naomi bought in Singapore or Malaysia I think.


A champagne glass.

My lucky frog looks after my lotto tickets.

A handful of gemstones