Share Your World 2017 – Week #32

Sharing My World This Week

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off behind you or keep the lights on throughout your house most of the time?

My parent’s generation were always very particular about not wasting electricity and turning lights off when you left a room. I probably run more lights than I should for one person. I don’t see very well in the dark and my passage is long so I always leave a light on at night in case I have to get up to let Cindy out or go to the toilet. If I go out and know I will not be home until after dark I leave that light on as well as the front porch light. In the evening I will generally leave one of the two kitchen lights on as well as the living room light where I am sitting. I just don’t like stumbling around in the dark. I don’t generally leave lights on in the bedroom or other rooms I am not intending to use.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? 

$500 is not a fortune but it would buy me a return plane ticket to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney with some change left over. I haven’t checked lately but it would probably buy a ferry trip to Melbourne from Devonport as well. If I didn’t want to leave Tasmania I could go to Strahan or Queenstown and ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway and cruise on the Gordon River. You can have quite a nice mini break for $500.

Complete this sentence: My favorite thing to do on my cell phone is…

My very favourite thing would be not to use it at all. People say mobile phones make them feel connected but I don’t always want to be connected. When I am with other people they are always getting phone calls from their kids over things that would wait until they got home or phone calls about work when they are having time off. For me the mobile phone is just a tool. I use it to check on meeting times and places when I’m out and for a sense of security when I’m away from home as public phones are hard to find these days. I do have a few friends and family members who I will chat with on it because it is the most convenient way for us to communicate.

I don’t have a smart phone so my options for doing things with it are limited. I can connect to the internet but I can’t watch movies, bank, buy online or even check my email with a tiny flip phone. I prefer a tablet for that if I am away from home. The main thing I like to do with my mobile phone is to use it to send and receive text messages as that is what it is best at.


What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

We had some really sunny days last week which made it seem as if spring was not so far away. I went around my garden looking for signs of returning life. I can see buds on my deciduous trees and bulbs starting to poke their heads out of the ground at last. The jonquils are an inspiration. They have been flowering for weeks.


Naomi & Wazza on the road with Phillip, Toby and Teddy

Today we took a long drive leaving home around 9:30 am heading for Beaconsfield and Beauty Point on the West Tamar Highway. I took some photos at Both of these places as we stopped to walk the dogs and explore. We had fish and chips at Beauty Point and then headed for the Batman Bridge (nothing to do with superheros). We had a quick stop there as there is a park where you can walk and have a picnic on the banks of the river. Unfortunately there was a horrible smell. We couldn’t decide if it was from the toilets or the cows in nearby fields. We got some water for the dogs and I took some photos of the bridge before we headed to George Town on the East Tamar Highway. At George Town we had a nice walk along the coast. We were lucky enough to see a ship coming in. After that we decided to get a cold drink and head home as it was getting a bit late in the afternoon and we had a three hour drive ahead of us. I hope you all like the photos from our day out.

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Vintage Cars: Morris Major Elite

Today while out for a drive we spotted this Morris Major Elite looking quite abandoned. It looked as if someone had brought it over from South Australia with the intention of restoring it but hadn’t got around to it. The door handles were still nice and shiny while other parts of the car were rusty like the bumper bars. I think it must have been someone’s pride and joy once as it still had the visor and venetian blind in the back. It also had it’s car club badges. It was a shame it was sitting out in all weather. Anyway I was pleased to be able to take a few photos of this car.


Bad Photo Monday: Bad Photos at the Cricket

This bad photo is one of those ones that I kept because of the subject matter even though as a photo it is not very good. It was taken at a Hurricanes match that I went to with my friends Allyson and Matt a couple of years ago.  Ally asked me to take a photo of her with Ricky Ponting but unfortunately where they were standing the floodlights really messed up the picture.

Bad Photo Monday: Doing things by Halves

I am posting my bad photo for Monday early in case I run out of time tomorrow. Having a visitor and going out more often has enabled me to take more photos in different places but I have not had as much time for posting anything. Today I saw a beautiful vintage car from the 1950’s. I didn’t get a good look at it because I was unaware that it was coming around the corner until Phillip called me when he suddenly spotted it. I was still taking photos of St Lukes. I whirled around and got the camera ready. I managed to frame the car very nicely but my camera has slow shutter speed so I only got half a car. The results were a huge disappointment. I went back to the main street hoping to spot the car parked somewhere but never saw it again.


Naomi, Wazza, Phillip, Toby and Teddy on the road to Richmond

At last we had some sunshine so we all jumped in Wazza and took off for Richmond which is around an hour away from Oatlands if you follow Mudwall’s Road off the Midland Highway. We had a lovely drive listening to music as we drove. At Richmond we got some lunch from the local bakery. This bakery is one of the best in Tasmania and you would not be disappointed with the food if you decided to call in for a bite to eat. We got some really nice potato pies and Toby and Teddy had sausage rolls . There are quite a lot of interesting shops selling antiques, home decor, games and puzzles, chocolate and sweets and souvenirs. There is also an excellent pub and many other nice places where you can get a meal. As we had the dogs we didn’t go in many shops but the nice folk at The Puzzle People invited us in so I bought two jigsaws. There are also many historic buildings including St Luke’s Church, the post office and the Richmond Arms. The Richmond Bridge is also beautiful and there is a nice walk you can do by the river below. I didn’t take many photos in the end but here are a few from today.

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Snapshot Sunday: There’s a bear in there!

While out for a drive on Sunday I stopped in a shop in Richmond Tasmania called “The Puzzle People” They sell jigsaw puzzles and similar items. They were kind enough to allow Toby and Teddy into their shop so we all trooped in and had a look around. I ended up buying two very nice puzzles to do in my spare time once we have moved house. In the doorway of the shop I could not avoid spotting this huge pink teddy bear.


A huge pink teddy bear seen in the entrance of The Puzzle People in Richmond Tasmania.