Ten Favourite TV Shows

Just for fun today a list of some of my favourite TV shows. They are not in any particular order. These are all shows I’d happily sit down and watch again.

    • Star Trek – The original episodes look dated now but this is the show that began it all. My favourite episodes “Trouble with Tribbles” & “City on the Edge of Forever”
    • Doctor Who – Watched the first season from behind the couch as a small child, the Tom Baker years were my favourite until “new Who” began and I fell for David Tennant. My favourite original series episodes “Genesis of the Daleks”
    • The West Wing – I think Hubby and I have watched this series in its entirety about three times and we never get tired of it. Wonderful characters and great stories. Martin Sheen will always be the President to me now. Favourite episodes “The Crackpots and These Women” (1st Big Block of Cheese episode) “Isaac and Ishmael”. Really hard to pick a favourite here, I liked them all.
    • Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister – Yes Minister and it’s follow up Yes Prime Minister are also favourites of ours and I think Hubby has nearly worn the books out from reading them.  Nigel Hawthorne  was wonderful as Sir Humphrey doing Civil Service speak to Paul Eddington’s hapless MP Jim Hacker but I had a soft spot for Derek Fowlds as Bernard who had some funny lines. My favourite episodes “Party Games” & “The Key”
    • Hamish McBeth – I love shows with quirky locals and this one set in the Scottish Highlands had plenty of them. Good stories and it reminded me of visiting Scotland, one of my favourite places.
    • Northern Exposure – More quirky locals this time in Alaska. I didn’t see this series right through to the end but I enjoyed the first few seasons very much.
    • Sea Change – Another town full of quirky locals this time here in Australia, Sea Change was and still is one of my favourite shows. Some of Australia’s best known actors appeared in the series including Sigrid Thornton, John Howard (not the one who was PM), David Wenham, Tom Long, Kevin Harrington, Kerry Armstrong, Bill Hunter and my favourite, William McInnes. Favourite episode, again it’s hard to choose but probably “Checks and Balances” which featured Jim Keays and a story about a special guitar.
    • Kingswood Country – An Australian sitcom from the 1980s; the plot summary doesn’t make it sound very funny but it was although some of the jokes sound dated now. It might not be considered very PC but it was harmless and silly although the jokes probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone unfamiliar with Australia at that time.
    • The Gilmore Girls – This is another series I’ve watched from start to finish a couple of times. I liked the characters and the dialogue and yes, more quirky locals.
    • Gilligan’s Island – Most of the sitcoms from my childhood I can’t watch now as I find them annoying but I can never get tired of the seven stranded castaways. Even as a ten year old I knew the plots were silly but they were never meant to be taken seriously. The Howell’s huge pile of luggage and Ginger’s evening dresses were so silly they made us laugh and the characters were loveable. Even Mr Howell was really not so bad as he liked to pretend to be.

Full episode of Yes Minister- Party Games -1 hour


“Old School” on ABC TV

Sam Neill & Bryan Brown in "Old School"
Sam Neill & Bryan Brown in “Old School”

“Old School” is the title of a new Australian drama series currently showing on the ABC.  I hadn’t bothered to read anything about it until a week or two before it began when an ABC Facebook post alerted me to the fact that it starred Sam Neill and Bryan Brown.

For those of you who are overseas and maybe haven’t seen it yet I read that it is being released internationally by NBC Universal. Both Sam Neill and Bryan Brown  should be familiar names through their film roles. Sam Neill has had roles in “Jurassic Park”, “The Hunt For Red October” (one of Hubby’s favourites) and “The Piano” to mention just a few of many films. My favourite film of his is “The Dish”. Bryan Brown has appeared in “Gorilla’s In The Mist”, “FX”, “Cocktail”,”Along Came Polly” and many other films. My favourite is probably “Breaker Morant”.

When two old troupers like this get together to make a TV series you figure it ought to be worth watching especially if it’s on the ABC so I watched the first episode and found that I liked it very much. Sam Neill plays Ted McCabe, a retired cop and Bryan Brown plays Lennie Cahill an ex crim. The two of them are brought together by the botched bank robbery that landed Lennie in jail and Ted in hospital after being shot in the back. They have different goals, Lennie wants his share of the money from the robbery and Ted wants to find out who shot him. Initially they don’t like each other at all but as in all odd couple stories they gradually start to appreciate each other.

Some people have compared “Old School” with the British series “New Tricks”. I don’t agree. Yes, it has retired people solving crimes and yes, they usually manage to do it before the police do but that’s all. I loved “New Tricks” but I think that this is different enough not to be considered just a copy. It does have elements of humour as Lennie and Ted find themselves in awkward situations. It’s very important to me that I like the characters in a TV show or movie or I can’t watch it no matter how good the plot is or how clever the effects. Ted and Lennie are both likeable and Bryan Brown particularly makes me care about Lennie and want him to make a go of life outside of jail.

Eight episodes have been made for this series. I don’t know if there will be more. Both actors are busy working on other projects already but I certainly hope that there will be one more series at least.

IMDb page:




Daily Prompt: Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time

More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?


Sweet Dreams!
Sweet Dreams!

Thank goodness! I thought it was only me!I didn’t even know there was a name for it. I’m a serial sleep procrastinator.

I started it when I was working full time. I sometimes worked a late shift and I’d finish work at 2 am, it would be after 2:30 am when I got home but I couldn’t always  go straight to bed. I had to wind down first. A hot drink, maybe something to eat and then I’d read for a while.  I was younger then, I still managed to get up at a reasonable hour most mornings.

Sleep procrastination also became something I did because night was my “me time”. I knew I should go to bed if I had to be up early for work but I hated the idea that my whole life was about going to work and household chores so I’d keep on stealing a bit more of the night for myself.

Finally I was introduced the biggest temptation of all, the internet. My sister and I live in different towns and rather than phone calls we like internet chat as a way of keeping in touch. She’s a night owl too so twice a week we sit up to all hours chatting about this and that. Other nights I sit up reading post after post or even writing them. (You are to blame WordPress.) When it’s two in the morning here it’s only lunchtime in Europe and the day is just beginning in parts of the USA. New posts come up and I find myself thinking “Just one more and I’ll go to bed.” but of course then I see that someone I follow has posted and I read another “just one more”.

In winter I sometimes just don’t want to go to bed even when I’m sleepy. It’s warm and cosy in the living room and I’ll sit up to watch a television program I’m interested in. When it’s over I think that I should go to bed but I know that the bedroom will be cold and I hate lying on cold sheets so I stay where I am and watch whatever is on. At that hour it usually seems to be documentaries about serial killers or WWII being rerun on the History Channel.

Sometimes Hubby gets up to go to the bathroom, he has a talent for deciding to do that just as I’m about to go to bed so I put it off again until he’s gone back to bed, adjusted his CPAP machine and settled down. Did I mention that Hubby  snores? Before he got the machine the noise was another thing that put me off going to bed. It was like trying to sleep in a room with a washing machine running, the decibel levels were about the same.  I knew I wouldn’t get off to sleep until I was exhausted.

As I am not working now it doesn’t matter if I don’t get up at the crack of dawn but I know that I should try to get to bed earlier. I could always get up early and read WordPress posts.


Rainbow’s End

It’s winter here in Tasmania. The days are short and the weather unpredictable. Some days, like today, it’s mild and sunny but others we don’t see the sun all day. The grey days are a bit depressing, mostly because of the lack of sunlight but I don’t mind a good downpour. I like the sound of rain on our galvanised iron roof and the sound of a thunderstorm.

The other day I looked outside and the sky was as black as the ace of spades. We live next door to an electricity power sub station and in this photo you can see the black clouds with just a few patches of blue. At first I thought  we might get a  heavy downpour or even a sprinkle of snow but instead there was a very light rain. I spotted a rainbow so I rushed back inside to get the camera and see if I could capture it.  One of the things I like here in Tassie is that usually you can see the entire rainbow. I didn’t see that so much in South Australia, often you’d only see a part of it where I lived.

I like rainbows. I think of the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and of the pot of gold that mum used to say was at the end of it. I used to think that it would be wonderful to find it but soon realised that the more you chase a rainbow the further away it gets. That is until we came here. This is Rainbow’s End for me.

Black as the ace of spades.
Black as the ace of spades.


The rainbow could be seen across the road from my house.
The rainbow could be seen across the road from my house.
Rainbow in a dark sky.
Rainbow in a dark sky.

Daily Prompt: Set for Solstice

Set for Solstice

Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets?

Down here at the bottom of the world today was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. I looked out of the window at 5:15 pm and it was already dark. It was a nice day though, bright and sunny and warm enough to sit outside.

I do enjoy the long summer evenings we get here in Tasmania. The twilight is longer here than in Adelaide and as it’s not so hot in summer it’s nice to have the extra time to be out and about. The week between Christmas and New Year is such a busy one in Hobart with yachts to see, the Taste of Tasmania and night cricket matches that we really need all that extra daylight. Or it’s nice to just sit outside and enjoy the long evenings.

I don’t mind the short winter days though. I don’t have to be up and on the bus in the dark any more but I remember that when I did I’d see the dawn breaking over the Huon River and as we’d climb out of the valley the sun would sometimes burst out from amongst the clouds and dazzle us. It would often be dark when I got home but it was warm and cosy inside with the heater on and  the curtains drawn.

That’s the nice thing about the changing seasons, there is always something to look forward to.

Late afternoon on a July day in Oatlands.
Late afternoon on a July day in Oatlands.

Daily Prompt: Freudian Flips


Freudian Flips

Do you remember a recent dream you had? Or an older one that stayed vivid in your mind? Today, you’re your own Freud: Tell us the dream, then interpret it for us! Feel free to be as serious or humorous as you see fit, or to invent a dream if you can’t remember a real one.

I have some really bizarre dreams at times, I know they are weird even while I’m having them but like many people by the time I am properly awake the dream is gone and I don’t remember what it was about. I suspect most of them are more about what I read or saw on TV that day than anything to do with me.

However, when I was younger I used to have a recurring dream that I was at school. I don’t remember specifically what each dream was about but they used to upset me a lot. I sometimes used to wake up in tears.

I didn’t always enjoy school.  I didn’t enjoy doing subjects I was bad at, like sewing, cooking and any kind of sports. I didn’t like teachers who shouted or were rude and sarcastic. As I’ve mentioned in the past I was a shy child and hated to draw attention to myself so I hated doing anything that involved speaking up in class, I was nervous around teachers and didn’t really want to play with the other kids even when well-meaning teachers tried to insert me into a group.

It wasn’t all bad though, I liked some teachers who introduced me to ideas that I would never have picked up at home. I wasn’t bullied; I got on well with my classmates  but I was glad when school was finally over.

After I left school I had the school dream through my late teens and early twenties and the theme was always that I was back in school again and I’d be trying to tell them I didn’t belong there. Later, as I moved into my thirties, I had the dreams less often and they changed. Now I was saying. “I don’t have to be here.” and I would leave. In the dream that felt good.  The dreams became less frequent over the years until they almost disappeared completely.  These days I rarely dream about school, or if I do I don’t remember so it must be less upsetting. I think I have dreamed myself in school occasionally but I’ve not been upset about it and haven’t tried to escape.

What does it all mean? Well my interpretation is that as I’ve  grown older and more confident I haven’t felt that I had to prove myself to others or conform if I didn’t want to. I’m happy with who I am and I’m more accepting of things I can’t change. I’ve read a bit about the meanings of dreams and what it says about dreaming about school seems to tie in with my feelings.

I don’t know what Freud would have said but I bet he’d have had a field day with my “soap opera” dreams if I could ever remember them!

Sweet Dreams!
Sweet Dreams!