Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

Water is essential to our lives and here are some everyday shots showing water and it’s uses. In the photos shown water is used for art, surfing, sailing, spiritual use, bathing or just to look at. How about drinking? I forgot that one! Duh! Water is of cause a very important Liquid and is the feature of my liquid challenge today.

Merlion Singapore
Cronulla Beach Sydney
Ocean Views
Fountains KL
Fountain of Wealth
Singapore River
Singapore River
Sailing on the Huon River
_copie-0_Lake Dulverton late afternoon
Lake Dulverton in the Afternoon
_copie-0_Walking on water United Church
Walking on Water
Teddy’s Bath

Cee’s B&W challenge: Things That End In OCK

Ok I thought about it and came up with a few things for the “ock” challenge and here they are at last.
Cock & Hens

  • Cock & Hens
    Flock 2
    Small Flock
    Live Stock
    Live Stock
    Lock & Chain
    Memorial Clock Kempton
    Memorial Clock Kempton
    Rock 2
    Funny Rock


A Photo a Week Challenge: Over 100 Years Old

Here are a few photos I have gathered together for this challenge. Some of them I had to try to work out the ages but I think I am mostly correct with them. Here they are.

C&A Ellis 1888
C and K Ellis 1888
Many of the headstones are over 100 years old
Oatlands Mill 1837
Oatlands Mill 1837
Old Playing Cards
Very Old Playing Cards. these would have to Qualify
Sema4 Water Tower 1880
Semaphore Water Tower 1880. This is in South Australia.
Stenmar Circa 1900s
This is my old piano. I am told it dates back before 1910.
Teddy Bear 1910
One of my beloved Teddy Bears. He is from around 1910
Underwood Typewriter 1911
This Underwood Typewriter is from around 1911
Vintage Coach
A very old coach and trunks from years ago.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Barns or Any Dilapidated Buildings


Well I finished work early today (11am) so I fired up Wazza , hitched up Toby and Teddy and off I went armed with my trusty GE point and shoot to take some photos. I don’t usually go out just to take pictures but I often take my camera in my bag just in case I see something interesting. We drove south as far as Pontville first of all and then all the way back to Tunbridge. All of these photos are in towns or on the Midland Highway along this route. Of course I took some photos that had nothing to do with this challenge but here’s what I came up with for this one.

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Snapshot Sunday: Adverts

While out and about last week end I got some photos of some more old and new advertising and a nice photo of a favourite old pub in the Glenorchy area. The pub is “The Elwick Hotel” It has a lovely lounge area and the staff are very nice. One thing I like about this pub is the beautiful murals on the outside of the building. I took one photo of the best one as I walked by. The other photos are of very old and very new advertising on buildings. The bright yellow is rather garish but I do love the old fireworks,crackers sign on the Chinese restaurant. You can see how advertising has changed over the years by these photos.

Ooh Ahhh Fireworks! This is a great old sign.
Showing the old building it is on.
A wonderful mural.
The Elwick Hotel
Modern Advertising which is not as nice.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Through a Window

Through a Window

It has been so wet here in Tassie today and yesterday. Hobart was badly flooded and the Brooker Highway was apparently closed or so I heard. I had wanted to go to the city but no way in this weather. One could only imagine how dangerous the Midland Highway would be so instead I rugged up in a nice warm jumper and sorted through photos for this latest challenge. I have gone with old and new photos for this one. I have even been a bit creative and had a joke with one picture. Here they are.

Antique Shop Sydney
Antique Shop Window
Baby KF Panda
Baby Panda
Mama KF Panda
Mama & Baby Panda
Shop Window Oatlands
Oatlands Shop Window
Veiw from old truck windows
Vintage Truck Windows
Veiw from Ovation
View Through Ovation’s Windows
Veiw from the Cables Cars on Sentosa Island
View Through Cable Car Windows
Veiw from Windjammers on Ovation
View from Windjammer’s Window
Washing Machine
Viewing Washing

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: New Friends at The Northgate Shopping Centre

Oddball Challenge

I went shopping at The Northgate Shopping Centre and met people I was not expecting to meet. They explained they were collecting for charity so I gave them some money and asked if I could take their photos. I must say Mr Vader was very keen for a photo to be taken and jumped straight into his best pose. Batman was ready for a chat and promised to keep the others in line despite the fact they were not from Gotham City.

Batman 2BatmanDarth & Friends