Snapshot Sunday: Stretch Merc Limo

I came across this car in the Hobart suburbs some time ago and never got around to posting it. Years ago my boyfriend at the time took me out to dinner at the Adelaide Casino in one of these. I can’t remember if it was a Mercedes or not but it was fun to go for a ride in one instead of the boring taxi or public transport. We got dressed up and had a fancy dinner in one of the good restaurants and then we played the pokies and I won a hundred bucks which was a fantastic win back in 1995. This one looks to be from the 80s. I’ve taken a few shots of it from different angles. I remember the road being very busy at the time and I had a job to get across as there was no pedestrian crossing. It was equally hard to get back to my car on the other side of the road. What you do just to get a photo!

Snapshot Sunday

Metal Cement Truck Sculpture


This is a photo I took of a cement truck sculpture at the Mona art gallery. It’s one of the only pieces I actually liked there. Mona is more for people who enjoys today’s art and cultures. I thought this one clever and well made and quite an interesting choice. Mona is a little weird but the place is really popular with locals and tourists. I selected this photograph randomly just for something to post today.

_copie-0_Metal Cement Truck_InPixio


Snapshot Sunday: There’s a Bear in there, or two or three.

Here are some of my favourite teddy bears.I’ve been collecting them for some years now. I don’t know how many I have but these are a few I grouped together for a photo. Vanda has come to the rescue with her knitting needles in hand to knit warms jumpers for some of them to wear. The fur has worn a bit thin on some poor teds. She has been wonderful help stitching on loose ears and even replacing a lost eye or two. She made the ears for the one in the patterned jumper. The big teddy at the back is one of my favourites. He is a cheery fellow. Tiny Ted the smallest bear is also a favourite. They all are really. They are all so cute and cuddly.


Penguin Church

When I saw Vanda’s post on the old church I thought I would see what I could do with a church photo. I have taken a lot of pictures of churches. They range from little chapels to grand looking cathedrals. I also have new software to try out so I thought I would have a bit of fun and do a post using a church too. This is what I did.

Snapshot Sunday: Super Slide

I’ve seen this old fairground ride going to rack and ruin for many years. It’s covered in rust and some sort of vine. The vine was really overtaking it but going back a year or two someone trimmed it down but did not remove it completely. I guess the owner is just going to leave it in the yard. They used to run other attractions but not sure if they still do. I thought I would get a couple of photos of this old ride in case it is removed. I remember as a youngster really enjoying the Super Slide ride at the Royal Adelaide Show many years ago now. You would go down really fast on a sack over several humps until reaching the bottom. I always seemed to become airborne on my way down coming down with several hard thumps until I reached the ground. It was not an expensive ride so I went on it several times while at the show.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

Water is essential to our lives and here are some everyday shots showing water and it’s uses. In the photos shown water is used for art, surfing, sailing, spiritual use, bathing or just to look at. How about drinking? I forgot that one! Duh! Water is of cause a very important Liquid and is the feature of my liquid challenge today.

Merlion Singapore
Cronulla Beach Sydney
Ocean Views
Fountains KL
Fountain of Wealth
Singapore River
Singapore River
Sailing on the Huon River
_copie-0_Lake Dulverton late afternoon
Lake Dulverton in the Afternoon
_copie-0_Walking on water United Church
Walking on Water
Teddy’s Bath