Snapshot Sunday: The Circus

Roll Up Roll Up! I took this photo of a circus tent while we were in New Zealand early in 2016. It was very early and hardly anyone about at the time. I thought a circus tent with zero activity going on was interesting photographic material. The photo came out really dark and I was not at all happy with it. I put it to one side and forgot about it until yesterday. I have played around with it and come up with this. I was rather pleased with the results.


Saved from Bad Photo Monday!

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Gates and Fences.

Gates and Fences

I had to dig deep into my archives again because the weather here is strictly for ducks only. I did not put a big toe past my front door today and the dogs not one little furry paw. They stayed curled up in their baskets instead. I longed to jump in the car and go to one of the other near or far towns for a walk and to take some new photos but it was not to be. With the bad weather and the Xmas Toy Run on it would have been very hard. Instead I have put together a mish mash of different photos of gates and fencing for this photo challenge. Some have been shown before but there are a few different ones. I hope no one finds this boring with the reruns.


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The Green Canoes

While hanging around in the back alley recently I saw these canoes just sitting there. They were a long way from any water and I couldn’t help but wonder what they were doing in that back alley of the main shopping mall. Usually you see bicycles and people on skateboards and tiny scooters. They look like a couple of huge great green shoes!

Some Fun with Colour & B&W

In other words I was bored this afternoon and had nothing better to do than muck about on the computer. It has rained here all week end and I’ve hardly put a foot out the door. I did manage to get the dogs out for a short walk but we got quite wet on the way home and had to shelter under various trees and verandahs on the way home. So what did I come up with. Well I found some photos I took in a back alley way in Hobart. I’ve no idea why I took these but I thought they were interesting at the time. As I said in a previous post I simply just aim and shoot sometimes. I get an idea and try to make it happen. So today I am having a bit of fun with these pictures. I decided to see how the same shop looks in colour and black and white on this post. Here we go.


Hobart Alley


Hobart Ally


Back of Building in Alley Way



Back Alley in Hobart 2

Hobart Alley B&W

Back Alley in Hobart

Hobart Alley B&W

Back Alley in Hobart 3

Back of Building in B&W

Back Alley in Hobart 4

Door in B&W

Snapshot Sunday: Everythings Coming Up Roses.

I decided to post some photos I took in the hospital gardens where I work of the roses and a few other plants. The gardens there are always lovely but the roses this year were simply stunning. I can’t say I love going to work very much but I do like the gardens and it’s always nice to take a walk around them even when I am not on duty. Here are my photos for Snapshot Sunday. It was very windy but most of these came out ok without being blurry.

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Bad Photo Monday: Room with part of a view.

I think I took this photo at random in Penguin when I was there in August. It’s just one of those random photos I take sometimes. I don’t know if anyone else does this but sometimes I just point and shoot. I see an image in my head of what I want to capture at the time but it doesn’t quite come off as a photo. This one shows a darkened room with a cheery veiw of the sea out the window. I don’t know what I expected but I didn’t get it.