Cee’s fun foto Challenge:Letter F-fun or flowers!

Fun or Flowers

Even with the bulbs already finishing off early Vanda and I still got some nice photos of the other plants and flowers. We like a lot of the same flowers so there will be a bit of doubling up here and there. Here are the ones I took.

Snapshot Sunday: Botanical Gardens

As Vanda said we had a lovely walk through the Botanical Gardens on Saturday before heading to the newly redecorated restaurant for afternoon tea. We had a lovely Devonshire Tea with English Breakfast Tea a  firm favourite. There were some beautiful flowers in bloom but sadly the bulbs were already finishing. They were very early this year so we didn’t get to see them at their best. I am looking forward to the roses and hope I will manage to get back there again. Here are a couple of snaps that I took while walking around yesterday.

On the Road with Naomi, Wazza, Phillip, Toby and Teddy.

While my friend Phillip was over here we went for several drives and often took my two dogs Toby and Teddy along with us. We decided on a trip to “The Foreshore” by the Derwent River between Montrose Bay and Wilkinson’s Point. Wilkinson’s Point is just after you get to the Derwent Entertainment Centre or DEC as it is known around these parts. We left the car near Montrose not far from the boating clubs and walked around the bay. There is a pathway that takes you over several boardwalks until you finally pass the DEC and arrive and Wilkinson’s Point. I’ll leave it to the photos to describe what we saw along the way but it was a very nice walk despite our usual bad luck with the weather. Rain saw us dodging in and out of shelter sheds but we had a lot of fun that afternoon. There are some links for those who would like to know more about this walk.



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter E-Needs to have two e’s in the topic word.

Here are my photos for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Letter E. I decided to pick out a wide range of subjects from my archives for this one. The weather is still not very Spring like at the moment. We’ve had snow, hail, wind and rain over the last few weeks so getting out just to take photos has often been a wash out. Thankfully the letter E has been a much easier letter than the previous ones to find subjects for. We are starting Daylight Saving in another week and I hope we will get some nice days. It will be great to get out and take some new photos. I feel more drives in the car coming on. Anyway here is what I came up with for E.


Explorer of the Seas is the beautiful cruise ship that Vanda and I went on last year.


Geese on Lake Dulverton at Oatlands


Sheep in a paddock just outside Oatlands


A beer garden at Evandale


A set of levers used for changing train tracks at a model railway.


Letters and Newspapers, post boxes at Ross

Going Potty/A stroll along Main Road Moonah

Well I think this would make an excellent Oddball Challenge but I’m not sure if Cee is still doing them. It would seem that the council are terrified of plant nappers so they have taken steps to ensure the absolute welfare and safety of their precious plants. Take a look at this.

As you can see they are taking no chances and there are even padlocks on the cage doors. The plants are well and truly locked away for safety’s sake. Check out the seating made to go with the planters. If you happen to be exhausted after trying to pick the lock or break in you can sit down and have a rest before having another go.

Take a seat/ A stroll along Main Road Moonah.

Today I took a stroll along Main Rd Moonah in search of interesting things to photograph for the various photo challenges. I also hoped to get some pictures of the old benches outside the post office. I got them but was disappointed that the council had made them all grey. These used to be different colours and really stood out as fifties / sixties art at one time. I remember some being yellow and some blue. I can’t remember if they were ever tiled or not. These have a terrazzo look to them but are now a very dull concrete grey and they are not the same anymore. Here are a couple of shots I took of them.


Snapshot Sunday:Daisy Daisy give me your answer do!




Daisy seating on the foreshore near Hobart Tasmania

On a walk along the foreshore on one of my many outings I did with Phillip and the dogs we came across this old daisy bench. I’ve noticed walking around places like Glenorchy and Moonah there are quite a few old tiled benches in all sorts of colours and odd shapes. I’ve decided to try to get pictures of them because who knows what genius will try to get rid of them. Suddenly they will be deemed dangerous or some other stupid thing. Well I love the art of years ago and this is a great example of stuff straight out of the fifties or sixties.I’m hoping someone will wise up and retile it before more tiles lift and fall off. There were two or more of these but they were a bit too far apart to get them in the same shot. It’s amazing they have lasted so many years as have the other benches and things on Main Road Moonah.