Christmas in Rosehaven; I mean Geeveston

There was not a TV camera or celebrity in sight at the Geeveston Christmas Parade but I can’t help thinking the residents of television’s Rosehaven would have a rather similar Christmas event.

Our annual Christmas Pageant is put on by the local volunteer fire brigade and participated in by most of the community. Half the town seems to be in the parade and the other half watches it. We were lucky this year that after a windy afternoon the weather settled down and the threatening clouds did not produce more than a few spots of rain.

I helped to decorate the Op Shop float but did not take up the invitation to ride on it because I wanted to take photos. Here are some of my favourites from before the parade and during it.

Everyone piles on for a test run round the car park.

Young Braden volunteers to be Santa for the second year.

Santa on a truck

The volunteer fire brigade cadets.

Canton of Lightwood.

Sam the Fireman and friend.

The local childcare centre with another driver with doubtful vision.

I don’t think that Dora knew where she was going.

Reindeer float

Our float was near the end of the parade.

The Op Shop volunteers.

Kids on the Op Shop float.

Santa arrives by buggy.

Usually the parade ends at Heritage Park but there is construction work going on there at present as we are getting a new toilet block and playground. Also we have often been rained out so the firies wisely decided to end back at the fire station where there was a sausage sizzle, ice cream and Christmas Carols.

Sausages and Hamburgers at the fire station.

We were entertained with Christmas Carols.

I met quite a lot of people I knew during the course of the evening. It made me reflect that when David and I came to Geeveston fifteen years ago we did not know anyone at all. Now I feel very much part of the community and as this will most likely be the last Christmas I’ll spend in Geeveston I made sure that I took plenty of photos.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Gates and Fences.

Gates and Fences

I had to dig deep into my archives again because the weather here is strictly for ducks only. I did not put a big toe past my front door today and the dogs not one little furry paw. They stayed curled up in their baskets instead. I longed to jump in the car and go to one of the other near or far towns for a walk and to take some new photos but it was not to be. With the bad weather and the Xmas Toy Run on it would have been very hard. Instead I have put together a mish mash of different photos of gates and fencing for this photo challenge. Some have been shown before but there are a few different ones. I hope no one finds this boring with the reruns.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter O- Needs to have the letter O anywhere in the word.


I thought about what to do for this letter and decided that things like books and spoons were way too boring. I didn’t want one with household goods since we just did kitchens and many of my posts have been on stuff around the house. Ok so I hooked up the dogs on their leads and told them we were off to take pictures of stuff on the High Street with the letter O in them. I decided to go with a theme of buildings for this post so I’ve done a bit of a slide show of our main street. I could have gone on for ages with these today.

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My O words are

  • Council Offices
  • Post Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Commonwealth
  • Cookies & Roadhouse
  • Boot Repairs / Boot Makers
  • Accommodation
  • History Rooms
  • Cottages
  • Op Shop / Now Open
  • Construction Site
  • Old Gaol
  • Football Ground
  • College

Some Fun with Colour & B&W

In other words I was bored this afternoon and had nothing better to do than muck about on the computer. It has rained here all week end and I’ve hardly put a foot out the door. I did manage to get the dogs out for a short walk but we got quite wet on the way home and had to shelter under various trees and verandahs on the way home. So what did I come up with. Well I found some photos I took in a back alley way in Hobart. I’ve no idea why I took these but I thought they were interesting at the time. As I said in a previous post I simply just aim and shoot sometimes. I get an idea and try to make it happen. So today I am having a bit of fun with these pictures. I decided to see how the same shop looks in colour and black and white on this post. Here we go.


Hobart Alley


Hobart Ally


Back of Building in Alley Way



Back Alley in Hobart 2

Hobart Alley B&W

Back Alley in Hobart

Hobart Alley B&W

Back Alley in Hobart 3

Back of Building in B&W

Back Alley in Hobart 4

Door in B&W

Cee’s fun foto Challenge:Letter F-fun or flowers!

Fun or Flowers

Even with the bulbs already finishing off early Vanda and I still got some nice photos of the other plants and flowers. We like a lot of the same flowers so there will be a bit of doubling up here and there. Here are the ones I took.

Snapshot Sunday: Botanical Gardens

As Vanda said we had a lovely walk through the Botanical Gardens on Saturday before heading to the newly redecorated restaurant for afternoon tea. We had a lovely Devonshire Tea with English Breakfast Tea a  firm favourite. There were some beautiful flowers in bloom but sadly the bulbs were already finishing. They were very early this year so we didn’t get to see them at their best. I am looking forward to the roses and hope I will manage to get back there again. Here are a couple of snaps that I took while walking around yesterday.

On the Road with Naomi, Wazza, Phillip, Toby and Teddy.

While my friend Phillip was over here we went for several drives and often took my two dogs Toby and Teddy along with us. We decided on a trip to “The Foreshore” by the Derwent River between Montrose Bay and Wilkinson’s Point. Wilkinson’s Point is just after you get to the Derwent Entertainment Centre or DEC as it is known around these parts. We left the car near Montrose not far from the boating clubs and walked around the bay. There is a pathway that takes you over several boardwalks until you finally pass the DEC and arrive and Wilkinson’s Point. I’ll leave it to the photos to describe what we saw along the way but it was a very nice walk despite our usual bad luck with the weather. Rain saw us dodging in and out of shelter sheds but we had a lot of fun that afternoon. There are some links for those who would like to know more about this walk.

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