Wrecked Vintage Cars and Other Vehicles at Willow Court New Norfolk

Willow Court New Norfolk is home to an antique centre and many many wrecked vintage vehicles. Despite the threat of rain I was able to get some photos of most of them. Some had been sold to enthusiasts since my last visit but there were still lots of them there.

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Naomi & Wazza on the road with Phillip, Toby and Teddy

Today we took a long drive leaving home around 9:30 am heading for Beaconsfield and Beauty Point on the West Tamar Highway. I took some photos at Both of these places as we stopped to walk the dogs and explore. We had fish and chips at Beauty Point and then headed for the Batman Bridge (nothing to do with superheros). We had a quick stop there as there is a park where you can walk and have a picnic on the banks of the river. Unfortunately there was a horrible smell. We couldn’t decide if it was from the toilets or the cows in nearby fields. We got some water for the dogs and I took some photos of the bridge before we headed to George Town on the East Tamar Highway. At George Town we had a nice walk along the coast. We were lucky enough to see a ship coming in. After that we decided to get a cold drink and head home as it was getting a bit late in the afternoon and we had a three hour drive ahead of us. I hope you all like the photos from our day out.

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Naomi, Wazza, Phillip, Toby and Teddy on the road to Richmond

At last we had some sunshine so we all jumped in Wazza and took off for Richmond which is around an hour away from Oatlands if you follow Mudwall’s Road off the Midland Highway. We had a lovely drive listening to music as we drove. At Richmond we got some lunch from the local bakery. This bakery is one of the best in Tasmania and you would not be disappointed with the food if you decided to call in for a bite to eat. We got some really nice potato pies and Toby and Teddy had sausage rolls . There are quite a lot of interesting shops selling antiques, home decor, games and puzzles, chocolate and sweets and souvenirs. There is also an excellent pub and many other nice places where you can get a meal. As we had the dogs we didn’t go in many shops but the nice folk at The Puzzle People invited us in so I bought two jigsaws. There are also many historic buildings including St Luke’s Church, the post office and the Richmond Arms. The Richmond Bridge is also beautiful and there is a nice walk you can do by the river below. I didn’t take many photos in the end but here are a few from today.

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Naomi & Wazza with Phillip, Toby and Teddy on the road to Ross & Campbell Town.

Wow what a long title. I have my very good friend Phillip here with me from South Australia for three weeks holiday. Yesterday (Wed 9th of Aug) we put the dogs in the car and took off for Ross and Later Campbell Town. Ross is only 37km from home and Campbell Town 47km. They are north of Oatlands and easy to get to. We had a pleasant drive except for all the roadworks going on. They are doing  a seven year upgrade on the Midland Highway and we are only into the fourth year of it so far. Never mind all that. I know nobody wants to hear about the roadworks.

I took a few photos in the towns as it was a lovely sunny day. We found a great bakery at Ross and I had a Cornish pasty. Phillip had sausage rolls and we gave the dogs a few bits. We had a lovely walk to the historic Female Factory site and up and down the main street before driving on to Campbell Town. Both are very old towns like Oatlands and Ross has a lovely old bridge and a few sandstone buildings like Oatlands does. There are also several churches. I think many of the old heritage buildings, roads, bridges and walls are convict built. Here are a few pictures I took during our visit. If you are ever in Tasmania they are worth stopping to have a look at.

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A Frosty Morning in Oatlands

As I was up early for work last Thursday I decided to take my camera to work with me. I thought I could get my hallway photos for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and also anything else I saw on the way there and back. Well it turned out to be a very cold morning and -5 was recorded here in town. There was a huge frost and it was quite foggy. I thought I would have a bit of fun experimenting with my camera. I’m not what you call the world’s greatest photographer but here’s what I got. The photo above was taken after 11am when the frost was melting and the sun was out. I liked how the sun shone on the wet road. Damp and fog rising from the road were caught in the sunlight too.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:Paths and Trails

Paths in Oatlands

It was raining heavily last night and there were showers this morning in Oatlands and I didn’t think I would get out today but I did in the end. I put the dogs on their leads and I ventured out dog’s leads in one hand and camera in the other. Despite the weather I managed to get a few photos of paths and trails. Most are taken around the mill complex, Callington Park, Lake Dulverton and High Street here in Oatlands. Oatlands is really very interesting with lots of history and beautiful old Georgian buildings that make for great photography and works of art. I love my walks and strolls down the High Street. Here are a few of the pictures I took this afternoon after lunch.