Bad Photo Monday: Help!There is a chopper about to land on my head!

I found this photo from my holiday that I thought rather funny. I had heard the chopper coming in to land and whirled around to see it. I quickly took a photo of it and was pleased with myself for being able to capture it in time. I was not so pleased with myself when I viewed it later on my laptop. It looks like the chopper is about to land on the lady’s head. I had not realised the ladies were even there at the time. Dam!


Also the chopper looks more like a model and not a full sized chopper at all. It looks quite small in fact. Oh well! I guess I’ll get another chance some time.

Snapshot Sunday: Vintage boat.

While I was out walking the dogs I noticed the boat in a yard on the way to the lake. The land is used by the local school for gardening and stuff. The kids have a green house and garden beds. The boat was at the back of a big shed on a trailor. I’d never noticed it before but I think it’s fairly old. It’s wooden and painted a nice blue colour.


Snapshot Sunday:Mercedes Benz

While I was out today with the dogs I spotted a Mercedes Benz parked outside the pub. The pub is one of the best places to find cars because people will go there for a drink or a meal as they serve meals all day long. I found the second one stuffed in someone’s garage sadly in need of some work. I don’t know the years of either model but you can really see the changes in the cars over the years when you compare them.


Snapshot Sunday : Chrysler 300C

One day I will be forced to replace Wazza with another car. Wazza is not getting any younger after all. He runs very well and I have had years of trouble free motoring with him. Wazza is of course my 2002 Falcon Forte AU Series 3. I’ve already begun thinking about my next car and what to get. I’ve come to really love these Chrysler 300’s. I’ve always wanted a black car and these cars look great in black. I saw this one in a car yard at Moonah so I took a photo of it.  I would consider this a classic car. Here it is.



Chrysler 300 waiting to be adopted.

I think these cars are very stylish in their design. I love the shape of the body, the shape of the tail lights, twin exhaust and the big chrome front grill. They are also very nice inside. I plan to take one on a test drive one day to see what they are like to drive. For now I will have to dream on because the day I replace Wazza is still way in the future but it’s coming and until then Wazza and I will still be on the road.


Snapshot Sunday:View Across the Waters.

Todays photos were taken when Phillip and I went to Port Arthur. As part of the admission they take you for a short cruise around the bay. This is good value for money as the boat is very nice and there is plenty of room to spread out. We chose to sit outside as it wasn’t all that windy. I actually wished for a breeze as the lack of one had me covered with the boat’s flag several times. Phillip had to hold it up over my head so I could see where we were going. We couldn’t get other seats unless we went inside. I took a few quick shots while we were on the boat and today I thought I would share two or three of them. I am saving the others for my Port Arthur blog another time.


View from Pt Arthur


View From Pt Arthur

Oddball Challenge

Naomi’s Oddball

While I was seeing my friend Phillip off at Launceston Airport I noticed this Austin stuck in the middle of the newsagency and gift shop. It was being used for displaying their goods but I thought it was rather an odd thing to have in there for that purpose. The Austin is a British car and I did wonder why they did not use a Holden instead. Austins were everywhere in the 1960’s when I was growing up and they were a  popular car. This is a very good example of a Austin utility and this one was in good original shape. maybe this car had belonged to one of the business owners years ago.