Snapshot Sunday : Chrysler 300C

One day I will be forced to replace Wazza with another car. Wazza is not getting any younger after all. He runs very well and I have had years of trouble free motoring with him. Wazza is of course my 2002 Falcon Forte AU Series 3. I’ve already begun thinking about my next car and what to get. I’ve come to really love these Chrysler 300’s. I’ve always wanted a black car and these cars look great in black. I saw this one in a car yard at Moonah so I took a photo of it.  I would consider this a classic car. Here it is.



Chrysler 300 waiting to be adopted.

I think these cars are very stylish in their design. I love the shape of the body, the shape of the tail lights, twin exhaust and the big chrome front grill. They are also very nice inside. I plan to take one on a test drive one day to see what they are like to drive. For now I will have to dream on because the day I replace Wazza is still way in the future but it’s coming and until then Wazza and I will still be on the road.


Snapshot Sunday:View Across the Waters.

Todays photos were taken when Phillip and I went to Port Arthur. As part of the admission they take you for a short cruise around the bay. This is good value for money as the boat is very nice and there is plenty of room to spread out. We chose to sit outside as it wasn’t all that windy. I actually wished for a breeze as the lack of one had me covered with the boat’s flag several times. Phillip had to hold it up over my head so I could see where we were going. We couldn’t get other seats unless we went inside. I took a few quick shots while we were on the boat and today I thought I would share two or three of them. I am saving the others for my Port Arthur blog another time.


View from Pt Arthur


View From Pt Arthur

Oddball Challenge

Naomi’s Oddball

While I was seeing my friend Phillip off at Launceston Airport I noticed this Austin stuck in the middle of the newsagency and gift shop. It was being used for displaying their goods but I thought it was rather an odd thing to have in there for that purpose. The Austin is a British car and I did wonder why they did not use a Holden instead. Austins were everywhere in the 1960’s when I was growing up and they were a  popular car. This is a very good example of a Austin utility and this one was in good original shape. maybe this car had belonged to one of the business owners years ago.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Colours begining with the Letter B

I decided to go with a car theme for this challenge as I have been taking a lot of pictures of cars lately which are all different colours. Here are some of them.



The Holden Statesman is Brown




This Mustang is Blue




My Wazza is Burgandy


This vintage car is British Racing Green


The Wolseley is a nice shiney black.


This P T Cruiser is a Brilliant Blue



The old Buick is Battleship Grey.

Classic Cars :Chrysler PT Cruisers

Years ago now when I was shopping at The Port Canal shopping centre in Port Adelaide I saw the usual charity organisations selling raffle tickets with cars as the prize. I often bought one hoping to win a new car because my VK Holden Calais was not getting any younger. On one occasion the prize was a PT Cruiser. As soon as I saw this car I wanted one but they were out of my price range so I just tried to keep my poor old VK going. I bought several raffle tickets but no luck. I eventually forgot all about these cars and later on I got Wazza who I still have.


Wazza is my AU Ford Falcon.

Over the week end Phillip and I went on a drive to Devonport. We wanted to go to the markets and some of the antique shops as we could not do this while we had the dogs with us. On Saturday we took the dogs to Burnie so Sunday was our day. Once in Devonport we thougtht we ought to get some petrol for the journey back. As we pulled up at the pumps we saw a beautiful blue PT Cruiser. There’s a PT Cruiser I cried. There’s another one said Phillip. There’s some more over there I said getting out of the car. And more over there said Phillip pointing. We were surrounded by PT Cruisers but what was going on? A convention? I grabbed my camera while Phillip fed Wazza. I soon realised these were wrecked PT’s. Phillip came back from paying for the petrol and told me he had spoken to the girl serving in the Caltex servo. A guy here fixes them up to sell she had told him. Wow! I said maybe I can get one one day. How cool would that be. Yes I would still love to be the owner of one of these extremely cool cars. Here are a few snaps I took while we were filling up.


PT Cruiser for sale



Line up of wrecked PT Cruisers



I really liked this one with the flames painted on the side.

More Vintage Cars : Holden and Chrysler

We’ve been on the road with Wazza again over the week end and as usual I’ve been looking for old cars to photograph. I found some good ones but missed out on a couple of good ones because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I missed out on a big American car but I did manage to spot an EJ Holden still in original condition, A Hemi Pacer and a Holden Statesman. These three cars were all spotted in Latrobe a town not far from Devonport Tasmania.The EJ Holden was at the Latrobe market and that is the reason why it has hats and other objects on top of it. This car was owned by one of the market stall holders where the other two were found at a tattoo artist’s shop parked in the yard outside. These cars are from the sixties and seventies.


EJ Holden


EJ Holden


Chrysler Hemi Pacer


Chrysler Hemi Pacer


Holden Statesman