Thursday Photo: M Class Steam Locomotive

This M class steam engine belongs to the Tasmanian Transport Museum. The M5 entered service in May 1952 the same year it was built. It was in service until 1971. The M5 hauled suburban passenger trains and some special trains until it’s retirement in 1971. M5 was donated to the museum in the mid seventies and was on display for many years before being fully restored to working order. Here is my photo of M5 taken last year at the museum. I have provided a link for those who would like to learn more about M5, or the museum. If you are planning a trip to Tasmania it is well worth a visit. If you should be here on the week end of August 19th & 20th there will be a model railway exhibition. For more details follow the link to their website. Get there early though as it is a very popular event and will be crowded.


An Anytime, Anything, Anywhere Photo

As I haven’t been able to get out to take any new photos this week I decided to post something from my photo’s folder. I’m using this to post favourite photos I haven’t shown in other blogs. I thought all of these were quite fun. Shows you never know who you will run into.

Jailed! He looks rather like a certain doll’s boyfriend. She could be waiting a while.
Warning Warning! Danger Danger! I was thrilled to find this B9, the Robinson’s robot from Lost in Space.
He was outside a shop at The Rocks in Sydney. I’d say he’d been there a long long time. He didn’t offer a lot of conversation.

Photo Thursday – The Ricky Ponting Stand

This week a “twofer” as I haven’t been able to post for a week due to internet problems. Yesterday it was announced that the new grandstand at Blundstone Arena in Hobart was to be named “The Ricky Ponting Stand” and that the Southern Stand would be renamed “The David Boon” stand after two great Tasmanian cricketers.
Western Stand
South Stand and West Stand

Photo Thursday – Brad Hogg, Australian Cricketer

Brad Hogg playing for the Perth Scorchers in the BBL.
Brad Hogg playing for the Perth Scorchers in the BBL.

Even though I’m a Hurricanes supporter I have a soft spot for Brad Hogg because he plainly loves what he does. He is a great showman and always happy to sign autographs and have his picture taken with fans. I also love that he’s still playing at this level at age 43.