Snapshot Sunday: There’s a bear in there!

While out for a drive on Sunday I stopped in a shop in Richmond Tasmania called “The Puzzle People” They sell jigsaw puzzles and similar items. They were kind enough to allow Toby and Teddy into their shop so we all trooped in and had a look around. I ended up buying two very nice puzzles to do in my spare time once we have moved house. In the doorway of the shop I could not avoid spotting this huge pink teddy bear.


A huge pink teddy bear seen in the entrance of The Puzzle People in Richmond Tasmania.

Snapshot Sunday:OOTS

I can’t wait for my holiday onboard Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas in April next year. Vanda and I will be sailing from Sydney to Singapore. It’s sure to be an amazing holiday. Ovation of the Seas was in Hobart last summer and I was lucky enough to get some photos while she was here.



Snapshot Sunday: Carriage Driver

Steve from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages in Hobart.

Steve from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages in Hobart.

I took this photo one Saturday when Naomi and I were in Hobart. Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages do tours around the Hobart waterfront, Salamanca and Battery Point. I was not quick enough on this occasion to get a good photo of the horses but did get this nice one of Steve, the driver. Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages are based in Geeveston but conduct their tours in Hobart.