Snapshot Sunday:Mercedes Benz

While I was out today with the dogs I spotted a Mercedes Benz parked outside the pub. The pub is one of the best places to find cars because people will go there for a drink or a meal as they serve meals all day long. I found the second one stuffed in someone’s garage sadly in need of some work. I don’t know the years of either model but you can really see the changes in the cars over the years when you compare them.


Snapshot Sunday: King of the Mountain

Peter Brock – Adelaide

Today I’m going retro with this old photo I had scanned onto the computer. Australia’s most famous motor race the Bathurst 1000 is being run today. In years gone by David and I would often spend the whole day watching the race on television. He loved it. As time passed I tended more to watch the start with him and pop in and out to check on the progress of the race while doing other things. That’s what I am doing today so in honour of Bathurst, 9 times winner Peter Brock and David here is Peter Brock in his famous 05 Commodore. This was not taken at Bathurst which we never visited but at a support race for the Australian F1 Grand Prix in Adelaide. The photo was most likely taken with my old Pentax MG .

Snapshot Sunday: Botanical Gardens

As Vanda said we had a lovely walk through the Botanical Gardens on Saturday before heading to the newly redecorated restaurant for afternoon tea. We had a lovely Devonshire Tea with English Breakfast Tea a  firm favourite. There were some beautiful flowers in bloom but sadly the bulbs were already finishing. They were very early this year so we didn’t get to see them at their best. I am looking forward to the roses and hope I will manage to get back there again. Here are a couple of snaps that I took while walking around yesterday.

Snapshot Sunday: Saturday in the Park

Spring at the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

While most people were glued to their television sets watching the AFL grand final (Australian Rules Football), Naomi and I were out and about taking photos for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart. I was very surprised to find tulips in full bloom there as it is quite early for them.

Snapshot Sunday: Banana Bread

Banana Bread

It’s been another rainy Sunday here in Geeveston. As Naomi said in her post the recent wet weather had made it very hard to get out and about and take photos. Today I had the choice of an archive photo, a doll photo or a picture taken around the house.

I had a couple of over ripe bananas so I made Banana Bread. Things are getting pretty bad when I resort to taking photos of food.

Snapshot Sunday: Work in Progress

My newly painted passage.

Snapshot Sunday is late this week but it’s still Sunday somewhere right? After spending Friday moving three bookcases and their contents out of my passage I started to paint it on Saturday. It should have been an easy job but it wasn’t because the lighting in that area is very poor, very little natural light reaches it and even with the lights on the shadows made it hard to see if I was doing it properly so the job has stretched on through the weekend.  So my picture today is also my excuse.


Snapshot Sunday : Chrysler 300C

One day I will be forced to replace Wazza with another car. Wazza is not getting any younger after all. He runs very well and I have had years of trouble free motoring with him. Wazza is of course my 2002 Falcon Forte AU Series 3. I’ve already begun thinking about my next car and what to get. I’ve come to really love these Chrysler 300’s. I’ve always wanted a black car and these cars look great in black. I saw this one in a car yard at Moonah so I took a photo of it.  I would consider this a classic car. Here it is.



Chrysler 300 waiting to be adopted.

I think these cars are very stylish in their design. I love the shape of the body, the shape of the tail lights, twin exhaust and the big chrome front grill. They are also very nice inside. I plan to take one on a test drive one day to see what they are like to drive. For now I will have to dream on because the day I replace Wazza is still way in the future but it’s coming and until then Wazza and I will still be on the road.