Photo Thursday- Neil Finn- Musician

This week’s photo is one that I took way back in the 1980s. Split Enz was my favourite band and I was fortunate to see them in concert three or four times.  They were always great to see live and I still enjoy their music today.

I took the photo I’m featuring today at a concert at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide. This was in the days before mobile phones with cameras and digital photography and cameras were not allowed in venues. I thought the best way to discreetly take some photos was not to use a flash so I bought the fastest non professional film I could get,I think that was 400 ASA, and took a 35mm camera in under my coat. My husband who read photography magazines told me to ask for the film to be “pushed” when I took it to be processed.

Anyway I took my photos and a few of them came out quite well despite the colour cast from the lights. I repeated the experiment at a few other concerts during the next few years but it must have been beginners luck because the Split Enz photos were the best ones I ever took. I came across the photos a few months ago and decided to scan them onto the computer. I used Picasa to clean up the backgrounds a little bit.  Anyway they bring back happy memories of those fantastic concerts.

image Neil Finn
Neil Finn in his Split Enz days at Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide c1982
Neil Finn from Split Enz, 13th June 2006, Rod ...
Neil Finn from Split Enz, 13th June 2006, Rod Laver Arena (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


scrapbooking (Photo credit: lars hammar)

I’ve always liked to take photos, ever since my first attempts with mum’s box camera. I like to record what I see, the things I love, things I find beautiful and things that I fear will disappear one day.

Hubby likes to take photographs too and after 35 years together we have an awful lot of pictures.

image cupboard full of photos in boxes
I will probably never get all the photos in these boxes into albums

A few years ago I became interested in scrapbooking and while I’m never, ever, going to get all our photos into albums it is an enjoyable hobby and one that I can either do alone or with a friend. I really started to make  albums because a lot of my old photos were in those sticky page albums and I had read that over time they would do the photos more harm than good. In fact a lot of pictures from the 1970s were looking rather faded so I started to get rid of all those albums and find a better way to store and display pictures. I learned that the best album pages are acid free and lignin free so that is what I use now. My doll room/sewing room is now also a scrapbooking room and the equipment is starting to take up more and more space. At scrapbooking workshops I am amazed at the amount of stuff that dedicated scrappers bring with them. Most of them seem to have a storage cart the size of a small suitcase and a often a tote bag or two as well to carry all the papers, cutting tools, pens and embellishments for a day.  They look as if they are going away for a week which makes me wonder how much stuff one takes to a scrapbooking weekend? At home I’ve even joined in an online crop night. I am a slow worker but I don’t let it worry me that my output is not as great as other people’s.

image scrapbooking equipment
Participating in an online crop night
image scrapbook page
Much later, a finished page.

Although I enjoy doing  the decorative bits for me the photographs and the journalling are the most important part of every page. It’s so easy to forget things as time goes by so I want to record not only the who, where and when but also something of the why as well.

One of ideas that I learned about and have tried is making albums on a particular theme. I made one about all the pets we’ve owned over the years. I’d been gathering up all their photos and storing them in one box but now we have the album it is much easier to look at them. I wrote something about each pet beside their photos. Below is a page featuring Tammy and Nicki the dogs we had in the 1980s.

image scrapbook page
Pet album-yes that’s me in younger days-photo D Jensen

Last summer I took such a lot of photos at cricket matches that I decided to make a cricket album which turned out to be a lot of fun to do. I also made a family album for Hubby. As all of his family live far away from us and he doesn’t do social media I thought it would be nice for him to have some recent photos of them all. I contacted everyone and asked them to send me some and finished the album in time for his birthday.

A lot of people these days prefer digital scrapbooking and either arrange their pictures onto online pages before having them printed or they just keep everything on the computer. There are so many ways you can view photographs now.  Even with traditional scrapbooking there are a lot of short cuts. Some companies make pre printed pages with decorations on them already. All you have to do is stick the photos in the designated spot. I’m afraid albums like these make me contrary though. I don’t like being told where to put my pictures or how many I can have on the page. I don’t mind digital albums, I’ve always quite enjoyed doing that sort of thing but there is something satisfying about a completed traditional album and I’d have to say that it is my favourite kind of scrapbooking.

image scrapbook page
A page I made for my cricket album

Here are some links to some scrapbooking blogs.

Photo Thursday-Kevin Pietersen-Cricketer

image Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen-English cricketer

It is not my intention that the Thursday photo will always be about cricket but yesterday I went to see the first day of England v Australia A at Bellerive Oval in Hobart. I wanted to get some photos of the English players in particular because after this summer they probably won’t come back to Hobart again for another four years .

Kevin Pietersen was waiting to bat when I took this photo. In fact he was waiting to bat all day. The other English players were content to sit and watch their opening batsmen but he was fidgety, playing with a football, sitting for a while then getting up again, moving around and talking to people. I think he just wanted to get out there himself.

Judging by the scores at the end of the day he’ll be doing a bit more sitting around waiting tomorrow.

Photo Thursday-George Bailey- Australian Cricketer

Introducing Photo Thursday

As part of my plan to blog more often and because I really like taking photographs I’ve decided to post one every Thursday. It may be an old one, it may be one I took especially for the post. It may be topical or it may not be.

Today’s photo is my tribute to Tasmanian cricketer George Bailey who, in a One Day International  against India last night, made 156 runs and broke a bunch of records. Cricket is such a statistics loving game!

They are:

  • Highest ODI score by an Australian captain
  • Most runs by a captain in a bi-lateral series
  • Most runs by a batsman in a bi-lateral series
  • First batsman to aggregate 1,000 ODI runs this year (2013)
  • 10th joint highest individual score by an Australian in ODIs
My photo was taken prior to the start of the ODI at Bellerive Oval, Hobart, Tasmania on 23 January 2013 against Sri Lanka. He had just been in the nets and stopped to sign a few autographs.  He seems a lovely fella too. Go George!

George Bailey
George Bailey