Bad Photo Monday: The One That Almost Got Away

It is not easy to photograph a running dog.

I took several photos of Cindy chasing a tennis ball for last week’s Fun Foto challenge. I was pretty pleased with most of them. This one I was going to chuck out until I remembered Bad Photo Monday.

Bad Photo Monday: Birds

I am always trying to take photos of birds in my garden or those I see when I’m out and about. ¬†Usually I spot them when I don’t have the camera with me or don’t have the right lens. Sometimes birds are just plain uncooperative.

Uncooperative Magpie
I really should have had a longer lens.

Bad Photo Monday

For todays bad photo I chose one that I found while I was sorting through some photos this afternoon after work. I was looking for something to put in Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge when I came across this terrible photo. Why on Earth did I keep this one and what was I thinking when I took it???? Anyway here it is.


A railing on Explorer of the Seas but why?


Bad Photo Monday: What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

My photo for today is of my two sailor dolls. I was taking photos of them for Vanda’s Doll site for a post. Inside the house was much too dark so I decided to take them outside. I set them up on the back steps because then I could lean them up against the wall making them easier for me to pose them. It was afternoon and the sun was very bright. Too bright in fact and it shone on the sailor’s faces making them look rather washed out and sick. I’m thinking they must have been on the booze to get like that.


Bad Photo Monday: Almost Perfect

Snow near Geeveston 8 September 2017

Ah, the trees, the snow, the water, the burned out cars….

This was the scene a few kilometres out of Geeveston where a friend took me to take some photos of the snow. I don’t really mind the wrecked cars but they do kill the romance of the scene a bit.

Bad Photo Monday: Can’t See A Thing

Trying to photograph sleet out the kitchen window.

This was my first attempt to photograph sleet. I thought that I could do it out of the kitchen window as it was not quite dark. Nope! Didn’t work. I had to go and open the back door even though it was probably below zero outside.

If you look very carefully you might be able to make out the daffodils in the flower bed.

Bad Photo Monday: Asleep on the Job!

It’s time for another bad photo Monday. I had more choices than normal since I’ve been out and about while having Phillip to stay. While we were at Penny Royal we went on a boat ride which is a bit like a ghost train as you travel through dark passages meeting convicts and pirates alike. It’s called the “Matthew Brady Dark Ride” You listen to scary stories as you travel along in your boat. I tried to get some photos inside the tunnel but it was quite dark and I couldn’t get into position to take a good photo while on this ride. Most of the photos didn’t come out very well but I got a couple of half decent shots. This one was a failure because the pirate moved and bowed his head at the wrong moment making him look as if he was having a nap or was totally wasted.

Our boat heading into the darkness and it was dark in there too.
Argg I can’t be bothered staying awake for the likes of you!
This poor fellow was fishing but he couldn’t have caught a thing in years because he has wasted away.


Read more about Penny Royal here.