Snapshot Sunday: The Old Church

This old church was the former Sacred Heart Catholic church at Ranelagh. When I took my original pictures of it I was making a series of photos of local churches, especially the wooden ones because many of them were falling into disuse. The day I took this one the weather was really threatening and I liked the effect very much.

Eventually a brand new church was built next to this one to replace it and the old church at Franklin. This little building sat empty for a while but one day I went by on the bus and it was gone. I believe that someone bought it and had it transported to another location but that is all I know.

I’ve had fun trying different effects with the photo for various blogging challenges and today I did the last one in Adobe Photo Elements 2018 just for fun.


Snapshot Sunday: Fishing Vessels

We saw quite a few of these small vessels in the Straits of Malacca

I’ve been busy with doll posts today so here is a picture taken on holidays. We saw so much shipping in the Straits of Malacca but these small boats were some of the most interesting . I don’t know if they are actually for fishing but they would certainly be too small for anything more than local freight.

Snapshot Sunday: Unseasonal Jonquils

Jonquils flowering in May.

In Australia we plant our bulbs in April and May for flowers in August and September. However, nobody mentioned that to these Jonquils which decided they wanted to flower now. These are from bulbs that have been in the ground for several years now and they have got more and more out of sync with the seasons.

Snapshot Sunday : Bushells Tea Sign

I really like old signs and advertising as I like the artwork so much more than today’s signs and logos. They went to more trouble to make them look nice and they were not made on a computer by someone in an office. Today’s sign is on a very old timber building on the old part of the Midland Highway at a place called Pontville. The highway by passes Pontville now but many people still frequent the old Pontville pub for a meal and or a beer. Next to the old pub is this old timber building that was once an antique shop. It’s been closed down for years now. I don’t know what it started out at. I only took the photo because it had a Bushells Tea sign painted on the side of it. It’s quite a nice one so here it is. I did not visit the pub for a drink as I had Toby and Teddy waiting in the car.

This was once an antique shop.

Snapshot Sunday: Super Slide

I’ve seen this old fairground ride going to rack and ruin for many years. It’s covered in rust and some sort of vine. The vine was really overtaking it but going back a year or two someone trimmed it down but did not remove it completely. I guess the owner is just going to leave it in the yard. They used to run other attractions but not sure if they still do. I thought I would get a couple of photos of this old ride in case it is removed. I remember as a youngster really enjoying the Super Slide ride at the Royal Adelaide Show many years ago now. You would go down really fast on a sack over several humps until reaching the bottom. I always seemed to become airborne on my way down coming down with several hard thumps until I reached the ground. It was not an expensive ride so I went on it several times while at the show.