Snapshot Sunday: Everythings Coming Up Roses.

I decided to post some photos I took in the hospital gardens where I work of the roses and a few other plants. The gardens there are always lovely but the roses this year were simply stunning. I can’t say I love going to work very much but I do like the gardens and it’s always nice to take a walk around them even when I am not on duty. Here are my photos for Snapshot Sunday. It was very windy but most of these came out ok without being blurry.

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Life of a Hedge

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The Photinia hedge was planted in October 2014 to enhance the front of the house. This was long before painting, paths or any other work was done. I chose these plants because I see a lot of them growing around here so I knew they would suit the conditions and also because I like the red colour of the new growth. I have tried to take a photo of the hedge each year . It’s been slow but now it is finally looking like a real hedge even though every bush seems to be growing at a different rate. The ones at either end are smaller. I think they get too much carbon monoxide from vehicles stopping at the letter box and in my neighbours driveway. A couple got nibbled by possums or possibly wallabies who visit the garden although I have never seen them. One was taken out completely either by the postie or the neighbour and just died but the rest are going strong.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter L – Needs to have at least two syllables

The alphabet according to Cee: L is in..

  • Lavender – English and French
  • Apple tree
  • Apple blossom
  • Maples – Japanese and Weeping
  • Leucadendron
  • Lobelia
  • Jonquils

I photographed a variety of “L’s” while I was trying to think what to use for this post but in the end as the weather is so nice today I decided to go with all plants and flowers.  A couple are recent photos, some are from the archives and all of them are from my garden except the lobelia and geraniums. I saw those at a house in Battery Point. I wish they were mine, they are lovely.



English Lavender

English Lavender taken with my 18-50mm zoom lens on maximum zoom.

French lavender in my garden.

Apple tree in my garden November 2017

blossoms October 2017

Japanese Maple

Weeping Maple in my garden.

Leucadendron flower.

Geraniums and Lobelia




New Life

Potted cyclamen given to me for my birthday.

Potted cyclamen given to me for my birthday.

These are the potted Cyclamen that Naomi gave me just before my birthday last year. They flowered for several months and finally when the leaves were starting to die in the late spring I put the pot in the linen cupboard and promptly forgot about them.

A couple of weeks ago I was rearranging the cupboard and there was my plant, or what was left of it. I had put it away because I had read that with the so-called “florist cyclamens” you could get them to grow for a second season by putting them in a cool dark place for two months. It was about two months later when I took the pot out of the cupboard but I was not encouraged by the state of it. I’m no gardener. Anyway I cut all the dead leaves away, gave it a good watering and put it back in its spot by the kitchen window.

A few days later I noticed there had been some growth, ghostly looking stems were arising from the pot. Now, a week or so later they have taken on some colour and it looks as if I am going to get my plant back.


The plant after a couple of weeks of watering and sunshine.

The plant after a couple of weeks of watering and sunshine.

Last year's cyclamen plant.

Last year’s cyclamen plant.