Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lights

Put That Light Out!


I took these the other evening when I had lit some candles at home. It was quite tricky to get a good photo but I think I got it with these apart from the burnt match which I dropped because it was about to burn my fingers.

A double wick candle.
Tea light candle.

City Lights

Old style lamps outside the Treasury building in Murray St, Hobart at dusk and street lights in George St, Sydney taken as we walked back to our hotel from dinner.

An old-style street lamp outside Hobart’s Treasury Building.
George Street Sydney at night, taken on my smart phone
Lights on the water in Darwin.

Christmas Lights

Yes, it is that time again when people start to put out their decorations. These are from last year though.

Christmas decorations outside my friend Karen’s house last Christmas

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Tools

All Kinds of Tools

I had fun taking some new photos for this challenge using things around the house and garden.

The man who lived here before us left this tool board in the garage. I love the drawings of the different types of tools. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of them and some I could not get to hang in the proper places. I would love a perfect tool board-if I used tools more.

The tool board in the garage

Garden shears in the shed
Leaf Rake

We had an aunt who used to refer to cutlery as “tools”. It used to annoy mum, she thought it was common I think, so it became a bit of a joke between Naomi and me to say “tools” every now and then.

canteen of cutlery
Mother of pearl handled cutlery set circa 1956 Made in Sheffield, England
Kitchen tools.
An essential cleaning tool.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Live

Homes of Hobart

I love walking the streets looking at old or interesting houses I love to photograph them too and I hope their owners don’t mind me sharing these pictures. I don’t photograph local houses as much because it seems a bit cheeky. I know I would think it odd if some random person were standing outside my house taking photographs. Although, if they came and asked me if they could photograph my house for their blog I’d probably say yes.

These old houses are in North Hobart. I like the colour and style of them very much.

A street of terrace houses in North Hobart.
Leitrim North Hobart.


Terrace Houses

Heading back into Hobart, these apartments at the end of Salamanca Place are in a converted grain silo.

The old grain silos at Salamanca now converted to apartments

If we walk up to Princes park or climb Kelly’s Steps we come to Battery Point.

These houses on Arthur’s Circus in Battery Point are some of the oldest homes in Hobart and are frequently photographed by tourists.

Arthur Circus, some of the oldest houses in Battery Point.
Art Deco apartment building, Sandy Bay

In nearby Sandy Bay, there are many interesting and expensive houses and apartments. This is one that I could not resist photographing because I love this style of building.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Drive (Ride, Pilot or Captain)

Two Wheels, Four Wheels, No Wheels, Legs

I do seem to take a lot of photos of types of transport. It is a favourite subject of mine after all.

Two Wheels

Many cities have free or cheap bike hire. In Singapore it is free and the bicycles turn up all over the place. Melbourne is a bit more regimented.

A Hire Bicycle, Singapore
Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathederal.
Visitors taking a selfie in front of Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Four Wheels

I spotted this delivery truck in Singapore, a little bit of Tasmania for sale.

A little bit of Tasmania in Singapore.

Hop on Hop off tour buses are found in many cities too. This is the Hobart one obviously.

Hobart’s Hop on Hop Off bus.

Wheels and legs in this one taken in Melbourne.

Horse and Carriage Melbourne

Wheels on Rails

I can never visit Melbourne without taking photos of trams and there is another bicycle too.

Swanston Street Melbourne October 2014.

Trains in Melbourne.

Trains at Southern Cross Station
Trains at Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer St) Melbourne 2014.

Lots of Wheels

A log truck on Scotts Road, Geeveston

No Wheels (except for steering)

A tourist ferry in Hobart.

This ferry does tours.

Like trams in Melbourne, I can’t resist taking photos of ferries in Sydney.

A big ship and a little one.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Play With

Toys to Enjoy

Naturally, this is a favourite subject of mine.  You know I love dolls and toys generally but you don’t have to be a kid to play. In fact, I think we should all make time to play.

Here are two nice old bears. The larger one belongs to Naomi and had been visiting me to get some repairs done. The smaller one appeared at the Op Shop one morning minus his eyes. I saw he was an older Ted and bought him myself, took him home and gave him a new pair of eyes. He went back to Naomi’s house with his new friend.

Two old bears.

Naomi and I saw this in a toy shop in Singapore. We don’t know what sort of game or collection it is but we thought that the pandas were cute.

We saw this in Singapore.

I do love the intent expressions of people enjoying their hobbies. These next few show you are never too old to enjoy playing.

Hobart Dollshouse and Miniature Show 2018

You are never too old to play trains.
Another photo from the 2018 Hobart Model Train Show.

Now for something a little larger. There are two outdoor chess sets that I know of in Hobart. This one is in Franklin Square. Some young people were having fun with it this afternoon when I went to photograph it. These were taken with my phone.

Outdoor chess board in Franklin Square Hobart.
Outdoor chess.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Grow

Direct from the fridge

I decided that my entry for this challenge should be fruit and vegetables. I don’t grow anything myself and won’t even take credit for the apples that the tree provides me with because apart from having it pruned I leave it to its own devices most of the year.

I like the crunch of an apple

So I turned to the fridge. Normally that would not be a lot of help either. I buy most of my vegetables frozen because I simply can’t go to the shops for fresh stuff whenever I like, well I  could but it is a long walk and I don’t like asking people to drive me all the time. Also I really hate chopping things.

However, as it happened I bought a Savoy cabbage and half a cauliflower yesterday. Today when we arrived at the Op Shop our Wednesday co-worker had left a pile of small pumpkins for us to share. I only took one, all I need and I have to admit I took it because I wanted to photograph it more than I wanted to eat it.

Not sure what I am going to do with this.
Savoy cabbage. This is my favourite type of cabbage.
Cauliflower from the local supermarket.

Here is some fruit, I like to have a lemon or two in the fridge.

A fresh lemon and a not so fresh one behind it.

Finally ending where we began with apples grown at a local orchard. We live in Tasmania’s biggest apple growing area. I would never buy apples that came from outside the state no matter how badly I wanted one.

These are not my apples but they are locally grown in Geeveston.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pastel Colours


Pastels in a Technicolour World

Before starting this post I looked around the house to see what I had in the way of pastel colours. Turns out that I don’t really do pastels; I’ve always preferred brighter colours.

My next idea was to take some photos at the Op Shop but as often happens the demands of a busy day of unpacking goods and finding places for them derailed that plan.

So back to the archives. I really don’t take a lot of photos of things in pastel colours, except flowers. Thank heavens for flowers.

image apple blossom
Apple Blossom in spring – Huon Valley, Tasmania
Roses are blooming again.
Star Flowers
Star Flowers

When I think of pastel colours I think of babies. Here are three of mine dressed in pastel colours.

Finally  a few buildings.

One of the lovely buildings in Napier NZ
Elizabeth St Pier Hobart
Elizabeth St Pier Hobart
Looking up at the ornate ceiling and lighting at Hobart Town Hall.
Blue building in Elizabeth St Hobart