Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Books or Paper

I’ve gone with vintage items from around the house for this challenge of “Books or Paper” The small tins are actually items Mum bought herself while shopping during the seventies. There is still mustard in the Keens tin. I love the old graphics and designs on these old items. Thinking about the street directory how do people get on with them today? I noticed you can still buy one even though most choose to use a GPS device. Who uses airmail paper these days. It’s all email now or text messages. No one actually writes anything on paper anymore to send by snail mail. Another lost art which is sad. I used to get quite excited about getting a letter from a friend. The tickets are all from concerts that I attended with either Vanda or my cousin Della. They were such good times too. Tickets are not usually made like this anymore and all look the same. I love the paper Xmas bell. It is quite fragile and made of very thin tissue like paper. The post cards are some of the ones I have collected over the years.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books or Paper

Books & Paper

If there is one thing I never have to look for in my house it is books. Even though I got rid of quite a few books and packed others away in boxes I still have plenty  in the house. I do have a Kindle now which is handy for travel and reading in bed but I like real books. Here are just a few from my bookshelves that reflect some of my interests. Can you guess which of those three old books, all favourites, I have reread the most often?

Another thing that I have a lot of at the moment. I mean really a lot, is magazines. A friend who knows how much Naomi and I enjoy old stuff has brought over boxes and boxes of old magazines which will eventually go to the Op Shop but at the moment we are busy sorting them, reading them and putting by a few to keep.

The Australasian Post and Pix magazines were more general interest magazines and featured a lot of bikini girls.
Magazines from 1948, 1949 and 1955

I started to think of how many other things around the house are made of paper. Here are some paper objects from my recent birthday.

We use paper for writing, wrapping and for hobbies. I do a bit of scrapbooking.

a selection of scrapbooking papers

I like this old box even though it is a bit tatty.

an old cardboard box

So much paper! And where does a lot of it end up?

Where will it all end up?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Barns or Any Dilapidated Buildings


Well I finished work early today (11am) so I fired up Wazza , hitched up Toby and Teddy and off I went armed with my trusty GE point and shoot to take some photos. I don’t usually go out just to take pictures but I often take my camera in my bag just in case I see something interesting. We drove south as far as Pontville first of all and then all the way back to Tunbridge. All of these photos are in towns or on the Midland Highway along this route. Of course I took some photos that had nothing to do with this challenge but here’s what I came up with for this one.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Barns or Any Dilapidated Buildings

Dilapidated or Picturesque?

As an area that once had many more farms and orchards than it does now the Huon Valley has its share of abandoned sheds in various states of disrepair. As photo subjects I rather like them.

Not the worst I’ve seen but this old shed could at least use a new roof.
There are plenty of old timber sheds around the Huon Valley. This one definitely has a lean.
Dilapidated shed, Channel Highway near Cygnet. Spotted from the car while out for a drive. Not sure what is keeping it up.

And finally my own dear departed rustic shed, demolished a couple of years ago to make way for the pergola.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Any Kind of Camera or Photographers

Camera’s and Photographers


While I generally try to avoid getting other people in my photos sometimes photographing the photographers can be fun and sometimes a way to get a casual photo of a friend or relative when they are occupied and not thinking about posing.

Rail fans love taking line side photos of trains, my friend Bruce is somewhere in this picture.

Rail fans form a photo line by the track.

Here is Bruce taking photos while we were on a cruise on the Gordon River near Strahan six years ago this weekend. It was not a nice day but he persevered.

Bruce taking photos on our Gordon River cruise.

I took this one of David at Port Huon a few years ago. He always had a camera in the car in case he saw something he wanted to photograph although he rarely ever seemed to get a film developed once we moved here. He was thinking about buying a DSLR when he was taken ill.

David at Port Huon 2014

Photographer at work, Gardens By the Bay , Singapore. From my point of view they spoiled my picture of the Super Trees but as a picture of a photographer and model it works.

Taking photos at Garden’s on the Bay.


This is the camera I use most often now.

My Pentax K10

As I have mentioned in the past David used to collect cameras. These next two photos are of some of  them. First a Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera and then two instant cameras, one by Polaroid and the other by Kodak.

An old movie camera from David’s collection.
A Polaroid 1000 Land Canera and a Kodak Instant Camera

This last one is Paparazzi Dog, a bronze sculpture in Salamanca Place. There are a series of these in various cities around the world. I even saw one in Singapore though I neglected to photograph it.

Bronze sculpture in Salamanca Square




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor Ways to Move Up and Down

Here are my photos for the above challenge. They are an assortment of old and new photos.

While on a movie set
While on a cable car
While on the North Star
While on the Wheel of Brisbane
While on a Plane
While you are working.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor Ways to Move Up & Down

Ups & Downs on Holidays

I found a few appropriate photos for this challenge amongst my holiday photos.

Flight of stairs in ANZAC Square , Brisbane

Climbing Walls are not a way I would choose to get up and down, you climb up and abseil down.

The climbing wall on Ovation of the Seas

Observation wheels which are really just super sized Ferris Wheels take you up above and back down again, in a roundabout sort of way. The North Star, an observation capsule onboard Ovation of the Seas does the same thing.


The Brisbane Wheel takes you up and down in a roundabout way.

The Brisbane Wheel at Southbank was just a dress rehearsal for the Singapore Flyer.

As we often docked at freight terminals we also saw a lot of cranes especially at Port Klang, Malaysia