Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Must have at least five letters and begin with the letter P.

This weeks photos are another dive into the archives but I chose them because they are lovely and colourful besides fitting the criteria of this photo challenge.

My P words are:

  • Piano
  • Pinwheel
  • Penguin
  • Plane
  • Panther
  • Protea
  • Painting
  • Puppy
  • Phone Booths
  • Playground

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter O- Needs to have the letter O anywhere in the word.


I thought about what to do for this letter and decided that things like books and spoons were way too boring. I didn’t want one with household goods since we just did kitchens and many of my posts have been on stuff around the house. Ok so I hooked up the dogs on their leads and told them we were off to take pictures of stuff on the High Street with the letter O in them. I decided to go with a theme of buildings for this post so I’ve done a bit of a slide show of our main street. I could have gone on for ages with these today.

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My O words are

  • Council Offices
  • Post Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Commonwealth
  • Cookies & Roadhouse
  • Boot Repairs / Boot Makers
  • Accommodation
  • History Rooms
  • Cottages
  • Op Shop / Now Open
  • Construction Site
  • Old Gaol
  • Football Ground
  • College

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to have the letter O anywhere in the word.

The Alphabet According to Cee: O is in….

 Exploring Hobart!

As I was going into Hobart today to do a couple of errands I took my camera. There have been several cruise ships visiting this past week or so and I hoped there would be one today. There was and it was an “O” “Celebrity Solstice” so I decided that my photos would all be based on Hobart this week. I had my lunch near Elizabeth Street Mall where two young ladies were playing Christmas Carols. I enjoyed their playing so much I went over to give them some money and compliment them.

I went down to take some photos of the cruise ship and chatted to a passenger who told me that she thought it was an excellent ship in every respect. They are on their way to New Zealand, lucky people.

I took a few photos around the waterfront as I walked over to Brooke Street Pier and as it was too early for my bus I went to sit amongst the shady oak trees in the park in front of Parliament House. While I was sitting there I saw the horses over in Salamanca Place and as I knew they would go past me on the way to the cruise terminal I hurried to look for a good spot to photograph them coming back. Quite a successful hour I think. I took a lot more photos that I’ll save for another day and found lots of¬† “O” words.

My words are:

  • Trombone
  • Celebrity Solstice
  • Silos
  • Mona Roma
  • Tour Bus
  • Gnoel
  • Bus Stop
  • Oak Trees
  • Canopy
  • Horses

Two young ladies playing carols in Elizabeth St Mall.

Celebrity Solstice – Hobart November 2017

Once they were silos holding grain, now an apartment block.

The Mona Roma ferry that goes to the MONA Museum.

The Red Decker Tour Bus – A hop on hop off bus that goes around Hobart and Sandy Bay.

Gnoel – yes I know that is not a word.

Bus Stop for tour buses.

Oak Trees on the Parliament House lawns.

Canopy of leaves

Horse and Carriage rides along the waterfront.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Starts with the Letter N

Here are my photos for the Letter N. I’m a bit late getting these together this time but here they are. I went with a bit of a media theme for this one.

  • Newsagents
  • November
  • Newspapers
  • Nineties, Neurotic Outsiders, Nirvana
  • Novels
  • Notices
  • Notice Board
  • News

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to start with the letter N

The Alphabet According to Cee: N is for….

  • nails -metal and finger
  • needle threader
  • nose
  • night
  • Napier

A few new photos of N’s around the house. A nail left over from hanging pictures, a needle threader,my fingernails and Cindy’s nose.

A couple of older shots of night at Bellerive Oval and the pretty art deco town of Napier, New Zealand.

A small nail.

A needle threader.


Cindy has a pinkish nose.

Looking Up at the Night Sky Bellerive Oval

Napier's main street.

Napier’s main street.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to contain two M’s anywhere in the word

The Alphabet According to Cee: M is in…

  • Commando comics
  • Messerschmitt car
  • Tammy dolls
  • Memorial
  • Commodore station wagon

My M words this week have come from the archives. The comic books belonged to David and I photographed them when I was preparing to sell them. He really enjoyed comic books. Thanks to “The Big Bang Theory” a favourite program of his this seems to be socially acceptable now.

The funny little Messerschmitt car I photographed at the Automobile Museum in Launceston which Naomi and I visited a few years ago now.

The Tammy dolls belong to both of us. Naomi’s two are in front and the rest are mine. A mixed bunch of Ideal Tammy made in Japan for the US market, Hong Kong for the European market and a Canadian Tammy made by Reliable as well.

The Forest Memorial was erected in Geeveston a couple of years ago to commemorate all the forestry workers who lost their lives due to accidents.

Last of all our Holden Commodore station wagon, already more than twenty years old when this picture was taken at Chiltern in Victoria. We bought the car, secondhand, around 1990 and kept it until 2010. We drove to various parts of South Australia in it, to Melbourne, to Tasmania several times before we moved here and to Canberra and back. Last month the Holden factory in Elizabeth, South Australia closed and there will be no more Commodore’s and in fact no more cars manufactured in Australia as Ford and Toyota have also left; but Holden was the Australian car.

Commando comics that belonged to David


Messerschmitt car at the National Automobile Museum at Launceston.

Our Tammy dolls

Memorial to forest workers killed on the job.

Our old VK Commodore Station wagon.