Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colours


Colours that make you feel happy when you see them. Some old photos and some I took especially for this post.

Red hats
The Hobart Red Hat Ladies


Vibrantly coloured pinwheels at a shop in Salamanca
colourful wooden eggs
My Poinsettia from last Christmas is still growing.
Winter Wattle
yellow flowers in springtime.
Flowers, Little India district in Singapore.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red

My Favourite Colour

For this week’s challenge I started by photographing some red things at the Op Shop using my phone.

A red spotted cushion
Some red clothing, we like to hang them by colours.
Some red candles in a glass vase.

Red shoes at the Op Shop

As red is my favourite colour you would think there would be a lot of red things in my house but although there are shades of red, mostly darker ones I used my  reds sparingly. In the garden though it is another story.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lime or Light Green

Light Greens

Maker’s on Church St, Geeveston

Another rainy Sunday in Geeveston meant I had to get creative to find some lime or light green pictures this week. As I had been photographing dolls in the kitchen I decided to go with items in the kitchen for this challenge. Yes some of them are a bit grubby. I’d rather take photos and play dolls than clean on a Sunday.

Wool wash, light green

The reason for this non kitchen inclusion is that I was washing dolls clothes in the kitchen sink.

Silicon mat for pots, light green.
light green ladle.
vintage canister, light green
Peppermint tea bags.

I didn’t buy these tea bags to drink. I read somewhere that mice don’t like peppermint.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Teal, Aqua, Sea Foam or Turquoise

The Blue-Greens

I’m no expert on colours but I guess all of these fall into the category of blue greens. At any rate they are all vibrant colours and pleasant to look at. Here are a few of my favourites from the past.

I do associate this range of colours with water quite a lot.

The water was such a beautiful colour that day. Wellington , NZ 2016
Little Blue Lake, Tasmania
Little Blue Lake, Tasmania by me
Water in a pool at a shopping centre in Singapore.

Fabrics look good in these colours too.

Beach wear at the Op Shop.

It’s a summery colour,

Here are some I took today with my phone camera.

Fairy costumes at Majestic Rythmics in Geeveston.

Fairy costumes at Majestic Rythmics in Geeveston.

I’m not sure what this is but it is very colourful.

Pearl beads on knitted fabric.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week Five Photo

Items in Cee’s Photo

Cee’s Week 5 Photo

I nearly forgot to post my entry this week even though I knew that I could find subjects for it without too much trouble.

Here are two friends of mine Michelle and Juarne singing Christmas Carols after the Geeveston Christmas Parade last year.  Michelle’s Roadhouse Kitchen is featured in the next  few photos.

We were entertained with Christmas Carols. Music, guitar


An old Ute on the roof of Michelle’s Roadhouse Kitchen (formerly Geeveston Roadhouse.) Cafe
coffee machine at Michelle’s cafe
coffee, cafe
Michelle and Juarne at the cafe, July 2017






Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week Four Photo

Items in Cee’s Photo

Week 3 photo

This is the time of year when I almost  feel like I have gone into hibernation. The weather is wet and it makes going out with the camera unpleasant. I seem to have a month or so like this every winter and end up going back to my photo archives for inspiration.


This photo was taken in April last year. The clouds look smoke tinged so I expect that there was a forest reduction burn that day and it is probably the reason I took the photo.

Smoke tinged clouds


In a bathroom on Explorer of the Seas, mirrors

Power lines

I live next door to this. power lines


Virgin Australia jet. planes, clouds.
plane, black and white



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week Three Photo

Cee’s Week 3 Photo

Items from Cee’s Photo

This week I’ve chosen to go with wood panelling and upholstery fabrics on chairs, cushions and carpet.

Timber panelling

Timber panelling in a bedroom
wood panelling on a counter.


Upholstery fabrics

The new carpet in my spare bedroom.
upholstered chair by Barton 1950s
upholstered chair by Barton 1950s
upholstered chair and cushions on Ovation of the Seas
cushions at the Op Shop