Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Colours begining with the Letter B

I decided to go with a car theme for this challenge as I have been taking a lot of pictures of cars lately which are all different colours. Here are some of them.



The Holden Statesman is Brown




This Mustang is Blue




My Wazza is Burgandy


This vintage car is British Racing Green


The Wolseley is a nice shiney black.


This P T Cruiser is a Brilliant Blue



The old Buick is Battleship Grey.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to Start with AP

AP Things by Naomi

Far Out! I have been completely stuck on this one. I nearly hurt myself trying to think of things that were AP. I even got my dictionary out. Well in the end I found some but they are boring apples and stuff like that. I had wanted to go appendix but could not find one single book with one in it. They all had “index” or “contents” I could not find a statue of Apollo or my apron anywhere either. This is what I ended up with. I sure hope the next one is easier. I ended up taking a photo of the computer with images starting with A P. Hope it’s not cheating.


A very big apple


Dancing Ape


Apostrophe image from computer


Branches on my apricot tree with new buds


Apples and a banana with lots of a peel (appeal)

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to start with the letters Ap

The Alphabet According to Cee – Part One

This week’s challenge has been more than usually challenging as it has not stopped raining here since Tuesday, apricots are not in season and I ate the last apple in the house yesterday. Time to think outside the square.

First I jumped in my time machine and travelled back to April. I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that my calendar features trains.

calender page

Back to April

Oops I went too far! These apples were from April last year.

Apples on my tree

Hastily returning to the present I searched for more items. Here is one from the freezer and another from my bookshelves.

Frozen apple strudel

Frozen apple strudel

A book about patchwork and applique.

Finally a quick  hop to the Op Shop or at least to my Op Shop photo file turned up some kitchen appliances. What  a good thing I am always taking pictures of the stock.

Appliances at the Op Shop


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Tombstones and Cemeteries

Circle of Life

Not far from my house there is a small church and a school. St Joseph’s Catholic Church is one of the old weatherboard churches that we have a lot of here in Tasmania. There used to be services there but I am not sure if there are many now as the church built a big new, modern church at Ranelagh to service the parishes of the Huon. There is a cemetery though and there are still burials there. It is located behind the school playground and there is no discernible boundary between the two.

Some of the graves, as I said, are quite recent. There are big black marble affairs, others are much older and made of stone with the lettering fading away and some are humble timber crosses hand-made by the families. Most of the new graves are quite well-kept with flowers on them but a few of the very old ones are vanishing back into the bush. There are gum trees all around and you can hear the birds, kookaburras, sometimes parrots and always crows who live amongst them. I am sure that if you were there at night you would see possums and wallabies. During the day you would be able to hear the laughter and shouts of children in the playground. I rather like the way that the playground and the cemetery are so close to each other.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hallways.

Naomi’s Hallways

These are my hallway photos. Some were taken at work very early this morning before too many people were up and about and while staff were getting organised. I didn’t want to get into trouble for taking photos when I should have been working myself. Some of the others were taken on holidays but I think they sort of fit in with the theme.

Shopping Arcade on Explorer of the Seas

Shopping and Cafe’s on Explorer of the Seas taken before anyone was up.

Shopping Arcade New Zealand

This is a lovely shopping arcade in New Zealand

Passage leading to trains in a Sydney Station

This is a passage leading to the trains in St James Station Sydney

Hospital Hallway

This is one of the halls at the hospital where I work in Oatlands


This is the hallway in the other building I clean at the hospital


This is the hallway in one of the houses I clean where nurses and studants stay.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hallways


Hallways and corridors are not always the easiest places to take pictures. Often the lighting is not great and the nature of a hallway is that it may be full of people in transit from A to B while you are trying to photograph it. I recall that when we were in London many years ago David was attempting to take photos in a fancy arcade in Mayfair I think. He got me to stand behind him so that he would not be jostled while standing still in a crowded place. If I ever get around to scanning those photos I’ll post it on the blog.

Here is a photo I took back in 2015 when I was regularly going to the Royal Hobart Hospital to visit David. In order to reach his ward I had to go down this long corridor to reach the lifts. The corridor had several sets of these double doors and it immediately reminded me of that old TV show “Get Smart”. It was a bit of humour in a not very humourous situation. I think I took this photo of the “Get Smart” corridor for a challenge back then.

The “Get Smart” corridor.

Another old one from my “House and Garden” file. I took this in 2013 after we had new vinyl flooring laid. I had painstakingly pulled up the carpet myself, a job I don’t think I could do now. Or rather I could pull up the carpet but getting back up off the floor afterwards would be an issue.

Central passage at my house.

I  had forgotten about this photo that I took at the National Sports Museum in Melbourne in 2014. This is the cricket section and the hallway leading to the rest of the exhibit is laid out like a cricket pitch.

At the MCG Sports Museum in Melbourne.


Arcades are kind of hallways as they connect one area with another. I took this one in the arcade at the Salamanca Arts Centre. It is a favourite place of mine to take pictures because of the old buildings and arty shops. The second photo was taken in Wellington Square looking towards one of two small arcades that lead to Elizabeth Street shopping mall. I take quite a few photos around that area because it is near the large Argyle Street car park and therefore a convenient place to meet friends arriving in Hobart by car.

Salamanca Arts Centre arcade.

Arcade between Wellington Square and Elizabeth St Mall, Hobart