Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs

Signs in Salamanca

Here are a few more photos I took during my walk around Salamanca and Battery Point on Tuesday.

A Sign from a Greek Restaurant
Tasmanian cheese here!
Marker for Battery Point Sculpture Trail
Monument to Canadian exiles

Finally one from the past, taken outside Parliament House.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters M or N

M is For:

Today was a lovely spring day and as I don’t usually work at the Op Shop on Tuesdays I decided on a trip to Hobart to take pictures. I had some errands to do but once they were done I headed for Salamanca Place and up into Battery Point in search of interesting photo subjects. Here are some that all begin with the letter M.

Metal flowers
Menu from Honey Badger where they mostly sell desserts.
Magnolia blossom

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Made of Wood

In My Neck of the Woods

Geeveston is a town that strongly identifies with timber so it is very easy to find it in the local landscape.

This morning I had a house viewing so once again set off with Cindy for a walk. I took these first three photos with my smartphone.

An old apple packing shed on the Huon Highway.

Wood carving is a bit of a thing around here. The town is well known for its wooden statues of local characters. Chainsaw carving can produce some surprisingly detailed sculptures too.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Take New Photos Any Topic


Taking new photographs has been a challenge this winter. I haven’t been out and about with the camera much and sometimes I get tired of taking photographs of things around the house. So I decided that for this week’s challenge I would take at least one new photo to share each day.

Friday: one of my potted daffodils.

Friday: Daffodil

Saturday: I call these my surprise bulbs. Every year I replant the bulbs in my pots by the garden shed when they die off. I’m never sure if they will grow so when they do it’s a nice surprise. These are last year’s bulbs.

Sunday: Nope, sorry no picture. I was busy pruning the roses for the best part of the day as it was sunny. When I decided to pack it in it rained.

Monday: I was tidying up the school textbooks at the Op Shop and took a photo for our Facebook page. A lot of local parents homeschool and I created the shelf to help them find materials.

Tuesday: I spent an hour or two cleaning dolls, some of my own and some for the Op Shop. This is one who is going back to the shop. She is a Disney Princess, probably Belle.

Disney Princess doll from the Op Shop

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shoes, Boots, Slippers

If the Shoe fits

I’m no Carrie Bradshaw where shoes are concerned. I hate shoe shopping and my primary need in a pair of shoes is that they be so comfortable that I won’t need to buy another pair for a very long time. It’s also nice if they match my clothes but as I mostly wear old clothes around the house and black clothes for going out that’s not so hard to achieve.

Of course, I had to include some doll shoes but the rest of them are mine. There are my winter boots, the sneakers I bought at the Op Shop, the boxes of shoes I rarely wear and my cosy slippers.

My rubber boots, Wellingtons as we Brits call them, were bought at an Op Shop in Huonville back in 2002 when we first moved to Tasmania. They cost me 50c. I still wear them but it is hard to take them off alone so they may be going to the Op Shop at some point and I’ll get ankle boots.

Ideal “Goody Two Shoes” feet in shoes.
Everyday shoes
Shoe boxes in my wardrobe

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shadows

Me & My Shadows

Usually, when I’m taking doll photos I’m working very hard to eliminate shadows so this challenge is a bit different for me.

40th Anniversary Barbie

The weather has been so dull that finding shadows outside or even in the kitchen has been almost impossible. So I decided to create some artificially.

Shadows of plants on the kitchen bench