Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Through a Window

Through a Window

It has been so wet here in Tassie today and yesterday. Hobart was badly flooded and the Brooker Highway was apparently closed or so I heard. I had wanted to go to the city but no way in this weather. One could only imagine how dangerous the Midland Highway would be so instead I rugged up in a nice warm jumper and sorted through photos for this latest challenge. I have gone with old and new photos for this one. I have even been a bit creative and had a joke with one picture. Here they are.

Antique Shop Sydney
Antique Shop Window
Baby KF Panda
Baby Panda
Mama KF Panda
Mama & Baby Panda
Shop Window Oatlands
Oatlands Shop Window
Veiw from old truck windows
Vintage Truck Windows
Veiw from Ovation
View Through Ovation’s Windows
Veiw from the Cables Cars on Sentosa Island
View Through Cable Car Windows
Veiw from Windjammers on Ovation
View from Windjammer’s Window
Washing Machine
Viewing Washing

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Through A Window

Through the Window

I do a bit of photography through windows. Sometimes I’m in a moving vehicle and can’t help myself even though I know the pictures will probably be bad. Sometimes it’s because of the weather and sometimes I am trying to photograph an animal or bird that I don’t want to frighten.

Here are some views looking out the window.

Looking Out: When you travel

What the bus driver sees.
View from the windows of our cruise boat, Gordon River , Tasmania 2012.
Photography from the window of a train. West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tasmania 2012

I love interesting shop window displays although they are not always easy to photograph because of the reflections.

Looking In: Shop Windows

An old photo taken in High Street, Oatlands in 2008.
Looking into  a shop window on Church Street , Geeveston

I love the panoramic views from an Observation deck like the one at the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur.

Looking Down: From an observation deck.

View from the observation deck of the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur.

Looking at the Ocean

Windows on Ovation of the Seas.
An ocean view from Ovation of the Seas.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Close Ups

Close Ups

Pansies in a pot.

As requested, the hull of a very large ship.

Ovation of the sees dwarfs the surrounding buildings.

Ibis seem to be as common in Brisbane as in Sydney and as fearless. I was able to get quite close to this one.

An Ibis spotted in Brisbane.

I took this photo at a museum in Darwin. It is of a ship, the M.V. Manuka painted onto a feather. It was in a glass case but I thought it was such an interesting item that I attempted a photo anyway.

A painting on a feather.

We’ve been lucky to acquire some interesting old stuff this year.

Vintage tobacco box
A vintage matchbox

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Bikes of any kind

Pedal Power and Horsepower

Here are a few photos from the archives. The bicycles were all taken in Melbourne in 2014. There was a Jehovah’s Witness conference on at the time and I spotted these bikes sitting on the footpath. I was also interested in the hire bike stands around the city.

The motorcycle photos were taken on Explorer of the Seas, I had fun playing with that one in editing, and at the Motor Museum in Launceston.

The opinions expressed on this sign are not necessarily those of the photographer
Cycling in Melbourne
Bikes for Hire Melbourne.
Hire Bikes in Melbourne 2014
Motorcycle artwork Explorer of the Seas
Motorcycles in a museum in Launceston.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Large Subjects

Large Subjects

I looked amongst my archives for large subjects, most of them were taken while on holidays. I edited most of  them in Adobe Photo Elements 9 which is good practice in learning the software.

  • A large dish – radio telescope at the Deep Space Communication Complex, Tidbindilla, Canberra
  • A large ship – Ovation of the Seas visiting Hobart
  • A large wheel – The Melbourne Star Wheel
  • A large building – This used to be the Victorian Railways offices I think but is now a hotel.
  • A large rock – Uluru/Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory
  • A large face – The entrance to Luna Park in Sydney


Large Dish Tidbinbilla, Canberra
Ovation of the Seas – A large ship
Star Wheel Melbourne – A large wheel.
A large building in Spencer Street Melbourne.
Uluru NT – A large rock.
A large face at Luna Park , Sydney


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Words with double letters

Double or Nothing

This was quite fun to do. I used a mixture of old and new photos. The old ones I edited in Adobe Photo Elements 9. The newer ones just with my Microsoft editing tools.

My words are:

  • Ferry
  • Earrings
  • Blooms
  • Fossicking
  • Bottles
  • Jetty




Torquay Ferry Devonport
vintage earrings
vintage bottles
Jetty on the Gordon River , Tasmania