Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Take a New Photo, Any Topic

 New B&W by Vanda

We had some lovely spring like weather until this challenge came out. Then guess what happened? Yes, it rained and rained so my photos this week were taken in the garden on Sunday 13 August.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:Any Topic

I saw a cute lamb with it’s mother. What a cute mother and baby photo this makes. Here is my effort for the “Any Topic” photo challenge.

Ewe & Lamb

Ewe and her cute baby lamb seen on the walk around the Female Factory site at Ross

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:Paths and Trails

Paths in Oatlands

It was raining heavily last night and there were showers this morning in Oatlands and I didn’t think I would get out today but I did in the end. I put the dogs on their leads and I ventured out dog’s leads in one hand and camera in the other. Despite the weather I managed to get a few photos of paths and trails. Most are taken around the mill complex, Callington Park, Lake Dulverton and High Street here in Oatlands. Oatlands is really very interesting with lots of history and beautiful old Georgian buildings that make for great photography and works of art. I love my walks and strolls down the High Street. Here are a few of the pictures I took this afternoon after lunch.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Paths and Trails

Paths in the school playground

This afternoon I played hooky from chores and went out to take some photos for Cee’s challenges. I did not go far from home. These photos were taken in the play area at the back of the school near my house.  I had gone over there to take photos in the attached cemetery (it is a Catholic school) and found the play areas very intriguing and full of photo ops. As was Saturday there was nobody around so no child’s privacy was invaded during the taking of these photos.

I must say they have some very cool play areas and I will show them in a bit more detail, and in colour, in another post. I especially liked the walkway made with old tyres so I included it as a path of a different kind.


gravel path black and white

Gravel path in the sculpture and mosaic area.

I think this path may be part of a bike track.

Concrete slab path near the classrooms.

pathway in the playground.

walkway made with old tyres.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge:Numbers


I decided to use things I saw at The Tasmanian Transport Museum for this challenge. Nearly everything there was numbered either because it had numbers on it anyway or because it was an exibit. Here they are.

Adding Machine

Adding Machine

Bedford Bus

Bedford Bus 249

Enigne Q 5

Engine Q5

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm 35



Time Table and Fares

Sign with fares Etc

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Numbers: Anything with Numbers on it.


My numbers this week, not my lucky lotto numbers. I’d love to see those

A taxi in Hobart.


Hobart taxi

A stop on the Battery Point Sculpture Trail. Errol Flynn was born in Hobart on 20 June, 1909.

The year Errol Flynn was born.

The post office at Ross.

Post office, Ross Tasmania

Post office, Ross Tasmania

This was the label on my old bed that was sold recently.

Label from a mattress

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge:Wheels


Grinding Wheel

I found what looks like a grinding wheel leaning on a fence

Here are my photos for the black and white photo challenge. They were mostly taken around Oatlands on Saturday in the later part of the afternoon.

An old cart

This old cart was in someone’s back yard.

Old machinary at the Mill

Machinary in the museum at The Mill. I was spoiled for choices here but chose this one. Do not ask me what it is.

Very old and broken cart wheels

This old broken wheel was around the side of the antique shop in Oatlands

Very old hand lawn mower

This hand lawn mower was for sale at the antique shop in Oatlands but had no price sticker.

Wheel on some old machinary

Vintage wheel on some more old machinary

Wheels on old machinary

This relic helps to advertise a business on the High Street.


Vintage cars always have lovely chrome hub caps.

Old Bicycle

The wheels on this old bike I found abandoned were quite buckeled