Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Chilled


This was a tricky subject for me this week. Winter is long gone and compared to the winter that those of you in Europe and the USA have been experiencing I feel a bit of a fake for calling our winter cold at all. On the other hand it has not been hot and summery this past week either so no nice photos of ice chilled drinks and swimming pools.

Here are a few snow pictures from past winters. The first couple of photos are from last winter and were taken on a quiet road just outside Geeveston, the next one was taken from the bus during the big snow we had in 2015. The last two were taken nearly ten years ago while I was staying in Oatlands minding Naomi’s house while she was on holidays.

Snow in Geeveston 2017

A snowy road in Geeveston 2017

Taken from the bus window 2015

Snowy fields at the edge of town

The old house

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge : Patterns

I took some new photos for this challenge but I ended up junking them when I found better ones in my archives. Some of them were in quite brilliant colour and it was almost a shame to turn them into black and white photographs. I decided to leave just a hint of colour in a couple where others are true black and white shots. When you look you can find patterns almost anywhere. My cat has beautiful stripes being a tabby cat. One of the chefs made a work of art from a simple melon and a rooster walking through the snow left some footprints that I thought made a nice pattern. I’ve always loved looking at footprints and handprints. But anyway here is my effort for “Patterns”

024 (2)

You can see the diamond shaped pattern throughout this building. I still think it looks like a giant pot scourer.

Circus Tent

A circus tent covered in bold stripes so it will stand out.


A rooster made these lovely footprints in the snow. There look rather like leaves don’t they?

GEDC1072 (2)

The red and white flowers were set up to form a cross like pattern.

GEDC1220 (2)

The melon soon became quite a work of art after the chef finished carving it out.

GEDC1242 (2)

This glass ball decorating a staircase had lots of pretty flower like patterns inside it.

GEDC1329 (2)

A beautiful mosaic tiled floor in an arcade.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns


This week’s photos are quite random. My hard disk drive is nearly full so I have been madly transferring photos to flash drives until I can get to the shops to buy another portable HDD. Therefore I have picked photos from all over the place to edit for this challenge.

The first one was a shot I snapped as I went down Macquarie Street in the bus. I spotted the window cleaners and just had a chance to take one photo thinking that I might use it in a challenge at some point. We have lots of straight lines and rectangles forming  a pattern here.

Window Cleaners on a Hobart building.

Here’s a photo I’ve used before in colour which has lots of interesting lines in it.


A pattern with lines.

Some old glass bowls and a stack of plates at the Op Shop. I often take photos there so we can post pictures to our Facebook page showing what we have for sale but I’m also attracted to interesting things, shapes and colours.

Patterned glass bowls



Have you ever noticed how grandstands have multi coloured seats? The randomly coloured ones are meant to make the stadium look less empty on television but in Blundstone Arena’s new grandstand they have just used two colours to form patterns which looks better I think.

Coloured seats form patterns in the Grandstand.

Lastly here are some lithographed patterns in my tin dolls house. I love the way these were done.

Tin Lithograph patterns in my dolls house.

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Outdoor Walks or Roads

Outdoor Walks and Roads

I’m still not getting out and about very much. I’m either working or something else crops up and I don’t get time to take any new photos. Lucky for me I still have quite a few that fit the category chosen for the challenge. I came across more photos taken while my friend Phillip was here on holidays. We visited some really interesting towns, towns that are nice to drive to, towns that you can spend a good part of the day wandering around, towns where you can appreciate the beautiful buildings, pubs and cafes, parks and gardens, all sorts of interesting little shops and even a museum or two. We loved every minute of our visit to these towns. The challenge isn’t about towns of course. The challenge is about walks and roads. They are covered in the towns of Ross, Latrobe, Ulverstone and Port Arthur.


Ross 2









Port Arthur 1

Port Arthur

Port Arthur 2

Port Arthur

Port Arthur 3

Port Arthur

Port Arthur 4

Port Arthur


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Outdoor Walks or Roads

Just Keep Walking

This has been a busy week for me and although I made a trip to Hobart last week I had to hurry home to get chores done so did not have time to take my camera for a walk as I had hoped.

Delving into the archives I came up with a few photos that I thought it would be fun to play with. Mostly I used Picasa adding a cyan or sepia filter effect but for the Hobart ones I used Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Walkway from Adelaide Railway station to Adelaide Oval.

The Bourke St bridge over Southern Cross Station

A pedestrian mall in Sydney.

An iconic view of Sydney from the harbourside walk.

Bus Mall in Elizabeth St Hobart

Bus Mall in Elizabeth St Hobart


Cee’s B&W Challenge: Walls Indoor or Outdoor.

Walls by Naomi

I’ve got a bung knee and leg from the week end’s house hunting activities so won’t be wandering far from home for a few days except to take Tigerwoods to get his shots. I’ve delved into the archives once again and found some photos I hope will be suitable for this challenge. I love looking at old buildings anytime and most of my photos feature very old buildings and places but I have added one dreadful new building in Adelaide that reminds me of one of those silver scouring pads you get for cleaning pots. You would all get what I mean if you saw this in colour and from further away. I haven’t done any indoor ones but there are plenty of outdoor pictures to make up for them.


Tudor Style walls on a building

Tudor Style Walls

Stone wall Lake Dulverton Oatlands

Dry Stone Wall

South Esk Brewery wall in Launceston

Beautiful old brickwork on the Esk Brewery building

Sandstone walls and steps leading to the top of th

Sandstone wall and steps on the old Ross Bridge

Ruined jail walls at Port Arthur

Walls of the old jail in Port Arthur

Rock climbing wall

Rock climbing wall


Outside wall of Mures restaurant in Hobart

Modern building in Adelaide

Here it is! CSIRO building Adelaide. “The Pot Scourer”

Industrial building walls Launceston

Old railway workshops in Launceston.

Galvanised iron wall in a back alley in Hobart CBD

Wall made of galvanised iron

Brick wall at Botanical gardens Hobart

Brick wall in the Botanical Gardens Hobart

Antique shop in Penguin

Brick wall displaying a sign.


man woman mural

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Walls – Indoor or Outdoor


As the temperature is soaring it is way too hot to go out to take photos so today’s black and white challenge photos are from the archives. A couple are reruns of photos I’ve posted before. Sometimes I crop them before playing with the filters to create something new.

Indoor Walls

With so much decorating going on at my house for the past few years I have well documented walls at my house.

First a memory from 2013 when we had our shower replaced . A pretty ugly sight from the beginning of the renovation. Next is the wall panelling in what is now my bedroom and a gratuitous dog photo. Cindy nearly always walks in to any shot I’m trying to take around the house and  garden.

Hole in the Wall

Timber wall panelling in a bedroom.

Outdoor Walls

Here are a selection of walls in Melbourne.

First two views that I like a lot of old  brick walls near the Yarra River and then the outer wall of what I consider one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen. It is in Federation Square in Melbourne. I hate this type of architecture but it is a good photography subject.

Banana Alley Vaults, Melbourne.

Brick walls near the Yarra in Melbourne.

Federation Square, Melbourne

Murals & Ghost Signs

I don’t like graffiti on principle. I get that it can be art but  a lot of it is just ugly scribble on the sides of buildings and public transport. I won’t photograph that type of graffiti because it gives the people who do it the attention they desire. If you had ever had to clean paint off a train with nasty chemicals you would understand why I say this.   I do like murals and also the old, faded advertising signs known as “ghost signs” painted on to walls.

Ghost sign, Hobart

Ghost Sign Launceston

Mural North Hobart

man woman mural

This mural is in a shed in Port Adelaide. The lighting was not the best so I have changed it to black and while