Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Houses

Be It Ever So Humble

House edited with Picasa's focal B&W and HDR filters

House edited with Picasa’s focal B&W and HDR filters

Cottages at Arthur’s Circus, Battery point, Hobart

House at Lake Baikal , Siberia 1990

Miniature house at the 2014 Hobart Model Train Show

The Dolly Mix dolls house Naomi gave me last Christmas and our shared Triang 61

A multi-story bird house.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Gates and Fences.

Gates and Fences

I had to dig deep into my archives again because the weather here is strictly for ducks only. I did not put a big toe past my front door today and the dogs not one little furry paw. They stayed curled up in their baskets instead. I longed to jump in the car and go to one of the other near or far towns for a walk and to take some new photos but it was not to be. With the bad weather and the Xmas Toy Run on it would have been very hard. Instead I have put together a mish mash of different photos of gates and fencing for this photo challenge. Some have been shown before but there are a few different ones. I hope no one finds this boring with the reruns.


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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences & Gates

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

After a week of hot sunny weather the rain is back with a vengeance. It has been raining here since Thursday evening, sometimes quite heavily so my pictures today are taken in my garden and yes it was raining when I took them. When I put them on the computer I played about with some of Picasa’s special effects to make them a bit more interesting.

They say that good fences make good neighbours. I try to be a good neighbour by having a fully fenced back garden to keep Cindy in. It doesn’t always work as Cindy can climb over the fence if she really wants to. Luckily the only time she really wants to is when I am on the other side of the fence and she wants to get to me.

Metal gate in my back garden.

Raindrops on the gate.

My back fence used to be a post and rail fence but then they built houses behind me. My back neighbour is kept busy repairing the holes that his dogs chew in this fence.

My back fence has been repaired several times.

My front fence could also use some work.

Broken fence.

Next door to me on one side is the local power sub station. Best neighbours ever! They don’t have noisy vehicles, destructive pets or parties.

The well fenced power sub station.

power sub station.

Last of all an old photo that I took some years ago now. This is the gate of the old Hobart Zoo which closed many, many years ago. This zoo was where the last known Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) was kept until it died. It is a very ornate gate but if you look closely at the animals they all look sad. Of course zoos today provide a much better environment for animals and have breeding programs so that endangered species can be helped to survive. If only they had been more forward thinking when the Thylacine’s were still with us.

The old Zoo gate

Tasmanian Tiger Sculpture

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Found in the Kitchen

Things in the kitchen

The hardest thing today was what shall I take photos of? Should I have a theme going on or use random objects. I love my vintage kitchen stuff so decided to use some of that as well as my everyday kitchen main stays. Some of the things I used for today’s challenges are Mum’s. They are still occasionally used today. I just love my old cook books, china, gadgets and of course my old dresser.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Found in the Kitchen

Kitchen Capers

I take a lot of photos in my kitchen but not many of it. It’s a well-lit room compared to the rest of the house so I often take dolls and other small items in there to photograph. Like most of my house the kitchen is a place to display precious “stuff”. I used to have cookbooks on these shelves but as some of them are a bit daggy looking I put them away when I painted the kitchen a few months ago so now the shelves only contain my small collection of tins and my vintage canisters. They are from the 1950s made by Nally and are called Harlequin. Each canister is a different colour. I picked mine up some years ago for about $25-30 I think as some lettering is gone on a couple of them but these days collectors will pay a lot for ones in top condition. I do use them too, they are full of flour, sugar, rice and tea bags. I don’t think I have any instant coffee. The wooden canister at the end is a tea caddy. Naomi has a larger one for biscuits.

Canister and tin collection

Nally Harlequin canisters

Obviously one thing you will always find in the kitchen is food. These items were bought in preparation for Christmas baking which will soon begin. Below that the large freezer David and I bought as we liked to stock up on certain things. Now that I can’t carry things home from the shops easily it is handy because it can hold several weeks worth of goods. I use frozen vegetables a lot. Don’t judge me!

If you are wondering why the ladder is still in the kitchen it is because I often need it to reach the food on the top shelf of the cupboards. I hope the next house has a walk in pantry so I don’t have to climb a ladder every time I want a tin of something or a packet of pasta. My bread tin came from the Op Shop and although it is rather large I like it because there would be room for bread rolls and long loaves if I wanted them, none in there this week though.

It’s nearly time for Christmas baking.

Inside the freezer.

Guess what I keep in here.


My cleaning basket, not normally kept in the kitchen.

Normally a resident of the laundry,my cleaning basket is in the kitchen today because obviously I was going to clean before letting you all look in here.

Last of all here is another page of my Steamrail calendar. I hope I will be able to remember all these things next time Naomi and I play Scattergories.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Weather

Whatever the Weather

I don’t always get out and about when the weather is bad. If you rely on public transport walking around in the rain is not something you usually do for fun because you might have to wait a long time for a bus home.  However in 2015 I was travelling to Hobart on the bus regularly to visit David in hospital and always carried my camera. This was taken from the bus window during the big snow of August 2015.

The big snow-August 2015

A frosty , foggy morning at home.


When you see clouds like this you know you had better hurry and find some shelter.

The Cenotaph before a storm

In 2012 my friend Gillian and I both turned 55 and we celebrated with a trip to Tasmania’s west coast to ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway and cruise on the Gordon River. As it was late May the weather was less than ideal. In fact it rained heavily both days but we were not about to let it spoil our trip. They are used to rain in that part of the state and our tour guide carried on with her talk about the native timbers regardless of the fact that it was pouring.

Tour Guide, Gordon River cruise.


It’s nice to have sunny weather when you go on holidays but Sydney in summer is just a bit hot for me. This photo was taken on the beach at Watson’s Bay.

Summer in Sydney, Watson’s Bay 2016



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Weather


I had to use my archives for this one. I’ve taken photos in good and bad weather but sorry no cyclones or blizzards here. These are just seasonal but hope they meet with approval. Here we have nice sunny days, cold frosty mornings, rain and snow.

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