A Photo A Week Challenge: Movie Reference

My photo is a very old one which I originally took in 1981. The location is the Adelaide Railway Station and the occasion is a filming of a scene in the Peter Weir film Gallipoli

The scene was of the arrival in Perth of the two main characters, played by Mel Gibson and Mark Lee. I was there because I was a volunteer with the railway historical society who had provided the steam engine and carriages. My job had been to prepare all the carriages for the scene with a thorough cleaning. We got to watch the scene being made which was great fun and I was impressed that Peter Weir spent a lot of time making sure that the extras knew what to do even though it was a very short scene in the film.

The ballroom scene in Gallipoli was also filmed at the Adelaide Station upstairs the area known as Marble Hall. This was before the upper part of the station was turned into the Adelaide Casino. Some of the desert scenes were filmed near Port Lincoln in South Australia too.

Scene from Gallipolli directed by Peter Weir 1981
Scene from Gallipoli directed by Peter Weir 1981
Adelaide Railway Station
Adelaide Railway Station

A Photo A Week Challenge: Crowds

Jehovah's Witness Convention by Taswegian1957
70,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses converge on Etihad Stadium Melbourne.


On the morning that I was due to fly to Melbourne for a weekend visiting friends I heard on the radio that Melbourne’s Docklands area would be inundated with around 70,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting the city for an international convention. My only thought was that I hoped they would not all be visiting the Star Observation Wheel at the same time as me.

I arrived in Melbourne and made my way to Southern Cross station intending to walk to Docklands via the bridge there. Coming from Hobart I could not help noticing how busy the station concourse was. Then I reached Etihad Stadium and there they were; maybe not 70,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses but there were an awful lot of them.