A Photo A Week: Music

 My Kind Of Music

Marching Music

You can’t have a parade without music and preferably live music not canned. Not everyone likes bagpipes but I do. I’ve liked them ever since mum first played me a recording of a pipe band when I was a child. I also like the colours of the clan tartans so seeing a pipe band is a treat for me.

I enjoy the sound of a brass band too especially playing marching music.

Police Pipe Band not everyone likes bagpipes but I do.

image brass instrument

image drummer
Army band

Street Music

Buskers in Salamanca and singers at a protest rally.

Buskers in Salamanca Square

A busker at Salamanca
Singer at a protest rally.
Choir singing “Lean on Me” at a rally.

My Favourite Music

Of course that is not the only music I like. Naomi and I went to many rock concerts when we were young and in the early days before there were mobile phones and everyone took pictures at concerts I used to occasionally sneak my camera into a show to take photos. It was forbidden but Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide where we often went was not large and if I didn’t use flash they didn’t notice although I kept waiting for the hand on my shoulder and confiscation of my film. Most of the pictures were not great but I  got one  set of New Zealand band Split Enz that I was very pleased with and I still think I didn’t do a bad job all these years later. I think that I had a used Yashica SLR then, the first one we had and used 400 ASA film which was push processed at the shop. David told me about this method so that I would not need to use flash. These photos were taken in 1982.

Vinyl albums are making a comeback although they are hideously expensive. I’m old enough to have seen the rise and fall of cassette tapes and  CD’s imagine that!  We do still get people coming to the Op Shop to look for pre recorded cassettes which surprised me. We usually have some, as well as vinyl albums and CD’s.

I always liked the artwork on album covers and all the bits and pieces you’d get with them, lyrics, photos, band bios. Sometimes you’d get an album with fancy coloured vinyl. You are never going to get a poster inside a CD cover and those things always break.  Naomi and I still have our vinyl albums. Here are some of mine.


A Photo A Week Challenge: Neglected

Lady Jane

This blog would qualify as neglected itself for the past week as I’ve been busy with the doll blog but I don’t think a photo of blank screen would be very interesting do you?

Lady Jane used to do cruises on the Derwent from Hobart but was abandoned by the previous owner a few years ago. For a time she was berthed on the Huon at Port Huon and later near Huonville where I took these photos. The last I heard she was over the other side of the river at Cygnet being worked on. One day I hope I’ll be able to get over there to see if she is still there.

Lady Jane at the old mooring near Huonville

A Photo A Week Challenge: Light The Night

Bring on the Night

I am not often out with my camera after dark so I went into my archives to see what I had.
I used to enjoy going to cricket matches at Bellerive Oval .  We had some pleasant summer evenings and some that were not quite so pleasant. I remember a New Year’s Day game where I wore a coat and gloves and remember that January is summer in Australia. This photo was on one of the good ones though.

Looking Up at the Night Sky Bellerive Oval

One winter our town held a “Flush Away Winter” festival to raise funds for a new toilet block. It was a rare occasion for me to be in Geeveston after dark although actually it was probably only about 6pm.

Church Street Geeveston at night winter 2015
The Forest and Heritage building was the centre for indoor activity.

An autumn evening in Hobart as I waited for the bus back to Geeveston, once again the time would be around 6pm.

An autumn evening – Murray Street, Hobart. 2015


On the pool deck of “Explorer of the Seas” in 2016

Explorer of the Seas  2016:The Pool Deck at night.

At Garden’s by the Bay in Singapore in 2018. The sound and light show was fabulous.

One of the supertrees at Gardens By the Bay in Singapore.
Supertrees at night, Gardens By The Bay , Singapore

A Photo A Week Challenge: Gold

Gold, Gold, Gold

Golden Trees:

First some gold in nature. One of the things I love most about Tasmania is that the cooler climate means we get a proper autumn as the trees change colour.

I took this in a park in New Norfolk
An autumn evening – Murray Street, Hobart.

Lucky Gold:

A golden frog and some gold coins.

My lucky frog looks after my lotto tickets.

Gold at Sea:

Some gold coloured things I photographed on Ovation of the Seas.

Decor outside the restaurants, Ovation of the Seas
Decor in Bolero’s , Ovation of the Seas
Hanging decoration. Ovation of the Seas.
Gold coloured Map of the USA at American Icon Grill, Ovation of the Seas