A Photo A Week Challenge: Fire


Most of my recent photos tagged fire have been of smoke, fire engines, water bombing aircraft and helicopters. However, amongst my archives, I was able to find some more cheery images.

Tea light candle.
A double wick candle.
Keeping warm inside
Firepot at dusk

A Photo A Week Challenge: Cityscape/Townscape


I lived in the suburbs of Adelaide for most of my life. Since we moved in 2002 I’ve only been back a handful of times. When I did go I often photographed places in the city, mainly because I was fearful that they might not be there or would be changed beyond recognition the next time I visited. These photos were taken in 2011, 2012 and 2016.

King William Street, Adelaide in 2011
Exterior of the Regent Arcade off Rundle Mall
The exterior of the Regent Arcade off Rundle Mall- 2011
Rundle Mall, Adelaide, 2011
Adelaide Arcade from Grenfell Street. 2011

When we visited in 2011 and again in 2012 there was a lot of construction going on in the city. John Martin’s department store had already been demolished and Harris Scarfe’s store was about to follow.

Construction in Rundle Mall 2012

On my last visit in 2016, I chose not to visit Rundle Mall and instead spent time around Elder Park, the Festival Centre and Adelaide Oval. Adelaide Oval had just been redeveloped and since I was there they are now “improving” the Festival Centre.

Adelaide Oval
The new entrance to Adelaide Oval
A view of the Festival Theatre and the River Torrens, Adelaide 2016
The Torrens, Adelaide 2016

A Photo A Week Challenge: Black & White

It’s in Black & White

My favourite subjects for black and white photos tend to be things that are old. I like to photograph buildings and I think that industrial subjects often look better in black and white.

Napier, New Zealand’s art deco city is one of the most attractive places I’ve ever visited. The art deco buildings are so colourful but even in black and white, you can appreciate the detail in them. Why don’t we build things like this anymore?

Wreck of the Belle Brandon-Franklin

The Belle Brandon was being restored on the Huon River when she unfortunately sank and sadly was too badly damaged to recover.

Elder Smith Goldsborough Mort buildings, Port Adelaide.

This building is part of Port Adelaide’s industrial area and was a favourite place for David and me to take photos. The photo below is a typical style for Adelaide where many buildings had these overhanging balconies.

Shops in Port Adelaide

A Photo A Week Challenge: Pink

In The Pink

I am not a huge fan of pink usually. It is a pretty colour, don’t get me wrong but I get tired of it being associated with girly things all the time. Everything Barbie is pink, and it’s rather a loud shade for my taste.

I do love pink in nature though and occasionally I see other pink things that I like to photograph. Here are some of them.

A catering van at the Taste of Tasmania

The Red Hat Ladies

Pink sun hats at Salamanca Market

pink rose in the back garden.

Massed pink daisies at Princes Park, Battery Point, Hobart


A Photo A Week Challenge: Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

At the old Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur
These were once Sydney’s oldest moving stairs. They are wooden and were only replaced in the last year or so. I think this was at Town Hall Station but I can’t remember for sure now.
Tracks in the snow, Geeveston Tasmania
The track with its cogs to assist the trains to climb.
The track with its cogs to assist the trains to climb. West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tasmania
A photo a week challenge , vanishing point
Part of the walking trail by the river in Franklin, Huon Valley Tasmania