A Photo A Week Challenge: Pink

In The Pink

I am not a huge fan of pink usually. It is a pretty colour, don’t get me wrong but I get tired of it being associated with girly things all the time. Everything Barbie is pink, and it’s rather a loud shade for my taste.

I do love pink in nature though and occasionally I see other pink things that I like to photograph. Here are some of them.

A catering van at the Taste of Tasmania
The Red Hat Ladies
Pink sun hats at Salamanca Market
pink rose in the back garden.
Massed pink daisies at Princes Park, Battery Point, Hobart


A Photo A Week Challenge: Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

At the old Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur
These were once Sydney’s oldest moving stairs. They are wooden and were only replaced in the last year or so. I think this was at Town Hall Station but I can’t remember for sure now.
Tracks in the snow, Geeveston Tasmania
The track with its cogs to assist the trains to climb.
The track with its cogs to assist the trains to climb. West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tasmania
A photo a week challenge , vanishing point
Part of the walking trail by the river in Franklin, Huon Valley Tasmania

A Photo A Week Challenge: The Great Outdoors

The Great Tasmanian Outdoors

Here I’m sharing a few photos taken in different parts of Tasmania over the past ten years or so.

Moss on a tree. Near Strahan , Tasmania


Early morning view of Strahan taken from our hotel in the Strahan Village.

image vineyards by the river
Vineyards near Rosevears on the Tamar. Cool climate wines are growing in popularity.

Rainbow over the Huon River
Rainbow over the Huon River

Table Cape, north west Tasmania

Topiary, Lake Dulverton, Oatlands Tasmania

A Photo A Week Challenge: On The Horizon

  Cloudy Horizons

First sight of New Zealand
Our first sight of New Zealand


image Huon River, Port Huon
The Huon River from Port Huon Wharf. The clouds are tinged with tobacco from a controlled burn in the forests beyond Geeveston.

Sunrise on the harbour in Darwin.

Blundstone Arena under a cloudy sky.
Blundstone Arena under a cloudy sky.

Dark clouds looming over the Cenotaph in Hobart.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Blue

Just A Blue Day

Here are a few shots of blue skies and blue water.

A helicopter against a beautiful blue sky.

Ovation of the Seas cruising the Great Barrier Reef.

Sea and sky

One of the pools onboard.

One of the pools on Ovation of the Seas

The blue-green waters of The Little Blue Lake in northeastern Tasmania.

Little Blue Lake Tasmania
Little Blue Lake, Tasmania by me.

Some man-made structures in blue.

Blue building in Elizabeth St Hobart

A mosaic in Napier, NZ

A Photo a Week Challenge: Bridges

Building Bridges

I dug into my archives for this challenge and found many different types of bridge photos. Here are a few of them.

Artistic Bridges

Here are a couple of bridges that feature art in the form of sculptures.

Sandridge Bridge – A former railway bridge, now a pedestrian bridge in Melbourne.

Sandridge Bridge, Melbourne

The City to Sea bridge in Wellington, New Zealand passes over the main road to connect with the waterfront.

City to Sea Bridge Wellington
City to Sea Bridge, a public artwork.

City to Sea Bridge Wellington

The detail on the Bridge-City to Sea Bridge Wellington NZ

Historic Bridges

These bridges are beautiful as well as functional even after nearly 200 years.

Convict built bridges in Tasmania at Ross, Richmond and Campbelltown.

image Ross Bridge
The convict designed bridge at Ross.

bridge Richmond Tasmania
The bridge at Richmond built 1825 is possibly the oldest known stone bridge in Australia.

The Red Bridge, convict-built bridge, Campbelltown Tasmania



A Photo A Week Challenge: Reflections

Reflections on the Water

I am so lucky to live near the beautiful Huon River where most of these photos were taken at different times over the past few years.

image boats on Huon river
The tranquility of the Huon River at Franklin

Moorings at Franklin, Tasmania

Yukon hails from Denmark but now carries visitors on the Huon most days of the week.

A beautiful winter day at Port Huon

Rowing boats on the Huon at Franklin.

This last one was taken in Hobart.

Reflective window.