Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: In the Distance

A Long Time Ago, Far, Far Away

I apologise in advance for the quality of these pictures. They are taken from scans of photos that I took on our trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the  1980s. I made copies of them to play around with and produced some black and white images using effects from my Picasa software to use for this challenge.

Katajuta (The Olgas) from the top of Uluru.

Uluru from a distance with my shadow in fhe foreground.

Uluru from a distance.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Indoor Walkways, Hallways and Elevators

Just Keep Walking

Here are some photos taken on various trips away to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Adelaide Arcade is an arcade that connects Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street in the CBD. It is an old building on two levels. The lower part has become very upmarket with expensive shops and cafes. Upstairs there is a display of the history of the building with pictures and information. Here is part of the corridor leading to an upper level.
  • Next is a view taken inside Central Station in Sydney. I took it around dusk and as the lighting was a bit odd I think it actually looks better in sepia. This corridor leads out to the street.
  • The Colgate Palmolive Building which is now apartments. This building is in Balmain, Sydney. An indoor walkway taken from the outside.
  • A photo I have used before in a slightly different form, taken at the National Sports Museum in Melbourne.

Corridor in the Adelaide Arcade.

Corridor leading off the concourse at Sydney Central Station

Walkway between two buildings at the former Colgate Palmolive building, now apartments.

Corridor in the cricket section of the National Sports Museum.


Share Your World 2017: Week #41

Sharing My World This Week

If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

Without a doubt my first choice would be New Zealand. I felt very at home there during the few days we had at cruise ports in New Zealand. It is a country with beautiful scenery and a climate that I would feel comfortable with. In addition New Zealanders are lovely people. At least all the ones I’ve ever met have been. The only thing that would put me off is the earthquakes. It would be scary to live in a country that has so many, some of them have been devastating.

My other choices would be Scotland, a country I’ve always liked and Canada as long as I could live on the coast. All the Canadians I know are also very friendly people.

View of Wellington NZ

View of Wellington NZ from the cable car, 28 Feb 2016

What colour would you like your bedroom to be?

I know it is sensible to paint your walls neutral colours and bring colours in via soft furnishings, pictures etc but I am sick to death of neutrals after painting my whole house in shades of white and cream. Yes it looks nice but it is boring. I have always wanted a bedroom with shades of red and green in it. Not the scarlet and emerald I probably would have picked in my younger days but colours like rose, burgundy and light greens. Perhaps I would pick a shade of pastel green for the walls as I would not want a dark colour and don’t really want pink. Cream would look nice with this colour scheme too but right now I can’t think about neutrals.

What makes you Happy? Make a list of things in your life that bring you joy.

In no particular order:

  • Watching Cindy and Polly playing with each other
  • Travel-seeing new places and revisiting old ones
  • Photography
  • My doll collection
  • Road trips
  • Having a laugh with Naomi
  • Going to a Big Bash cricket match with friends
  • A day visiting markets and antique shops searching for collectibles
  • My home
  • Christmas
  • Hearing birds singing in the trees


What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

This week we have finally had three warm sunny days in a row! I think we all appreciated that. I have also spent several hours over the past week or so soaking, washing and ironing vintage tablecloths and other linen that was donated to the Op Shop ready for our sale on Saturday. I have a new appreciation for my mother’s generation who did this every week and I am certainly glad that I don’t have to.

One of many items I ironed this week.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H -Topic is Happy

The Alphabet According to Cee: H is for Happy Dog

For this challenge I thought I would show you what makes Cindy happy. Chasing tennis balls.

Of course it is a bit difficult to take photos and throw a tennis ball at the same time but I managed to get a few good shots. Luckily the back yard is long enough for me to have time to get the picture before Cindy gets back to me and wants another throw.

She is eleven now and although she is as energetic as ever I have noticed that she doesn’t play for as long now. Five or ten minutes and she’s ready to stop but she’ll be good for another game later. Cindy has always decided how long she’ ll run for though. When David used to take her to the dog park to play ball she would run round madly for five minutes, play ball for a while and then go and jump into the nearby river for a swim, usually losing the ball in the process. After that she would run back and jump into the back of the wagon. She was never taught to do that. She just did.

Waiting for me to throw it again.

Luckily we have a big back yard.

Run Cindy Run!

After the game.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

The Big Hand From The Sky

I am fascinated by small-scale models, dolls houses, model railways, dioramas.  I love the precision of miniaturists who can create tiny household objects to the correct scale for their models. I think miniaturists are probably good at math. It is fun to try to photograph the scenery the way it would appear to the tiny occupants. Suppose they were living beings? How would we look to them? Giants? Maybe Gods whose enormous hands reach in to save them from calamity? Would there be a religion that worshipped the Big Hand From The Sky? Are there advocates for Free will for tiny people?

At the dolls’ house and miniature show

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: All Things Farm Related

Down on the Farm

I thought this would be easy for a country dweller but I am a country dweller who can only see farm animals within a 2km radius of my house when it is not raining. So here are some I prepared earlier.

I used to occasionally house sit for friends who had a hobby farm. I did not have to do a lot, some hay for the sheep, goats and alpacas, feed the chooks, collect the eggs and water the veggies. I loved staying there. It was very peaceful and as it was too far to walk to the bus stop unless I was really keen I just relaxed, did my chores and caught up with reading, knitting and listening to music.

Apple boxes at a local orchard.

Fruit growing is the other main type of farming around here but it is too early in the season for apples yet. We’re waiting for the blossom and hoping the windy October weather does not blow them away.

Lastly here are some cows who live in a paddock next to a neighbour’s place which is literally five minutes walk from my house.