Made in Geeveston: Majestic Rythmics

My walk to Geeveston to watch the filming gave me the opportunity to take photographs not only of the Rosehaven shooting but also a couple of local businesses operated by people I know. I thought it would be fun to share them here.

Makers on Church Street is one of my favourite shops in Geeveston. It is a cooperative where several creative people rent space to run their businesses. Majestic Rythmics is one of these and is run by my friend Nicola Oliver who moved to Tasmania from Queensland just a few years ago.

Nicola makes training outfits, uniforms and costumes for gymnasts, dancers, skaters and even circus performers assisted by her mum Deirdre who helps with cutting and sewing and her partner Dave who helped fit out the shop and does many of the jobs that need to be done in a small business. Nicola also teaches Rythmic Gymnastics in her spare time and coaches the Tasmanian state team .

Nicola and her partner Dave.

Nicola’s mum Deirdre relaxing at home.

When you visit Nicola’s shop in Geeveston you will see the most beautiful display of costumes. Here you can see some of Nicola’s work which I photographed  in her shop.


Some of Nicola’s work.

Fairy costumes

Fairy costumes for big or little girls

Whenever I drop in to see them Nicola and Deirdre are busy cutting and  sewing.  It must take incredible patience to do the “blinging” with sequins and other shiny bits and pieces which Nicola does  by hand. She will also turn her hand to making a fairy costume for a little girl or a smart outfit for a circus ringmaster.

Imagine putting these on by hand!

Bee themed costume.

Here are a couple more of Nicola’s creations. I love these wings. I am sure fairies would be queuing up for these if they came in miniature.

fairy wings.

An amazing pair of wings.

Another lovely costume.

If you are wondering what Rythmic Gymnastics is exactly here is a quote from the website

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect combination of sport and art, linking expressive dance steps with skilful manipulations of the ball, rope, ribbon, hoop or clubs: throw, spin, spiral, roll and catch.

It is an Olympic event for women last held in Rio in 2016.

I’ve included some links at the end of this post if you would like to learn more.

Nicola sends orders all over Australia and overseas, frequently to New Zealand where her daughter Kez  lives. Keziah Oliver competes in Rythmic Gymnastics and represented New Zealand at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In 2015 she attended the World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria and proud mum Nicola went along as her coach, and supplied the costumes of course. Currently Kez is training for selection for the 2018  Commonwealth Games. I’ve included a clip I found of her on YouTube


Snapshot Sunday: Carriage Driver

Steve from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages in Hobart.

Steve from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages in Hobart.

I took this photo one Saturday when Naomi and I were in Hobart. Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages do tours around the Hobart waterfront, Salamanca and Battery Point. I was not quick enough on this occasion to get a good photo of the horses but did get this nice one of Steve, the driver. Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages are based in Geeveston but conduct their tours in Hobart.

An Anytime, Anything, Anywhere Photo

As I haven’t been able to get out to take any new photos this week I decided to post something from my photo’s folder. I’m using this to post favourite photos I haven’t shown in other blogs. I thought all of these were quite fun. Shows you never know who you will run into.


Jailed! He looks rather like a certain doll’s boyfriend. She could be waiting a while.


Warning Warning! Danger Danger! I was thrilled to find this B9, the Robinson’s robot from Lost in Space.


He was outside a shop at The Rocks in Sydney. I’d say he’d been there a long long time. He didn’t offer a lot of conversation.

Rosehaven in Geeveston

After their stint in Oatlands last week the “Rosehaven” crew arrived in Geeveston for a day of filming. The weather was terrible when they were here last year but this time although it was below freezing when they started filming at 6:30am it was nice and sunny by the time that I arrived at 11:15 am. As it had been such a frosty morning the pavement was still wet and with the bright sunlight it was quite glary making it tricky to take photos looking down the street. I decided after watching for a bit that I would do better at the other end of the street. The shops were all open but there were security people keeping pedestrians off the set and occasionally stopping cars for a few minutes during takes. I was a bit wary about walking up the street but I had an errand at the post office and then made my way to the other end of the street. As I was there I dropped into Makers on Church Street to visit my friend Nicola who has a business there. I’ll show you Nicola’s work another day.

While Nicola and I were chatting outside the shop the film crew started getting ready to shoot just outside Makers so we had to go back inside so we would not be in the scene. I ended up inside Makers for quite some time while the crew filmed the two stars Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor walking down the street talking.  Inside the shop was not the best spot to take photos due to the decorations in the window so I have a few new subjects for Bad Photo Monday from that lot. When the crew broke for lunch I went off to get my own and visit with some other Geeveston friends.

I had hoped to get more pictures at the second location after lunch but when I went by that location they were not there yet so I went back to get a couple more shots in Church Street. They moved to the second location a bit after 2:30pm but I decided not to follow them there as I had a half hour walk home and my second battery was getting a bit low. I did manage to get a half decent picture of both of the stars while I was there after doing a bit of post photo editing at home.

So here is my day in Rosehaven.

Filming in Church St, Geeveston

Filming in Church St

Our visitor centre in disguise.

This is normally the entrance to the Visitor Centre in the former Town Hall.


Celia Pacquola between takes.


The 24 Hour Butcher was a gag from last season. Personally I think that “We meat your needs.” would have been a better logo.


The butcher shop sign is real, the window sign is for the TV show.

The Cameraman is a picture of concentration as he is wheeled along.


Luke McGregor after a take.


Celia Pacquola after a take.

Some of the crew outside the post office.

Luke McGregor is unhooked from his microphone after the scene was finished.

I was fairly pleased with the photos of the actors as apart from the first one of Celia Pacquola they were taken either through the window at Makers on Church Street or with my 300mm zoom lens from down the street and edited afterwards with Picasa. The first photo is my favourite though as I took it as she was walking towards me during a break in filming. She said hello to me and I said something trivial about the weather. I’m not used to talking to celebs. I thought she seemed nice and friendly though as were the crew when dealing with the public.

I think that they were filming scenes for more than one episode today as Celia Pacquola seems to be wearing two different outfits here. I’ll look forward to seeing them later in the year.

Rosehaven Links

Rosehaven update 2 from Oatlands

Late Wednesday afternoon I braved the elements and went back to the Rosehaven set because they were doing a bit of exterior filming. This was cars arriving and then leaving the real estate office. I could not witness this close up as I had to stay on the other side of the road near the film crew but I did get a few more photos. It was very cold and windy but I stuck it out until they did at half past five. It was very dark by then and I must say I was in need of my heater and a hot cup of tea. Members of the crew I spoke to were happy to “Wrap things up” as they said. One of them told me they would be returning to Oatlands in about a month’s time. Meanwhile here are a few more photos I took. I didn’t get very many because it was rapidly getting dark.

C T Fish building as real estate office

C T Fish building done up as real estate office in Rosehaven. They were completing the interior filming

Real Estate office Rosehaven

The crew are getting ready for outdoor scenes of cars coming and going.

The film crew

This is a shot of the film crew. The man in black was in charge. They are set up on the lawns of the college. The large building seen in the background is the town hall.

Close up of the film crew

Film crew with one of the cameras


One of the cameramen. Sorry about this photo being grainy. I accidently bumped the picture selection off of auto.

Outside and one of the cars

Close up of window

Here is a close up of the shop window. Everything was very realistic

shop windows

Another shot of the windows. I was wondering about the advertised homes. How did they arrange to get this pictures?

Inside the office

This is a shot of inside. It’s not very good but it was quite difficult to get any good pictures because of the adverts on the windows, screening and timing.

A night shot of the office

Here is one last shot after they finished for the day. They are putting the last of their equipment away.