Bad Photo Monday: Polly No-Eyes

A photo of Polly that did not quite work.

This week’s bad photo is one that did not quite work out. I wanted a photo of Polly  on the couch next to my laptop. I would have quite liked to have had her paw on the track pad but I thought getting her looking at the screen would have been near enough. Unfortunately you can’t see her eyes at all in this as the picture is a bit over exposed and her eyes were almost closed.

Snapshot Sunday: Small Cat!

I decided to have a bit of fun with my photo this Sunday. As Vanda had chosen a big cat I have gone with a smaller one.  I haven’t been out to take any new photos due to being home with a sore back all week. I didn’t think I should be seen out happily snapping photos when I’m supposed to be crook. So I went through my photo album and found these photos of my cat Tigerwoods from 2013. It’s winter and freezing cold but it never stops Tigerwoods from getting out and about. Here he is the brave tightrope artist high up on our fence with me, Toby and Teddy as his audience. These are two of my favourite photos of him.

Tiger on fence

Tigerwoods sits seven feet up on my fence looking down on me and the two dogs Toby and Teddy

Tiger walking the fence

Tigerwoods has started walking along the fence top again. He is watchful of the two dogs. When this fence was new he walked up and down all the time. He seems over it now.

Bad Photo Monday : Weird Eyes

An annoying problem when taking pet photos.

I am sure most of you have seen this problem before. Red eye is bad enough but green eye looks downright weird as well.  Usually I either delete these or fix them in the photo editor. The only reason I took this photo of Cindy was because my laptop was knocked over and when I recovered it I found that my SD card, still in the reader  from the previous editing session looked bent. I was afraid it would not work any more so I put it back in the camera just to take this photo so I could upload it.

Thankfully although it was hard to get it out of the camera after the card is still readable. However with a noticeable bend in it I will retire it as soon as I can get another one. Luckily it was almost full anyway. I also took the precaution of backing up the card so that if it does fail I have all my original pictures as well as the edited ones.

Bad Photo Monday: Uncooperative Pets

Cindy and Polly on the couch

I happened to notice that Cindy and Polly were sharing the couch and as this doesn’t happen often I hurried to take a photo. Of course Polly chose that moment to turn her head.  I managed to make Miss Polly turn round by calling her name so did get a better picture afterwards.

I managed to get a better one of them .

If you would like to join in the silliness of Bad Photo Monday please feel free to post your own photo and link to Naomi’s post or post a link in comments.

Bad Photo Monday

Hello all. I decided to have a bit of fun and start a new series of posts. They will be for bad photos. We have all taken shots that haven’t worked out the way we would like. Have you ever beheaded your family and friends? Have you ever taken a photo you did not mean to take because the camera went off on it’s own. You got knocked or bumped in a crowd for example or you tripped or your hands shook. Your subject moved or clearly did not want a photo taken. We can take a bad photo for a number of reasons. It can just be because we are learning or have a new camera. Well I have taken a lot of rotten shots in my time and some of them are quite funny. I think Mondays are a kind of a drag when you still have to get up for work. I am still working and yes I hate getting up for work. I think some funny photo bloopers would be a good way to have a laugh on a Monday. If anyone would like to send us a funny blooper photo please feel free to do so. I think we will all feel better about our photography mistakes when we see each others too so let’s have some fun. The only rule is that it can’t be a staged blooper. It must be real. Here is my first one. Hope it makes people laugh.




I should have known taking a photo of a fidgety puppy would not work! Great shot of his bum in one of them.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge – C or D

The Letters C & D

Of course the first things that come to mind are cats and dogs. Of course as Polly is a black and white cat she’s a ready-made subject so I decided to play with filters a bit and leave spots of colour in some of the photos.