Cee’s Fun Foto Challeng : Birdies

Watch the Birdie;

Well here is what I came up with for the bird challenge. Nothing unusual here. These are all mainly common birds you would find around water except for the chooks. One of the chooks pictured was at Lake Dulverton where I go for my walks with the dogs. He was sadly dumped there with another rooster. Dumped for being a rooster. I don’t know what became of them. I’m afraid that they were probably killed by other creatures. This sort of thing always makes me very angry. Some kind people were feeding them up till then. A couple of photos are slightly blurred due to the birds moving so quickly. I decided to post them anyway.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Birds

Feathered Friends

Well now we are on to a new group of subjects. I love to photograph birds but it is not easy and not something you can do to order. Well I can’t anyway. No birds have shown up in my garden to be photographed this week. Even the Plover family have deserted me. This afternoon I sat in my garden for an hour or so and I saw what I think was an eagle flying high above me. In the trees I could hear parrots, probably cockatoos, and various little birds chirping away from the safety of the apple tree.

Here are some of my favourite bird photos from the past.

Green or Tasmanian Rosella

pelican, Sydney Australia

“A Wondrous Bird is the Pelican, His Bill holds as much as his belly can.”

Pet show Middleton Fair

These four ducks wandered into my garden.

Out for a stroll with mum or dad.

Yellow Throated Honeyeater Looking in my back door


Juvenile Southern Black Backed Gull

White Ibis – Sydney 2012


Pigeon in Wellington Square Hobart

Polly Five Years On

A Facebook memory reminder today was a photo of Polly from five years ago. We found Polly on the 6th of January 2013 when she was probably about 8 weeks old. It’s been fascinating to see how she’s grown in confidence over five years although she still does not like strangers and hides if anyone comes to the house only making an exception for Naomi who she has decided to be friends with. I started to blog the same year that Polly arrived so her life with me has been well documented. Here is a look back.

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Snapshot Sunday: Toby &Teddy

I just love my pets to pieces so decided to post a couple of shots of my dogs when they were a bit younger. Toby just turned seven on the tenth. He has started to get a bit gray around the face but he is still a real live wire. He never tires of chasing the ball or the Frisbee which he loves. He’s always wanting to go for a walk or a ride in the car. Teddy’s birthday is on the fourteenth of February. He is much quieter than Toby and very loyal. He is always at my feet and he follows me everywhere. He loves his walks too but he hardly ever brings back a ball if you throw it for him. Recently he has decided to play with the soft squeaky toys he has ignored for years so he got new ones for Xmas. His favourite time to play with one of them is when I am talking on the phone. Teddy will turn five in February. Here are my beautiful boys.

_copie-0_Toby & Teddy waiting to go to bed

Toby and Teddy on my bed. Toby is the black dog.

_copie-0_Teddy's Toy

Teddy as a tiny puppy with his toy elephant. He pulled off the ears.

Snapshot Sunday: Grumpy Gull

Even though I just did two lengthy posts on Xmas here is a shot for Snapshot Sunday. I’m just grabbing one fairly recent one from my card since it’s still in my computer. It’s totally random and I haven’t given subject matter the slightest bit of thought. I’m only posting it because I like the pictures. Here are some seagulls. One was really shitty with the other two birds. I like to watch the antics of birds and animals. They can be very funny.


Bad Photo Monday:Bitumen

Well we had been on our walk and I had been stopping quite a lot to take photos of the roses and other flowers for a post I wanted to do. The dogs had been quite patient waiting for me to take my photos. We were walking through the carpark on our way to the front of the building when Teddy suddenly pulled sharply on his lead. You can see his little head in the photo. I was still holding my camera so I ended up with this shot of the bitumen carpark complete with bird poop.


I am blaming Teddy for this one!