Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:Any Topic

I saw a cute lamb with it’s mother. What a cute mother and baby photo this makes. Here is my effort for the “Any Topic” photo challenge.

Ewe & Lamb

Ewe and her cute baby lamb seen on the walk around the Female Factory site at Ross

Bad Photo Monday: Rear End of a Chook

Hens behind bars.

The catholic school in Geeveston has a couple of “chooks” and I thought it would be nice to get a photo for my animals and birds collection. This one is a pretty bird but did not look great through the wire fence so I moved closer to make the wire disappear. (David showed me this trick when we used to photograph trains through wire fences and also at the Formula One Grand Prix where you are separated from the cars by safety fencing.)

However, chooky didn’t want her picture taken and showed what she thought of the idea by turning her back on me.

She didn’t want to have her picture taken.

Bad Photo Monday: Polly No-Eyes

A photo of Polly that did not quite work.

This week’s bad photo is one that did not quite work out. I wanted a photo of Polly  on the couch next to my laptop. I would have quite liked to have had her paw on the track pad but I thought getting her looking at the screen would have been near enough. Unfortunately you can’t see her eyes at all in this as the picture is a bit over exposed and her eyes were almost closed.

Snapshot Sunday: Small Cat!

I decided to have a bit of fun with my photo this Sunday. As Vanda had chosen a big cat I have gone with a smaller one.  I haven’t been out to take any new photos due to being home with a sore back all week. I didn’t think I should be seen out happily snapping photos when I’m supposed to be crook. So I went through my photo album and found these photos of my cat Tigerwoods from 2013. It’s winter and freezing cold but it never stops Tigerwoods from getting out and about. Here he is the brave tightrope artist high up on our fence with me, Toby and Teddy as his audience. These are two of my favourite photos of him.

Tiger on fence

Tigerwoods sits seven feet up on my fence looking down on me and the two dogs Toby and Teddy

Tiger walking the fence

Tigerwoods has started walking along the fence top again. He is watchful of the two dogs. When this fence was new he walked up and down all the time. He seems over it now.

One Word Photo Challenge: Heron


I had not planned to join in this challenge as I did not expect to get the opportunity to photograph herons. However, today I looked out my kitchen window  and saw several members of the plover family who have claimed the land between my garden and the power substation next door. Then I noticed that I had another visitor, one I had never seen in my garden before.

I believe this is a White-faced Heron, one of the most common types of heron found in Australia. Luckily I still had the long lens on the camera so I took a few photos through the window. I didn’t want to go outside because even if I didn’t scare it away Cindy would have wanted to come with me and she certainly would have although she doesn’t really chase birds any more.

White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron