Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Pets

Pets: by Naomi

At last an easy one! The hard part today was which photos of my beautiful pets to choose as I have a lot of them. In this end I came up with these. I hope you all enjoy them.



Tigerwoods walking the fence


Panther Rose

Panther Rose

Teddy takes a bath


Teddy wrapped in a towel after his bath


Teddy all clean and fluffy


Snapshot Sunday: Garden Visitors of the Scaly Kind

Now the weather is warming up I’m seeing quite a few lizards in the garden. This one was relaxing by the pergola so I was able to get a few photos.

I have to admit that I am not sure what this is. I think it is too slender to be a Blue Tongued Lizard and is probably some variety of skink.

I found a description of the She-Oak Skink which seems rather similar to this one but as I know very little about reptiles I’d only be guessing. The Parks & Wildlife website where I went to look for descriptions of lizards uses a lot of big words and assumes you know something about reptiles. It did describe the She-Oak Skink as slender and snake-like which this one is. Once they started talking about¬†Frontoparietals and so on I was lost.

The She-Oak skink is native to Tasmania, similar skinks on the Australian mainland are a different species. Here’s a link to the Parks & Wildlife website.


If I made the right guess I was quite lucky to see it as these reptiles are not usually out in the open like that. They are described as having “secretive habits” a sort of cloak and dagger lizard I guess.


Yellow Throated Honeyeater

Garden Visitors: Yellow Throated Honey Eater

I usually have a lot of trouble trying to photograph the smaller birds that visit my garden. Of course when you have a large dog who has to be with you all the time that does not help. This morning though I had a big surprise. I got out of bed and headed to the back door to let Cindy out. There,¬† about a foot away from the door was this little guy sitting absolutely still. Well of course that meant I could not let Cindy out so I went to the toilet and when I¬† returned it was still there so I grabbed the camera. This bird sat still for so long I started to worry that something was wrong with it I didn’t want to open the door because of Cindy so I took my photos through the glass.

I often see these little birds in my garden and I thought that they were a species of finch but when I looked it up using my photos for reference I learned that it is a Yellow Throated Honeyeater, a fairly common native Tasmanian bird. Eventually after five minutes or more had passed I tapped on the glass and the bird seemed to come out of its trance and flew away. I wonder what it was so interested in? Was it admiring its own reflection in the glass? Had it come to thank me for planting bottlebrush and other bird attracting plants in the garden or perhaps to ask for some more dog hair? These birds are known for using animal hair in the nest-building process and when I brush Cindy outside I get a lot of loose hairs. She has probably supplied half the nests in Geeveston. Or perhaps the birds were having a human counting census like the bird counting census that is happening this week for National Bird Week.

I only had my standard 18-55 mm zoom lens on the camera but the photos came out quite well and I cropped them a bit afterwards.

Yellow Throated Honeyeater

Bird Links



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H -Topic is Happy

The Alphabet According to Cee: H is for Happy Dog

For this challenge I thought I would show you what makes Cindy happy. Chasing tennis balls.

Of course it is a bit difficult to take photos and throw a tennis ball at the same time but I managed to get a few good shots. Luckily the back yard is long enough for me to have time to get the picture before Cindy gets back to me and wants another throw.

She is eleven now and although she is as energetic as ever I have noticed that she doesn’t play for as long now. Five or ten minutes and she’s ready to stop but she’ll be good for another game later. Cindy has always decided how long she’ ll run for though. When David used to take her to the dog park to play ball she would run round madly for five minutes, play ball for a while and then go and jump into the nearby river for a swim, usually losing the ball in the process. After that she would run back and jump into the back of the wagon. She was never taught to do that. She just did.

Waiting for me to throw it again.

Luckily we have a big back yard.

Run Cindy Run!

After the game.