Snapshot Sunday: Vintage Car MG

I haven’t posted any car photos for a bit so here is an MG I spotted in a carpark in Hobart several months ago now. I love the bright orange body. When you see all the drab greys on cars these days it does cheer things up. The colour grey seems to be dominating everywhere you go. Nearly every second car you pass on the road is grey. Every home I view on the Internet is grey. You can not escape grey. This orange MG was a welcome sight. I like to wear grey but I sure am sick of it being in vogue in my surroundings.

GEDC2976MG 1MG 3

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Structure

Structures Large & Small

Thinking about this today I decided that structure was just as much about the way something is put together as the object itself. I’ve gone with a mix of arty and industrial structures for this challenge. They are all man made and constructed of metal. Each one is made up of a great many parts. I started thinking about all the work that went into creating all of these. It does  make you think and stop and look at them all more closely. The dog sculpture is made using recycled odds and ends and he is located at the Glenorchy Rubbish dump and recycling shop. The giant egg sculpture is a favourite of mine and used to be on a sculpture walk in Sydney. It has since been moved. I always thought the cement truck an interesting subject. It can be found at the Mona art gallery here in Hobart. The two cranes were shot in New Zealand and most of the others photos were taken in Tasmania. I thought they all made rather good subjects for this challenge.

Sydney Tower

The Sydney Tower. We are going for dinner there next month in the revolving restaurant.



Some arty looking slides in New Zealand.

Mine Shaft

The Beaconsfield Mineshaft in Tasmania

Historic Crane

Historic Crane in Wellington

Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane in Wellington

Dog Sculpture

Metal Dog Sculpture at Glenorchy Tasmania.

Cargo Ship

A Cargo Ship on the Mersey River Devonport Tasmania.

Big Wheel

A big wheel seen at Penny Royal Launceston Tasmania.

_copie-0_Mona Cement Truck

Cement truck sculpture at Mona Art Gallery Tasmania.

_copie-0_Giant Egg Sculpture

Giant egg sculpture at The Rocks Sydney.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challeng : Birdies

Watch the Birdie;

Well here is what I came up with for the bird challenge. Nothing unusual here. These are all mainly common birds you would find around water except for the chooks. One of the chooks pictured was at Lake Dulverton where I go for my walks with the dogs. He was sadly dumped there with another rooster. Dumped for being a rooster. I don’t know what became of them. I’m afraid that they were probably killed by other creatures. This sort of thing always makes me very angry. Some kind people were feeding them up till then. A couple of photos are slightly blurred due to the birds moving so quickly. I decided to post them anyway.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : The Letter Z

I was a bit disappointed to reach the letter Z as I was enjoying this alphabet challenge but I am looking forward to the new one. I wonder what it will be. Anyway I came up with all sorts of things for “Z” from the very predictable zoo to the rather unexpected Zara that turned up in one of my photos. I hadn’t planned that one and it’s not even a very good photo. It came in handy today though. Here are my “Z” photos.

My “Z” words are:

  • Zoo
  • Gazebo
  • Dizzy Gillespie
  • Zebra Crossing
  • Zara
  • Z 2 Tram
  • Wazza

Snapshot Sunday : Tram House

Vanda and I have been looking at some houses together as we plan to buy a new home to share in the not too distant future. One of the homes we went to see was at a place called Verona Sands. The home was very unusual and appealed to the both of us as we have always had a keen interest in trains, trams, ships and cars. This amazing home is made up from two Hobart trams. These trams were once part of Hobart’s tramway network carrying people to and from the city. They are probably about a hundred years old by now. I took a photo of the house on the day which was created using the trams in the 1980s. Before this the trams were used as holiday or fishing shacks. For more information about Hobart’s trams and transport I suggest looking up the Tasmanian Transport Museum or looking on Wikipedia : Trams in Hobart.



Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge : Patterns

I took some new photos for this challenge but I ended up junking them when I found better ones in my archives. Some of them were in quite brilliant colour and it was almost a shame to turn them into black and white photographs. I decided to leave just a hint of colour in a couple where others are true black and white shots. When you look you can find patterns almost anywhere. My cat has beautiful stripes being a tabby cat. One of the chefs made a work of art from a simple melon and a rooster walking through the snow left some footprints that I thought made a nice pattern. I’ve always loved looking at footprints and handprints. But anyway here is my effort for “Patterns”

024 (2)

You can see the diamond shaped pattern throughout this building. I still think it looks like a giant pot scourer.

Circus Tent

A circus tent covered in bold stripes so it will stand out.


A rooster made these lovely footprints in the snow. There look rather like leaves don’t they?

GEDC1072 (2)

The red and white flowers were set up to form a cross like pattern.

GEDC1220 (2)

The melon soon became quite a work of art after the chef finished carving it out.

GEDC1242 (2)

This glass ball decorating a staircase had lots of pretty flower like patterns inside it.

GEDC1329 (2)

A beautiful mosaic tiled floor in an arcade.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to Start or End with the Letter Y

I didn’t mind having the letter Y  for this week as it gave me another excuse to use photos of Toby and Teddy. I had a lovely walk around the town looking for other things to photograph and got one or two good ones. We’ve had some dodgy weather with hot days and strong winds or very wet days. We’ve had the lot in one day. Many people have said to me that you often get four seasons in one day over here and they are quite right but despite that we’ve managed to get out for our walks and I actually got to take some new photos. I love the High Street here in Oatlands. There are so many old and interesting buildings here. Quite a few of the buildings along the High Street are built from sandstone and date back to the 1860’s I think. They are very old anyway but in wonderful condition. Others are of weatherboard. The Pharmacy is a mix of both sandstone and weather board and I always loved the front of this building so I have featured it today. The other photos are a mixture of other Y places and things. All of these photos have the subject ending in the letter “Y”




Bird Sanctuary

History Room

History Room

Holiday Makers

Holiday Makers


Oatlands Pharmacy

Shirley Temple doll

Shirley Temple

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Teddy Sleeping

Teddy Sleeping

Toby Sleeping

Toby Sleeping

Word for this challenge are:

  • Cemetery
  • Sanctuary
  • History
  • Holiday
  • Pharmacy
  • Shirley
  • Teddy Bear
  • Teddy
  • Toby