Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Anything That Flies

Things that Fly

Air Tractor used for fighting fires

A few years ago, while on a visit to South Australia, I went to visit the Port Adelaide Aviation Museum. The aircraft in the foreground of the next photo is an RAAF Spitfire fighter plane. The following one is of some of the other exhibits which are housed in an unusually shaped hanger.

Mark Vc Supermarine Spitfire EE853 A58-146 (UP-O) http://www.saam.org.au/aircraft/Spitfire.pdf

The following photos were taken at Lake Dulverton in Oatlands on one of my pet-sitting visits to Naomi some years ago. Part of the lake is a bird sanctuary.

Swans on Lake Dulverton Oatlands, Tasmania
Sleepy Ducks
Cormorant, Lake Dulverton


    • I changed my bird photos to black & white just for the post. As you know I much prefer colour for nature pictures especially. The Aviation Museum is very good. I never got to visit it when we lived in SA and it moved locations a few times, so I grabbed the opportunity to go. Port Adelaide is actually very good for museums. There is also a Railway Museum and a Maritime Museum.


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