Photographing Public Art #7

Art in Wynyard

This week I found myself in Wynyard with two hours to kill. For a change it wasn’t raining so I decided to take some photos of local art found along Goldie Street, the main street in the town. I had to use my phone which as usual drove me crazy.

There are some very pretty pieces though and I was pleased to be able to capture them to share. I’ll have more to show another time.

These first two are located on a wall in a recently constructed rest area. Wynyard has a lot of older residents so the council has built a shelter with picnic tables and toilets nearby right in the middle of Goldie Street. These pictures were done by a local lady. I recognise them because we have some of these images for sale as greeting cards at the Visitor Centre.

Paintings by a local artist in a rest area

This is the local Returned Services League building. It’s a club with a restaurant and other facilities. I haven’t been inside as yet. The outside is decorated with these pictures. I have taken some close ups of them because they are very unusual and deserve a post of their own.

Murals at the RSL Club

Our local Woolworths also has a series of pictures adorning the outside of the building. They are modern colour photographs with old time black and white images superimposed on them. This is one of my favourites.

Mural of Wynyard scene

Yes, more cows. Can you guess what the main industry in the district is? (No, it is not producing art works although they seem to be pretty good at that too.) This is another small park in Goldie Street which also has benches and picnic tables.

Cow statue at the park

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