Vintage Wrecks at Willow Court

Another Trip to Willow Court 

During my holidays in August my friend Phillip and I went to Willow Court New Norfolk.It’s a place I love to go as it has antique shops, interesting gardens, a nice cafe and lots of old wrecked vintage cars awaiting new owners to restore them. I always feel both sad and excited to see them. Sad because they are in such a state of disrepair and excited because I love to see old vintage cars anytime. I’m really into old stuff so I just love Willow Court. For those who don’t know Willow court used to be a hospital. I’ll leave a link at the bottom of the page because it does have some very interesting history of its own. Now onto the cars. I hadn’t been here in a long while so there were a lot of different cars, trucks and buses including the AC DC tour bus I posted a few weeks ago. After visiting the two antique shops and having a nice cuppa in the cafe I walked around and got photos of most of the vehicles, mostly the ones that interested me. In some cases there was more than one of the same make. So here is my slide show of the many vehicles there that Saturday in August.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are a few links to check out if you are interested in Willow Court or antiques in general or maybe just check out the cars. If you do an online search you can find plenty to read about Willow Court and the old Derwent Hospital.



  1. Really good photos. You found a fascinating bunch of old cars on this trip. I wondered if the very rusty “unknown” car that looks like it might have been pale blue is the same one I photographed there several years ago. It is a lot rustier now if it is.

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  2. There is something about vintage cars. I generally like old and rusty things. It’s maybe the textures of old metal that I like so much. Nice photos and I see, must be a nice place to hang around and take photos.

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    • I love going to Willow Court because you never know what you might find therein or out of the buildings. The cars are spread out over the are and are sold through the antique centre. I just love to wander about on a fine day. I hope to go there again so will take another batch of pictures if there are any different cars.

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