Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Tongues and Tails

Tongues Out Tales

This challenge sounded like a good opportunity to post some cute pictures of Cindy and Polly but of course, pets never perform on cue, do they?

Polly, who had been asleep in the dining room all morning decided to wander off and is probably hiding under a bed. However, I do have some older photos of her displaying her tongue.

Polly giving Cindy a good wash.


Polly giving herself a wash

Here is Polly intent on trying to catch a bird with her tail down.

Polly in hunting mode.

Cindy is pretty easy to photograph but not today. No amount of saying “cheese” would get her to stick her tongue out when I wanted, always just before or just after. I even tried to hold a biscuit out at the same time.

Trying to hold a biscuit in one hand a camera in the other.
I did manage to get a better one in the end.

Here is an older one which is much better.

Laughing dog

Turning from my uncooperative pets to my dolls I did find a few who were displaying their tongues.

My childhood doll Theresa has a mechanism that moves her tongue with her eyes. I left it coloured to make it easier to see.

Theresa has a tiny tongue that peeks out.
Ronnie is a doll I bought in the nineties, he looks like he’s laughing.
A Galoob BabyFace doll

The Galoob BabyFace dolls are also from the nineties and they all have comical expressions, many with their tongues out. This is the only one I have.

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