Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge : Patterns

I took some new photos for this challenge but I ended up junking them when I found better ones in my archives. Some of them were in quite brilliant colour and it was almost a shame to turn them into black and white photographs. I decided to leave just a hint of colour in a couple where others are true black and white shots. When you look you can find patterns almost anywhere. My cat has beautiful stripes being a tabby cat. One of the chefs made a work of art from a simple melon and a rooster walking through the snow left some footprints that I thought made a nice pattern. I’ve always loved looking at footprints and handprints. But anyway here is my effort for “Patterns”

024 (2)

You can see the diamond shaped pattern throughout this building. I still think it looks like a giant pot scourer.

Circus Tent

A circus tent covered in bold stripes so it will stand out.


A rooster made these lovely footprints in the snow. There look rather like leaves don’t they?

GEDC1072 (2)

The red and white flowers were set up to form a cross like pattern.

GEDC1220 (2)

The melon soon became quite a work of art after the chef finished carving it out.

GEDC1242 (2)

This glass ball decorating a staircase had lots of pretty flower like patterns inside it.

GEDC1329 (2)

A beautiful mosaic tiled floor in an arcade.

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