Snapshot Sunday

After a huge working week I decided that today being Sunday I would simply take it easy and just do some things I enjoy doing. Who doesn’t enjoy a lazy Sunday at home when you don’t have to work. I work every second one so I really enjoy having a whole week end off. I love to sleep in. When I finally decide it’s time to get up I make a lovely hot cup of tea and check out what is happening online. The dogs and cats curl up in their baskets keeping me company while I browse the news or some of my favourite web sites. Later I potter around a bit doing what ever I need to do before starting some hobbies. I recently came across an interesting app where you can turn your photos into drawings and stuff. I had one of these before but haven’t found it so far. I am madly trying to reinstall all my favourite apps on my new computer. This one makes some very good drawings so I mucked about with a few photos this morning to see what I could come up with. I did have some fun with this. So for Snapshot Sunday I am posting one of my original pictures together with the one I turned into a bit of artwork. If you are interested in this app or one like it I got it off the Microsoft Store.

_copie-0_GEDC2818Color Shading of Weeping Willow


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