Snapshot Sunday: Cricket at Bellerive

Mitchell Johnson 2010
Ricky Ponting 2010


Bellerive Oval January 2010

This has been the first summer in seven years that I have not attended a cricket match at Bellerive. I’ve been very lucky to have seen Australia play against many other countries as well as attending Hobart Hurricanes games in the Big Bash League. This year I had to be content with watching it all on television and I missed being able to take photos of the ground and the players. These photos were taken at the very first match I attended in January 2010, a Test Match between Australia and Pakistan.

Bellerive Oval, now more often known as Blundstone Arena looks very different now with the new Ricky Ponting Stand where two older, smaller stands are in my photo. It is a beautiful stand but I rather miss the view of Mount Wellington.

Ricky Ponting Stand, Blundstone Arena, Bellerive

Snapshot Sunday

After a huge working week I decided that today being Sunday I would simply take it easy and just do some things I enjoy doing. Who doesn’t enjoy a lazy Sunday at home when you don’t have to work. I work every second one so I really enjoy having a whole week end off. I love to sleep in. When I finally decide it’s time to get up I make a lovely hot cup of tea and check out what is happening online. The dogs and cats curl up in their baskets keeping me company while I browse the news or some of my favourite web sites. Later I potter around a bit doing what ever I need to do before starting some hobbies. I recently came across an interesting app where you can turn your photos into drawings and stuff. I had one of these before but haven’t found it so far. I am madly trying to reinstall all my favourite apps on my new computer. This one makes some very good drawings so I mucked about with a few photos this morning to see what I could come up with. I did have some fun with this. So for Snapshot Sunday I am posting one of my original pictures together with the one I turned into a bit of artwork. If you are interested in this app or one like it I got it off the Microsoft Store.

_copie-0_GEDC2818Color Shading of Weeping Willow