Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter X needs to be in the word or shaped like the letter X.

The Alphabet According to Cee: X Marks the Spot

We are up to X and on the home run to the end of the alphabet.

First a few railway themed X’s:

  • Climax
  • Exhibit
  • X Class

The first photo was taken on the Puffing Billy Railway in Victoria of their Climax locomotive. The second one is also a Climax but this one lives in the Tasmanian Transport Museum at Glenorchy. The Climax, also pictured  in the third photo is an exhibit or as the partially obscured sign says an “Xhibit”. Finally, a Tasmanian Government Railways X Class diesel locomotive.

Volunteer driver

Climax locomotive at the Tasmanian Transport Museum. Glenorchy.

Climax Locomotive at Tasmanian Transport Museum

Tasmanian Railways X Class Diesel.

Here are a couple of X shapes:

Here is an X I’ve used a couple of times before in the Which Way and B&W Challenges but it is such a good X I can’t leave it out. It is on the Hobart waterfront outside the Brooke Street Pier building.


X marks the spot

I took this photo because of a funny story that Naomi told me about her friend Leigh who lives in Adelaide. Well it wasn’t so much what happened that was funny it was his reaction to it that made us laugh. Apparently one night he was fast asleep in bed and was woken by a crash. He got up and went into his living room. Leigh described the scene to Naomi over the phone. “I saw a cross on the floor.” His ceiling fan had fallen down. Not a good thing to happen of course but we have a visual sort of sense of humour and picturing the incredulous Leigh and the cross on the floor set Naomi off laughing and then of course she told me and I laughed too. We’re not unsympathetic. We just can’t help ourselves.

A cross which is thankfully not on the floor.

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