Cee’s B&W Challenge: Walls Indoor or Outdoor.

Walls by Naomi

I’ve got a bung knee and leg from the week end’s house hunting activities so won’t be wandering far from home for a few days except to take Tigerwoods to get his shots. I’ve delved into the archives once again and found some photos I hope will be suitable for this challenge. I love looking at old buildings anytime and most of my photos feature very old buildings and places but I have added one dreadful new building in Adelaide that reminds me of one of those silver scouring pads you get for cleaning pots. You would all get what I mean if you saw this in colour and from further away. I haven’t done any indoor ones but there are plenty of outdoor pictures to make up for them.


Tudor Style walls on a building

Tudor Style Walls

Stone wall Lake Dulverton Oatlands

Dry Stone Wall

South Esk Brewery wall in Launceston

Beautiful old brickwork on the Esk Brewery building

Sandstone walls and steps leading to the top of th

Sandstone wall and steps on the old Ross Bridge

Ruined jail walls at Port Arthur

Walls of the old jail in Port Arthur

Rock climbing wall

Rock climbing wall


Outside wall of Mures restaurant in Hobart

Modern building in Adelaide

Here it is! CSIRO building Adelaide. “The Pot Scourer”

Industrial building walls Launceston

Old railway workshops in Launceston.

Galvanised iron wall in a back alley in Hobart CBD

Wall made of galvanised iron

Brick wall at Botanical gardens Hobart

Brick wall in the Botanical Gardens Hobart

Antique shop in Penguin

Brick wall displaying a sign.


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