Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter U – needs to have O & U in the words

I started jotting down some words that had both an O and a U in them and came up with several good ones but the trick was to find these words in objects that I could photograph or ones I already had captured. Diving into my archives I found a good many and several I liked a lot. Some because they reminded me of good times I’ve had on an outing or holiday with Vanda or Phillip and even times with my beloved pets. Others I just loved the colour or the way the photo turned out. I am not the world’s greatest photographer as I have said many times so when I get it right I get quite excited. There are one or two in this collection I really like. I have learnt something while looking back on photos I have taken over the last few years. When you are taking photos of the things you love they are bound to come out better than the shots we take because we think we need to take them. I don’t know if anyone else gets hung up on this. I think we often snap this or that and then those photos are put away and forgotten. Who does not have a box of old photographs never displayed in an album. I know it’s all digital these days and I often wonder where these pictures end up. Well there are things I love like my pets, ships, old buildings and cars of course. I’ve noticed I’m taking better ones of these but my snap snap snap shots are still boring and lack a sense of interest so I delete them. Most of todays pictures are things I like and here they are.

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I’ve gone with a lot of variety for this challenge. I felt like having a bit of everything and hoped to add colour and interest. Here are the words I have picked out for the photo challenge.

  • Dinosaur
  • Cloud Cover
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Fountain
  • Russian Dolls
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Shell House
  • Thumb Sucker Dolls
  • Fortune Teller
  • Auckland Harbour
  • Tourist Attraction


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Corners

Standing on the Corner

I love photographing buildings and I’ve been taking pictures in the city of Hobart for 15 years now. We have a lot of interesting old buildings and I wanted to be sure to record them all before something happened to them so my corners are street corners. Buildings located on street corners are often an interesting shape too.

This building used to be Hobart’s first automatic telephone exchange.  About ten  or twelve years ago it was converted to an apartment hotel. It stands on the corner of Davey Street and Sandy Bay Road. I go past it on the bus every time I go home from Hobart.

Formerly belonging to the power authority but now an apartment hotel this building stands on the corner of Davey St and Sandy Bay Road, Hobart. Built 1926.

Another interesting old building on the corner of Macquarie and  Murray Streets is this one. Why do I take so many pictures on Murray Street? Well apart from the fact that there are some really cool buildings there I spend a lot of time there waiting for buses.

Another old building on the corner of Murray and Macquarie Streets
Corner of Murray & Macquarie Streets Hobart.

We are lucky in Hobart to have some great examples of art deco buildings. These next one belongs to Hobart City Council but was once the headquarters of the Hydro Electric Commission. The following one is used as government admin offices but there is a plan to turn it into a luxury hotel. I am particularly glad to have got a nice photo of it because the plan includes building a three storey addition on top of it that basically looks like a glass brick. I hate when they do that.

Former Hydro Electric Commission HQ. Built 1938-40. Now Hobart City Council offices. Corner Elizabeth and Davey Streets.


Office building, corner of Murray and Davey Streets.

And finally a pub which claims to be the oldest pub in Australia built around 1807. Another hotel in Tasmania disputes this as the Hope and Anchor has not continuously operated as a pub for all that time.

Hope and Anchor Tavern circa 1807. Corner of Macqurie and Market Place