Cee’s B&W Challenge: Toys for Children & Adults

Here are my photos for this week’s B&W photo challenge. Many of these toys were once played with by children and now collected and played with again by adults. I suspect often the same ones! Dolls, bears and trains will always be loved by someone. Who can resist dressing up a fashion doll or blowing the whistle on a steam engine. Who can help but pick up and hold that cuddly teddy bear. I still love these things and I still feel for change in my pocket when passing remote control cars and boats or that mysterious old coin operated fortune teller. In fact I was even tempted to buy one of the colourful pinwheels below.



Vintage Plastic Toy Trucks

Plastic Trucks

Teddy on Cane Chair

Teddy Bear

Baby John and Big Ted

Baby Doll & Bear


Francie Doll

Remote Control Boats

Remote Control Boats

Model Train in Station

Model Train

Signal Box Levers

Model Signal Levers


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