Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Toys for Children & Adults

Toys for Young & Old

Op Shop Toys

I often take photos of things at the Op Shop. These two were taken with my tablet, one some months ago and the other this morning (Friday) especially for this post.

Toys at the Op Shop

Toys at the Op Shop

Of course I could not leave out the Toy Story Gang who arrived at the Op Shop in a terrible state. I took them home and cleaned them up and Naomi ended up buying Woody and Bullseye.

Child’s Playthings – The Toy Story Gang

Big Girl’s Toys

Naomi and I love our toys as you know. Here are some reproduction paper dolls that she gave me a couple of years ago. The story behind these is that an older cousin gave me the originals of this set when I was about nine. They were old when I got them and eventually were given away or thrown away but I remembered them very well. Naomi spent months searching eBay for the right set, she didn’t remember them quite as well as I did being younger and I didn’t know what the set was called or who printed it. She sent me links to so many wedding sets on eBay and eventually found the right ones. For the record it’s called Bridal Party and was published by Saalfield.


Wedding Paper Dolls

Toys with Toys

Even some of my toys have toys of their own.

Dolls with toys.

Old Boys Toys

You are never too old for toys.

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