Oatlands Xmas Pageant

Wow it has been such a busy time with work and shopping for Xmas presents and stuff. The days have flown by and they hasn’t been a lot of time for posting photographs. I had taken some pictures but haven’t posted a thing in ages. Well Friday the 15th of December was pageant night here in Oatlands so I decided to find a good spot on the High Street where I could take some pictures of the parade. We have a really excellent group of floats. After the parade they assemble in the park and prizes are given out for the best ones. There is also a free sausage sizzle and there are always loads of lollies thrown from the floats. I collected a lot myself as various characters spotted me, ran towards me and thrust lollies into my spare hand. It was a fun night and I managed to get a few photos. Some of the floats were from businesses here in Oatlands while others were definitely not from Oatlands. You can probably guess which are which. The Roxy Supermarket started out with a heap of balloons but it was really windy and they lost most of them before the end of the parade. Anyway here are some of the photos I took.




One thought on “Oatlands Xmas Pageant

  1. I like the one from the kennels best but the Minions were very good too. The Buddhists always put on a good show. I have seen them in the Hobart Christmas Pageant. It was also nice that you had a band. We didn’t have any music in our parade this year and you really need at least one band to play Christmas music in a parade. Good shots.

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