Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences & Gates

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

After a week of hot sunny weather the rain is back with a vengeance. It has been raining here since Thursday evening, sometimes quite heavily so my pictures today are taken in my garden and yes it was raining when I took them. When I put them on the computer I played about with some of Picasa’s special effects to make them a bit more interesting.

They say that good fences make good neighbours. I try to be a good neighbour by having a fully fenced back garden to keep Cindy in. It doesn’t always work as Cindy can climb over the fence if she really wants to. Luckily the only time she really wants to is when I am on the other side of the fence and she wants to get to me.

Metal gate in my back garden.

Raindrops on the gate.

My back fence used to be a post and rail fence but then they built houses behind me. My back neighbour is kept busy repairing the holes that his dogs chew in this fence.

My back fence has been repaired several times.

My front fence could also use some work.

Broken fence.

Next door to me on one side is the local power sub station. Best neighbours ever! They don’t have noisy vehicles, destructive pets or parties.

The well fenced power sub station.

power sub station.

Last of all an old photo that I took some years ago now. This is the gate of the old Hobart Zoo which closed many, many years ago. This zoo was where the last known Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) was kept until it died. It is a very ornate gate but if you look closely at the animals they all look sad. Of course zoos today provide a much better environment for animals and have breeding programs so that endangered species can be helped to survive. If only they had been more forward thinking when the Thylacine’s were still with us.

The old Zoo gate

Tasmanian Tiger Sculpture

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