Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Found in the Kitchen

Kitchen Capers

I take a lot of photos in my kitchen but not many of it. It’s a well-lit room compared to the rest of the house so I often take dolls and other small items in there to photograph. Like most of my house the kitchen is a place to display precious “stuff”. I used to have cookbooks on these shelves but as some of them are a bit daggy looking I put them away when I painted the kitchen a few months ago so now the shelves only contain my small collection of tins and my vintage canisters. They are from the 1950s made by Nally and are called Harlequin. Each canister is a different colour. I picked mine up some years ago for about $25-30 I think as some lettering is gone on a couple of them but these days collectors will pay a lot for ones in top condition. I do use them too, they are full of flour, sugar, rice and tea bags. I don’t think I have any instant coffee. The wooden canister at the end is a tea caddy. Naomi has a larger one for biscuits.

Canister and tin collection

Nally Harlequin canisters

Obviously one thing you will always find in the kitchen is food. These items were bought in preparation for Christmas baking which will soon begin. Below that the large freezer David and I bought as we liked to stock up on certain things. Now that I can’t carry things home from the shops easily it is handy because it can hold several weeks worth of goods. I use frozen vegetables a lot. Don’t judge me!

If you are wondering why the ladder is still in the kitchen it is because I often need it to reach the food on the top shelf of the cupboards. I hope the next house has a walk in pantry so I don’t have to climb a ladder every time I want a tin of something or a packet of pasta. My bread tin came from the Op Shop and although it is rather large I like it because there would be room for bread rolls and long loaves if I wanted them, none in there this week though.

It’s nearly time for Christmas baking.

Inside the freezer.

Guess what I keep in here.


My cleaning basket, not normally kept in the kitchen.

Normally a resident of the laundry,my cleaning basket is in the kitchen today because obviously I was going to clean before letting you all look in here.

Last of all here is another page of my Steamrail calendar. I hope I will be able to remember all these things next time Naomi and I play Scattergories.

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