Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to contain two M’s anywhere in the word

The Alphabet According to Cee: M is in…

  • Commando comics
  • Messerschmitt car
  • Tammy dolls
  • Memorial
  • Commodore station wagon

My M words this week have come from the archives. The comic books belonged to David and I photographed them when I was preparing to sell them. He really enjoyed comic books. Thanks to “The Big Bang Theory” a favourite program of his this seems to be socially acceptable now.

The funny little Messerschmitt car I photographed at the Automobile Museum in Launceston which Naomi and I visited a few years ago now.

The Tammy dolls belong to both of us. Naomi’s two are in front and the rest are mine. A mixed bunch of Ideal Tammy made in Japan for the US market, Hong Kong for the European market and a Canadian Tammy made by Reliable as well.

The Forest Memorial was erected in Geeveston a couple of years ago to commemorate all the forestry workers who lost their lives due to accidents.

Last of all our Holden Commodore station wagon, already more than twenty years old when this picture was taken at Chiltern in Victoria. We bought the car, secondhand, around 1990 and kept it until 2010. We drove to various parts of South Australia in it, to Melbourne, to Tasmania several times before we moved here and to Canberra and back. Last month the Holden factory in Elizabeth, South Australia closed and there will be no more Commodore’s and in fact no more cars manufactured in Australia as Ford and Toyota have also left; but Holden was the Australian car.

Commando comics that belonged to David


Messerschmitt car at the National Automobile Museum at Launceston.

Our Tammy dolls

Memorial to forest workers killed on the job.

Our old VK Commodore Station wagon.



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