Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Weather

Whatever the Weather

I don’t always get out and about when the weather is bad. If you rely on public transport walking around in the rain is not something you usually do for fun because you might have to wait a long time for a bus home.  However in 2015 I was travelling to Hobart on the bus regularly to visit David in hospital and always carried my camera. This was taken from the bus window during the big snow of August 2015.

The big snow-August 2015

A frosty , foggy morning at home.


When you see clouds like this you know you had better hurry and find some shelter.

The Cenotaph before a storm

In 2012 my friend Gillian and I both turned 55 and we celebrated with a trip to Tasmania’s west coast to ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway and cruise on the Gordon River. As it was late May the weather was less than ideal. In fact it rained heavily both days but we were not about to let it spoil our trip. They are used to rain in that part of the state and our tour guide carried on with her talk about the native timbers regardless of the fact that it was pouring.

Tour Guide, Gordon River cruise.


It’s nice to have sunny weather when you go on holidays but Sydney in summer is just a bit hot for me. This photo was taken on the beach at Watson’s Bay.

Summer in Sydney, Watson’s Bay 2016



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