Snapshot Sunday: My Fave Day.

Today was one of my favourite days of the whole year. Every year in November Oatlands has a whole town garage sale. I went a bit mad and bought a heap of things but Wow! I got some excellent bargains and some great items. I go a bit mad sometimes because I love to collect old things. I am really attracted to them and I love to display them in my home. I got a lovely old toy pram, a vintage litho toy drum, some vintage dolls for my sister Vanda, I also got her a vintage sewing basket and I got an old electric jug for myself. I was really pleased with all the things I got so I thought I would show them off on this page. Vanda thought it would be nice to put them up too so here they are. The dolls can also be veiwed on our Dolls Dolls Dolls page.

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