Bad Photo Monday: Birds

I am always trying to take photos of birds in my garden or those I see when I’m out and about. ¬†Usually I spot them when I don’t have the camera with me or don’t have the right lens. Sometimes birds are just plain uncooperative.

Uncooperative Magpie
I really should have had a longer lens.

Bad Photo Monday

For todays bad photo I chose one that I found while I was sorting through some photos this afternoon after work. I was looking for something to put in Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge when I came across this terrible photo. Why on Earth did I keep this one and what was I thinking when I took it???? Anyway here it is.


A railing on Explorer of the Seas but why?


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Backs of Things

Here are some photos I picked out for this challenge. They are an assortment from different places and times.

Actors on the movie set
Sam Claflin on movie set.
White Ibis
Bullock Train
Bullock Train
Carnival Legend
Carnival Legend
Horse Drawn Cart
Horse and Cart
PT Cruisers
PT Cruisers
Rear of house at Port Arthur
House at Port Arthur

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Backs of Things

Seen from the Back

Taken a few years ago on Bruny Island. David is the man in the photo.

Back of a man.

It is a rare challenge when a pet is not involved. Here is the back of a black and white cat in black and white of course.

Back of a cat

Back of our car soon after we bought it.

We are putting our clocks forward for Daylight Saving next Sunday but here I have put my clock back.

Back of a clock