Snapshot Sunday : Chrysler 300C

One day I will be forced to replace Wazza with another car. Wazza is not getting any younger after all. He runs very well and I have had years of trouble free motoring with him. Wazza is of course my 2002 Falcon Forte AU Series 3. I’ve already begun thinking about my next car and what to get. I’ve come to really love these Chrysler 300’s. I’ve always wanted a black car and these cars look great in black. I saw this one in a car yard at Moonah so I took a photo of it.  I would consider this a classic car. Here it is.



Chrysler 300 waiting to be adopted.

I think these cars are very stylish in their design. I love the shape of the body, the shape of the tail lights, twin exhaust and the big chrome front grill. They are also very nice inside. I plan to take one on a test drive one day to see what they are like to drive. For now I will have to dream on because the day I replace Wazza is still way in the future but it’s coming and until then Wazza and I will still be on the road.


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